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Saturday, September 1, 2012

The PERFECT End to the Month of August... :-D

WHAT an excellent end to a very busy month!  Clearly the picture speaks for itself.  We successfully ran and ended the first stream of both the Basic Course in Pattern-Making & Garment Construction and the Basic Fashion Course for Juniors.  I'll tell you about the Basic Course in another post.  This post is strictly for my cuties who attended the Basic Fashion Course.

WOW!  I honestly have no clue how parents in charge of lots of kids cope.  My goodness!  Handling a bunch of teenagers was quite a challenge but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Of course I had done it before but then I was a guest facilitator at another children's course.  But seeing I had full control and ownership of this Course, it was another ball game entirely!  The conversations, the yelling, the arguments, wow! It was something else but I enjoyed every second of it.

I'd have loved to say "ahhh.... the innocence of childhood but mehn!... the knowledge the young ones of today have is shocking!  Wow!  I'm not sure I was that exposed when I was their age.  The 9 year old speaks like an 18 year old!  Like seriously!  I learnt a whole lot from them!  

But the best part is, none of them wanted to leave when it was over.  I had to force them to complete their projects today because I really had to wrap up the class.  But seeing their reluctance to leave told me I definitely did something right!  :-D  

Check out the pictures and judge for yourselves.  I'm sure you'll enjoy them!

@ the Beginning...


Hard @ Work:


Or Not... :-l

The Importance of Teamwork:


Churning away...

& busy @ play...

The finished work...


& the look of pride at their achievements...


The hardest part really was saying goodbye... :'(

But it wouldn't have been complete without the group pictures...

Yup!  It was a great 3 weeks but phew!  I am beat!  They were a bit of a handful but I am glad that I was given the opportunity yet again to add value.  Thankfully the Basic Fashion Course for Juniors only takes place during the term holidays so I've got time to recoup.  The next stream will be in December and I sure need the break!  So hope to see your young ones at the Stream.  I'm sure they'll love it!

Here's me wishing you the very best of the "-ember" months and the rest of the year!  Pictures of the just concluded stream of the Basic Course in Pattern-Making & Garment Construction coming shortly.

Enjoy September 2012!



  1. I'm sure you're really proud of them and yourself... It must have been hard but you pull through. Congrats to you too!

    1. I sure am! It wasn't easy but we did it. Thank you!!! :-D

  2. I love their skirts, they look so good..can't wait to make mine. Good job!

    1. Thank you! They do look nice even if I say so myself. :-) Especially with that nice trim in the waist.

      Re the skirt... you sha?! I'm still here waiting for you... ;-)

  3. I wish I was in Nigeria when this happened. Are you doing another one soon? Even if they're weekend classes? x

    1. Hello Demmy,

      The only weekend class available at the moment is the Foundation Course in Fashion Design and you can register for that. The other Basic Fashion Course for Juniors is scheduled for the December holidays (barring an unforeseen circumstances).

      Do send me an sms / BB invite or e-mail so I can explain what the courses are about. My contact details are: 080978776075 / 08132987824; BB Pin: 296CB9FD; E-Mail:

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Many thanks! :-)

  4. Aunty Tope tank u sooo much i had a wonderful tym durin this course nd i realy lov my skirt

    1. You're welcome Kene. It really was a pleasure having you around. And thanks for visiting the other day. It was great seeing you.

      Now remember... we had a plan. You know the process you went through... when you get your sewing machine, sew that skirt for your mum (like we agreed) and send me a picture ;-) I would love to post it on the blog.

      Looking forward to seeing that picture. I would love to brag about you guys... Enjoy the new term at school and make sure you keep in touch!


  5. Wonderful job!!!

    I'm waiting to see the pics for the August 2013 Foundation Stream.

    Well done.


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