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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Take Advantage of the Long Holidays! Register your Kids for Martwayne's Basic Fashion Course for Juniors!

Hello Everyone!!! Welcome to the month of August!  Hope you all had a successful start to the 2nd start of the year!  I know we did at Martwayne.  We successfully ran 3 courses back to back!  Yup hectic month but we pulled it off somehow...

...AND we are moving on full throttle this month... Starting with the Basic Fashion Course for Juniors!  Yes yes!  We're working with parents to ensure their children are well engaged during the long holidays and have a fabulous time during the vacation period... AND learn more than a thing or 2.

And here is the flyer.  Quite colourful right?!  Yup!  Churned out JUST for kids! :-D

And how will the Course run?!  I'll tell you just now!

The Basic Fashion Course for Juniors has been developed exclusively for young children and teenagers (ages 10 - 16) to help them nurture their innate creative abilities and build young fashion professionals. We know that a lot of young children have taken a deep interest in fashion, especially with the advent of “Fashion TV”, “E Entertainment” and the “Style Network” on satellite television which promote young fashion icons like Miley Cyrus of Hannah Montana” and Justin Bieber.  So why let this interest and talent go to waste right?!  Yes!  That’s what we thought as well. 

And that’s why we developed the Basic Fashion Course for Juniors… to help young children with a flair for fashion take this love for fashion to the next level by sharing knowledge and teaching them skills in the design process which will complement their academic knowledge and turn them into budding fashion entrepreneurs.  So we have carved out an exciting programme for kids during the holiday period to teach them, not only how to sew, but have included other fun projects which we know they will enjoy. 

The Course starts on Tuesday, 14 August 2012, and will continue throughout the break.  It will run for 3 weeks, Tuesdays to Thursdays from 10am - 1pm.  Registration will continue throughout the break to accommodate students who plan to travel or who will start late as a result of some commitment or the other, or who just plan to rest before starting any activity.

Fees for the full Course are N35,000 (and this includes the training materials).  Fees will be pro-rated for those who plan to travel.  There is also an extra one-off fee of N5,000 for the toolkit [and I say one-off because we plan to run these courses during term holidays :-)]... and an optional additional payment of N5,000 for parents who would like us to provide their children with light feeding during the daily short breaks.

To reserve a seat on the Course is easy!  Simply pay the required fees by cash and online bank transfer into the "Martwayne Dynamiques" account, number 101 223 3897 at any Zenith Bank branch. 

Great!  So parents, sisters, brothers, godparents, what says you?!  Give your child or ward a great gift... AND give yourself a break during the holiday period as well knowing your child is fully engaged... both in the sewing school at at home.  

For more details, do contact us on 08097876075 / 08132987824; via e-mail at or via BB Chat: PIN 296CB9FD for more details.

We look forward to welcoming the young ones onto the Course.

Have an excellent month ahead!


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