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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Stream of the Foundation Course in Fashion Design begins 29 September 2012. FEC 1 Rerun: Same Date & Time

Seeing I completely love my threads, I decided to combine both practical courses and market them through this 1 flyer... well just till I find another image that's as captivating as this one anyway... :-)  

Great!  So the new stream begins on Saturday the 29th at the Training Center.  Not sure if this is the last Stream for the year since the year has pretty much ended but I guess I will think work on my timetable for the rest of the year and let you know.

For those who have not read previous posts, I'll give a brief overview of what the Course is about, how it runs, the duration and related fees...

About the Foundation Course:

The Foundation Course in Fashion Design (MFC) is targeted at aspiring and practising designers / entrepreneurs.  It teaches the creative, the sewing as well as the business sides of fashion for those who would like to start a fashion business.  The Course is split into modules and levels (a total of 6 levels) and payment is per level.  Everyone begins from Level 1a regardless of their level of expertise.  

The Course is pretty intensive and is perfect for beginners who have absolutely no prior knowledge of sewing.  In addition to the practical aspects, we teach the creative and business sides through the use of powerpoint presentations and weekly assignments to further facilitate learning.

The Course is structured to fit into the lifestyle of busy professionals with full-time jobs and even already practising designers.  In fact most people who register for the Course have full-time jobs but want to learn the skill and understand how to run the business before plunging into it fully.  

What previous participants have found out, after just Level 1a, is that most questions they have are answered during the Level and others have found alternative lucrative areas in the Industry they were not aware of which can provide the initial funds to set up their fashion  businesses.

Duration & Registration Details:  

Level 1a runs for 6 weeks (excluding breaks) and classes are on Saturdays only, from 3pm to 7pm.   The fees for the Level are N37,500 and payment of the registration fees into the "Martwayne Dynamiques" account, No  101 223 3897, at any Zenith Bank Branch reserves your seat on the course.  It is important that you register ahead of the class to enable us prepare for you.

What Else Do You Need For the Course?

Nothing!  Just bring yourself and 2 passport photographs.  Everything else is provided for you.  The handouts, samples and even the pen and writing sheets you will need to take notes. :-D

Great!  That said... the next thing to do [as always...:-)] is to post pictures of the recently concluded stream at work.  That I will do as soon as I have sorted through the pictures as there are quite many.  But I thought to post this ahead of time just in case my internet begins to act up again.


For those who missed Volume 1 of the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course, this is an opportunity to attend a Rerun of the Course.

Theme:  Understanding Fashion, the Industry & Its Related Fields


-  Exciting Opportunities in the Fashion Industry;
-  The Design & Production Process
- Some Elements of Session 1 the Foundation Class [which you will find out when you register ;-)]

Course Fees:  N10,000

Registration Details:  Same as above.
Here's looking forward to you joining us on Saturday!


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  1. Hi Tope,
    I m a beginner who have absolutely no prior knowledge of sewing.
    I need more details on how to go about the course am a graduate and always sitting at home know full-time jobs yet but interested in practicing fashion design fully, not only on Saturdays.


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