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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Martwayne Welcomes Backdoor Connections...

Hello People!!!  Apologies, apologies apologies I've gone MIA again!  Juggling various tasks as an entrepreneur is quite daunting but it is not an excuse.  I have been so bogged down with work but I am working on it and it will get better... I promise to work on it!


Great!  So Backdoor Connections was in the building today!!!  :-D  Yes Martwayne hosted a bunch of extremely energetic and vocal teenagers today!  Very interesting!  And extremely shocking at how smart the kids are.  They could not have given me better answers to my questions and I tell you... many of them are much sharper than the teenagers in our days!  Not that we were dumb no!  Only we were to shy to express ourselves but no not these ones!  I learnt quite a bit from them and I could not have started my holiday project the Basic Fashion Course for Juniors a better way!

So back to Backdoor Connections!

Initiated and run by Rotimi Adeaga (a fellow Fate Foundation classmate), the company's vision is to: "provide teenagers with tools that allow self actualization through the medium of recreation and non-formal education".  

Of course Martwayne was happy to be a part of this... seeing I am also just launching something for young children.  So I see Martwayne & Backdoor Connections as 2 companies working together to add value to teenagers... safeguarding their futures from the word go!

And what was my presentation about?!  How the teenagers could use fashion as a tool for success!

Enjoy the pictures...

Encouraging Teamwork:

And of course... their task:

And the end of the day... :-D

Yup!  A fab day indeed!  AND a student who had registered for the Basic Fashion Course for Juniors was a part of this and she really had fun... or so she told me.. and of course, I am inclined to believe her.  Well why not?!

So all in all, we had an excellent day!  Thanks to Backdoor Connections for spending the afternoon with us.  And we look forward to working with more children these holidays.

Speaking of which... I'm sure a few of you have noticed some slight changes to the BFC for Juniors.  I'll highlight these changes in a different post and I look forward to you registering your young fashionstas onto our Course.

Have a great week!


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