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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Looks like I'm BACK...! Somewhat...

Hello Everyone,

Looks like forever since I've been on this blog.  Apologies for the looong break...completely due to circumstances beyond my control... :-(  As I speak, I am using a new modem from another ISP and I am STILL facing issues.  I am now convinced that the ISPs around here are just rip-offs!  

Check this out...

First the new ISP tried to convinced me to go for the data plan as against the hourly plan but I refused.  After all, why make an option available and then try to convince customers to go for the more expensive one.  

THEN when it didn't work and I went back to ISP, the first thing the lady told me, with this gloat on her face was "I told you not to go for the hourly plan but you didn't listen".  But alas!  It turned out that the reason I was unable to use the new modem was becasue the sim card registered in my name was  given to another customer.  Imagine that!  Very serious right?!  

THEN when that was FINALLY resolved, bam!  Turns out the connection is slooooooower than a snail.  So I'm almost back to Square 1.... using yet another ISP.  And guess what?!  I just found out this morning that the hourly plan is a scam!  It is actually tied to a data bundle!  But rather than admit that to customers, they try to convince customers to go for the more expensive option!  Just imagine that?!  

Really makes me wonder what one needs to do to get decent internet service in this area... The only time I receive calls from previous ISPs is with respect to why I have discontinued my subscription.  At this point, I have a gallery of ISP icons on my desktop... Looks like what other countries take for granted is what seems like a privilege around here... even after you have paid for the service. >-(

ANYwayz... it feels good to be back.  I have had a challenging past few days, other than internet service and the bad traffic as a result of the closure of the 3rd Mainland Bridge.  I tell you, anyone who lives in this environment deserves an award!  It really is quite a task!  But despite all, we, at Martwayne, have at least managed to do quite a bit in the short period I was away from blogville.  

We ran the Accounting and Tax Course, started a new stream of the Foundation Course... (in fact we are about halfway through the Course), attended the press release of the FADAN Talent Hunt 5, etc.  But with the year winding down, we have had to stop and look at how the year has been for us, our successes and challenges with a view to restrategizing for the coming year.

BUT before then, I will try to keep you up to speed with what I've been unable to post in the days I was away.  And please, if anyone knows of any FAH-BU-LOUS ISP in the Surulere area, please let me know.  I am spending quite a bit in the quest for the perfect ISP.

Many thanks! 


PS.  Please tell me you guys have filled the survey...  Muchos gracias!  MWAH!

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