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Monday, July 30, 2012

FEC 5 Pictures!!! :-D

WHAT a hectic weekend I had!  No scratch that!  I meant WHAT an eventful 2 weeks I've had!  Busy busy busy all through but I managed to scale through it all, with as always enough testimonies and drama.  I tell you, even "The Young and the Restless" have got nothing on me!  I really should start my own reality show.  Trust me, you will NEVER be bored!

BUT the highlight of my weekend was FEC 5!!! :-D  Sadly the awful traffic messed things up a bit!  Got an sms from someone who had to turn back, another arrived at the end of the program and who knows how many cases of those who just got frustrated with the traffic.  But all in all, those who came enjoyed it... and more importantly benefitted from not 1 but 2 guest facilitators.

  • The Head of Fidelity Bank's smeAssist Unit, Mr Osaigbovo Omorogbe, who actually left his surprise birthday to join us for 2 hours because he had already given us his word.  Wow!  Such commitment! and
  • Mr Ayodeji Adewunmi, President & Co-Founder of
It was an eye-opener for those who attended and I have no doubt many will go back home and reflect on how exactly they can work better at making the money they need to generate to start their businesses without looking for external advice.  Or more importantly, how to work on their business models in such a way that investors will be on the hunt to invest in their businesses.

But more importantly, the participants left knowing how to start their businesses and generate funds from within their businesses rather than source for funds elsewhere.  And where they get stuck, they can always benefit from Fidelity Bank's free SME Advisory services!  And of course, hearing's success story proved that it can be done and also getting his free advice on specific issues each participant had also ended the day on a FAB note! :-)

Enjoy the pictures!



During Mr Omorogbe's Session:

Oh wow!  I just realized my Assistant didn't take any pictures of the 2nd speaker! :-(  Ok... guess I'll upload a short video on part of his session for your viewing pleasure!

Great!  Another successful event in my opinion.  Thanks to all the participants and speakers who made it despite all odds.  Thanks to my assistant, Tunde and support staff from Unilag, Folake.  And most of all thanks to God.  Another FEC added to my list of achievements.  I'm ticking off the list.

We are now more than halfway through the Course.  For those who would like a rerun of this course or previous FECs, contact us and we will make a plan.

Details of FEC 6 will be up soon.  Watch out for it.  Also the Basic Fashion Course for Juniors will start next Tuesday.  Details about this coming up next!

Have an excellent week all!


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