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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Face of ModelsVillage Competition...

Hope you've had a good week everyone!  I know I've had an extremely busy one preparing for Levels 1a and 1b of the Foundation Course, both of which are starting on Saturday!  And of course, let's not forget FEC 5 next week.  Pretty hectic!  For those who have sent me mails asking me to do one thing or the other for them, my sincere apologies.  I'm am ticking off my to-do list... slowly but surely.  Starting with this one... The Face of Models Village!

Completely stunning flyer right?!  I thought so too.  But was even more impressed when I visited the site.  Targeted at models, a vital part of the fashion industry, the site, and indeed the competition, has been established to help "discover and promote models".

Here are the details as provided by the organizer, Ali d-hybrid as he calls himself on BB. ;-)  


Modeling in Africa, could be a challenging career, especially in countries like Nigeria, where there are poor structures in place to monitor the activities of model management. Before the establishment of, we observed the lack of coordination in the manner in which models were being used and managed in Nigeria, and since setting up the site we have seen relative improvements in the manner people do business with models.

People have been networking and doing business in the modelsvillage online community for years and the Face of Modelsvillage, is one way of boosting the chances of models getting noticed the right way.

So you have been attending screenings for models searches and simply don’t see how the models actually benefits from the contests, right? Well here is one contest that is totally worth it.

The Face of ModelsVillage Contest is designed to help discover and promote models. We have thousands of models with real potentials, signed up on and the Face of ModelsVillage is just one method we are using to pick the most promising and striking models for the global modeling market.

This contest, first of its kind in Nigeria, will help discover both male and female models, at the same time, position them for international modeling opportunities. The Face of ModelsVillage promises to be a truly glamorous affair with top model scouts, photographers, fashion designers and celebrities being part of the judges and guests at the grand finale.


-  The Face of ModelsVillage 2012 is open to all  Nigerian male and female models registered on the Models village’s website.

-  All participants must fall within the minimum height criteria of 5″7” (female) – 6″0” (male)

-  Aged between 18 to 24 years

- All participants must be presentable with a striking look. This contest follows international standards of body proportion in modeling, so as to realistically project the ideal type of models.

- All participants must show seriousness and dedication in the contests activities, and must also have the mindset to move forward in the industry of modeling.

Click here to register!

SO there you have it then, straight from the organizer, Ali Afegbua.  Ali has been great at helping to promote the Fashion Entrepreneurship Courses, for free I might add... so I really would like to use this opportunity to say a HUGE BIG MASSIVE THANK YOU to him and indeed, everyone who has helped in one way or another to promote Martwayne.  Thank you so much Ali.  God bless you!  

And models...especially those I spoke to at the Lagos Accessories Fair 2102!  Here is your opportunity to make your mark!  This could just be the beginning of the most exciting times of your modelling careers!

Have a great day all!


Don't forget to register for the Foundation Course, Level 1a & Volume 5 of the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course.  The Foundation Course starts in 2 days and the Entrepreneurship Course is next Saturday!  Make sure you either register or sponsor someone who loves fashion and would love to take it to the next level.  Remember, teaching a man to fish is much better and has greater rewards than giving the man a fish to eat!  That is soooo not sustainable in the long run!

Many thanks as you do!  And more importantly God bless you as you do! MWAH!

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