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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Basic Course in Pattern Making & Garment Construction

Wow!!!  It's been so hectic organizing the FEC 2 Reruns, FEC 7 happening on Saturday (hope you plan to register for it) and rounding off on the Foundation Course in Fashion Design that I completely forgot to run the post on the Basic Course in Pattern-Making & Garment Construction.  Imagine! 

Students from the recently concluded Basic Course and I :-D

But anywayz.... better late than never... though one thing is certain... I'll have to move the date for the commencement of the new stream just a tad bit... :-(  I am not a fan of postponing courses or events but it's worse when you begin a Course completely unprepared.  But seeing I always look on the bright side, at least I get more time to market the Course properly and get the training materials in order. ;-)

Moving on...

The last class was completely fab!  WHAT a barrel of laughs!!!  It was so much fun!  We had a very interesting class... from a "diva" to an air hostess and our lady alll the way from Port Harcourt!  I really am blessed to have people signing up for my Courses from outside Lagos and places as far as Ayobo.  God is good! :-D  I'm sure you can tell from the pictures it was a nice blend of work and play!

And you know what?  Some of them have already started sewing for people!!!!!  Excellent right?!  Check out one of the pictures one of the ladies sent to me....

Yup!  She did that!  And she told me it was from Level 1a.  I wish I could munch the conversation and paste it here.  I was soooo impressed!  And it all started from the pictures below...

Forming Busy... :-D  No I lie!  They really were busy.  It was quite intensive...

And our diva doing her thing... 


The chic is just too funny!  We all loved her.  And she's the one who sent me the picture... I'm waiting for the rest to send me pictures of their work. 

And at the end... sob sob... :-(

So how can you be a part of this?!  Easy!  Let me give you a brief overview of the Course.

Who the Course is For:

Pretty much anyone who would love to learn how to sew as a hobby for family and friends.    Students, workers who get off early on Fridays, housewives, job seekers who love fashion, etc...male or female... people who love fashion and who would love to learn how to sew to enable them turn their creative ideas into wearable garments.  It is suitable for beginners so don't worry about having no clue how to thread a sewing machine. :-)  We will start from scratch!

How It Runs:

Similar to all our courses, the Course happens over a period of time and it is split into 3 modules, 2 levels per module... making that 6 levels in all.  Payment is per level and everyone starts from Level 1a regardless of their level of skill.

Level 1a will last for 6 weeks and classes will hold on Fridays only from 3pm to 7pm at our Training Center in Surulere, Lagos.  The Fees for the Level are N27,500 and there is an extra one-off fee of N7,500 for your toolkit.  Classes will likely begin 1st Friday in October 2012.

Registration Details:

Registering for the Course is really easy.  Simply pay the fees for the Course and the toolkit into the "Martwayne Dynamiques" account, number 101 223 3897 at any Zenith Bank branch to reserve your seat on the Course.  We run small classes so seats are reserved on a "first come, first served" basis.

What Do I Need to Bring on Day 1?!

Nothing!  Just bring yourself and oh.... 2 passport photographs and the deposit slip.  Everything else is provided for you... right down to your pen and writing sheets to take notes.


Looking forward to you registering for the Course.  


Please don't forget to register for FEC 7 "Building Business Structures for Your Clothing Line".  We will be learning the Accounting, Legal, Tax and Administrative functions vital to running viable fashion businesses.


do complete the survey by clicking on the link:

Thank you so much! And see you @ FEC 7 on Saturday @ Tom Associates!



  1. It was nice to stumble on your blog and I have actually enjoyed following your experiences about educational sector. Thank you for what you do and for inspiring others like me to do the same.
    Questions for a survey

  2. Thank you. I an really glad you liked the posts. And thank you for the link. Much appreciated. :-)

  3. HI T.Williams,

    I would love to be a part of your training but the Friday time just won't work for me. Do you have classes on Saturday?

    Kudos!m You're doing a really great job...

    1. Thank you Anonymous. Yes we do have Saturday classes... The Foundation Course in Fashion Design. You can click on the link:

      We just started a new Stream and you haven't missed much. You can contact me on 0809 787 6075, 0813 298 7824 or send me a mail: or chat to me on BB: 296CB9FD for more details.

      Many thanks and I hope you join us on the course soon.

      Enjoy your week!


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