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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Projects in the Month of September...

Yes... I'm back!... somewhat... after a much needed break... August was pretty hectic... especially with the Juniors Course... but it's now time to face the final quarter of the year! 

Wow!  This year went by pretty fast and already I am sitting down to review the activities for the first 3 quarters... with mixed feelings.  I am so not looking forward to all that administrative work that has piled up over time BUT it has to be done!

Anywayz... moving on!  What do we have for you in September?!  Here's a very short summary of our September 2012 Calendar.  We will run a post on each of the courses.

1.  The Foundation Course in Fashion Design:  Start Date - 29 September 2012

We are about to start a new stream of the Foundation Course in Fashion Design.  The current Level 1a are wrapping up the level and the Level 1b students are half way through the level.  I am mighty pleased. 

Level 1a begins 29 September and registration has started.  Classes are on Saturdays only from 3pm - 7pm and the fees remain N37,500 (plus the extra one-off fee of N7,500 for the toolkit).  The level will last 6 weeks, excluding breaks.

2.  The Basic Course in Pattern-Making & Garment Construction:  Start Date - 20th (or 21st September), 2012

Yes I promised pictures of this 1st stream and WHAT a lot of fun this one was.  I cannot wait for them to begin Level 1b.  I had too many laughs it was simply fab!  I'll do that in another post as soon as I am able to gather all the pictures together.

Classes begin 20th September but I put 21st September just in case as I have to make provision for the Level 1a to move to 1b.  I am aware some of them are out of town but if they are unable to make the 1b class, then the Basic Course will begin on the 21st.  I will confirm this as soon I can reach them all.

If we do begin the Level 1b, then the new stream of the Basic Class will hold on Thursdays only from 3pm to 7pm.  The fees remain N27,500 (plus the extra one-off fee of N7,500 for the toolkit).  It will also last for 6 weeks (excluding breaks).

3.  Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (Vol. 7) - 22 September 2012

The very last Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (FEC 7) will hold on 22 September 2012.  Wow!  We have come a long way and this one will be the grand finale! :-D  I really can't wait... I am sooooo excited!  And what will this one be about?

The theme is "How to Set Up Business Structures for Your Clothing Line" and here we will be taking a look at the Accounting, Tax, Legal & Administrative Functions required in fashion businesses.

It will be an extra long day as classes will start at 10am and end at 6pm.  Don't worry, this time we will be providing a serious lunch and from what I hear, lunch @ Tom Associates is like a buffet party with lots to eat and drink.  Here's hoping you all don't fall asleep. :-D 

The fees remain N15,000 with discounts available for eligible participants, i.e. 5% off for those who register early by Thursday, 20 September 2012 and an extra 5% off for Martwayne ex and current students.  Please please PLEASE register early so I can prepare for you... especially for the lunch.  So if you plan to show up on the day, that will be great, but we might not have enough food for you or have your training materials that's why we ask that you register early.

The flyer will be out soon and I will post details of this as soon as it is available.

4.  Fashion Entrepreneurship Course Reruns:  12 September (FEC 2) & 29 September (FEC 1)

We have already started the FEC Reruns based on need.  We had a rerun of FEC 2 yesterday, Tuesday 4 September and we will be having another one next week.

How do the Reruns work?  Simple.  If you see a previous FEC you missed, contact us and we will run one for you.  I will run a separate post on the reruns shortly.

The Reruns we have booked so far are:

FEC 2 Rerun:  "How to Develop a Concept & Sketch the Garments in Your Clothing Line" - Wednesday, 12 September, 2012

FEC 1 Rerun:  "Understanding Fashion, the Industry & its Related Fields" - Saturday, 29 September 2012.

So contact me if you are interested.  My details remain 0809 787 6075, 0813 298 7824, BB PIN: 296CB9FD;

How to Register:

Simply pay the fees for the course you are interested in, into the "Martwayne Dynamiques" account, 101 223 3897, at any Zenith Bank branch to reserve your seat on the course.  We run small classes for a limited number of people so seats are reserved on a first come first served basis.

Great!  I look forward to you all registering for our courses.  

Enjoy the rest of the month and here's me wishing you a very successful quarter!

PS.  Please don't forget to complete the survey by clicking on the link:

Many thanks in advance!



  1. Planning on registering for the Foundation Course. Thanks for all these wonderful courses. x

  2. Pleasure Demmy. :-) Looking forward to having you on the Course.


  3. Hello my name is Angela I just searched through your blog now and found out about your fashion school,but when I read through your wall I found out that you only have weekens class am currently unemployed and I need a class that runs throught the week please


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