Martwayne | Power Through Fashion: October 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FADAN Talent Hunt 5 - Entry Closes 12 November 2012!

So I attended the Press Conference for the FADAN Talent Hunt 5.  For those who have not heard about the Talent Hunt before, the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN) organizes a competition to encourage and support young fashion designers.  I recall the one I attended in 2010 at The Civic Center and I must say, what the finalists churned out was very impressive.

But before then, what needs to be done?  Easy!  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Now the Fashion Entrepreneurship Courses are Over... What Next?!

FEC 1:  Understanding Fashion, the Industry & Its Related Fields & The Design & Production Process
FEC 2:  How to Develop a Concept for Your Collection / Clothing Line
FEC 3:  Choosing the Colours & Fabrics for Your Clothing Line
FEC 4:  How to Start Your Own Clothing Line:  A Look at the Clothing Production Process
FEC 5:  How to GET the Funds You Need to Start Your Own Clothing Line:  (Generating the Funds from Within)
FEC 6:  How to Sell Your Clothes & Make a Profit on Your Clothing Line
FEC 7:  Building Business Structures for Your Clothing Line: (The Accounting, Tax, Legal & Administration Functions Required to Run a Successful Fashion Business)

An Additional Course:  Basic Accounting & Tax for Fashion Businesses

One of the most challenging but extremely rewarding projects of the year, The Fashion Entrepreneurship Course was developed to teach aspiring and practising designers the step-by-step process involved in starting a clothing line.  An extremely interactive training session, each of the 7 Volumes tackled the different stages involved in starting a fashion business, from developing a collection to setting up structures in the business.

And boy was it HECTIC!  But thankfully and taking each Volume as it came every month, we managed to pull off the Course... somehow... but definitely with God's grace.  

So now that the Fashion Entrepreneurship Courses are over, the next question is "What happens next?!"

Looks like I'm BACK...! Somewhat...

Hello Everyone,

Looks like forever since I've been on this blog.  Apologies for the looong break...completely due to circumstances beyond my control... :-(  As I speak, I am using a new modem from another ISP and I am STILL facing issues.  I am now convinced that the ISPs around here are just rip-offs!  

Check this out...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Basic Accounting & Tax for Fashion Businesses - 7 October 2012

Hello People!!!  Hope you had a great holiday!

Please forgive the staggered posts.  The internet has been something else and all my posts have had to sit in the cooler... BUT only for a short while I hope...  I guess the rains have made the already not so great situation worse but I have been informed the situation will be rectified soon enough (well hopefully before the year runs out)! :-/  

So please bear with me for just that bit longer...  After The Platform 10.2 (and I just have to tell you about that... now I completely understand and appreciate the importance of maintaining a consistent online presence even more. 

Great!  And in other news...  

How do y'all like my flyer?!  :-D :-D :-D  Yup!  I created this myself.  Very basic and yes it took me all day but I finally managed to ace it. Phew!   And I am mighty proud of myself!  After all the challenges I had with the FEC flyers, I just thought I needed to save myself the hassle and work with what I had to develop what I wanted.  

So anywayz...

Here are the details of the next Course which I carved out right after FEC 7 to address this fundamental  problem many fashion designers have with their books...