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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Official Conclusion of the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (FEC) :-D

Phew!!!  It has been on since February 2012 and Saturday, the 22nd, concluded the very last Volume of the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course.  Despite the initial challenges, as always, we pulled it off and I can proudly say, "I said I'd do it and I did it"... YAYE!!! (Where is that BB dancing emoticon when you need it?!) 

Of course it was not all me but first it's was simply God's grace, then a small but amazing team, the participants who invested in the knowledge, the guest facilitators who gave their time for next to nothing and of course you guys... every single person who took a second to forward my mails and broadcasts, retweeted my tweets and told one person or the other.  HUGE BIG MASSIVE bear hug to you all.  God bless you loads! 

And like that wasn't enough excitement, an article on moi came out on BusinessDay online. Check it out here :-D  

Like seriously!  What more can a lady ask for?!  It could not have come at a better time and I am soooooo chuffed!  Hehe!  Thank you so much Nonso and Osato.  You guys are the very best!  

So right!  Back to the FEC :-D

And what did we discuss this month?!  The part of the business many of us find very challenging and hope it will go away... but sadly it will never go away.  Yes!  The Accounting, Tax, Legal & Administrative functions vital for the success of every fashion business, all under the caption "Building Business Structures for Your Clothing Line".   

We did things differently this month.  Rather than the last Saturday of the month, the Course held on the penultimate Saturday, thankfully so too.  We had a longer day to tackle the issues.... but as always, not long enough.  Our guest facilitator, Seun Ajayi of KPMG Professional Services [my ex-colleague ;-)] was on ground to handle the accounting and tax portions while I handled the legal and administrative aspects of the Course.  And of course, the best parts of the day were the interactive sessions and the exchange of contact details at the end of the day.  Different people from different works of life all brought together under one roof due to their love for fashion.  And we also had participants from Portharcourt and Ibadan. :-D  It was tres fab! 

Here are the pictures...  Not many as always... seeing my assistant somehow went MIA.  But at least we have something to show you...  Enjoy the little we have! :-D

During heated discussions:

And our guest facilitator doing his thing...

Great!  And there we have it!  We only scratched the surface with respect to the accounting and tax and we plan to have another course focused on just the accounting and tax portion.  It is slated for 7 October, 2012.  The flyer will be out soon... as soon as I am done struggling with Corel.  Yup!  I decided to do this flyer myself. :-D  Let's see how much I have learnt after 7 FECs.

So YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We did it!!!!!  I am sooooooo happy!  Now I can focus on the next steps which you will definitely hear about shortly.  I am so very grateful to you guys like you cannot even imagine!  You did it and all I can say is God bless you loads!  Like it says in Proverbs 13: 19a

19a:  "A desire accomplished is sweet to the soul"  - YES!  It sure is! :-D 

It was tough and I almost got discouraged but I stuck through it and I'm done!

To all who assisted during FEC 7, my assistants Tunde and Folake, our guest facilitator, Seun Ajayi, all who posted the FEC 7 on their blogs and sites for free, our participants and definitely the Almighty God who saw me through to the end!  Thank you all so very much!  Muchos gracias!

So!  What next?!  The Foundation Course on Saturday and the Course on the 7th of October.  Registrations are on-going already.  I will run separate posts on these shortly.

Do have a great week ahead!


Please do not forget the survey pleaseeeee!

Thanks guys!

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