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Saturday, June 2, 2012

WHAT a busy month @ Martwayne! Phew!!!

Wow!  It feels like forever since I've been on this blog!  I apologise for going AWOL on you all and it really is encouraging that I'm still getting hits on my blog despite being away for over a week. :-D Many, many MANY THANKS!!!

Great!  So where have we been?!  We have had courses back to back all in the month of May.  And this snapshot is not all we have been up to.  But I am thankful that we launched various courses, ended some, had reruns of some and well 2 days into the new month and I sit back and thank God that yet again we have had a fruitful month.

SO here's just a brief summary of what we have done this past month.  I'll post pictures of the different courses shortly.... i.e. if my internet connection behaves.

-  Stream 3 of the Foundation Course in Fashion Design ended Level 1a and are ready to move on to Level 1b.  I am so glad... though a few people still have not concluded their skirts but at least I have enough people to launch Level 1b.  This should start next month.

-  We had a rerun of FEC 1 and started Level 1a of the Foundation Course in Fashion Design for Stream 4.  I know a few people wondered why we had the FEC 1 rerun and the Foundation Course on the same day.  FEC 1 is Session 1 of the in-house Foundation Course in Fashion Design.  So there will always be a rerun for those who missed FEC 1.

-  We started with a new set of Corps Members.  This is the 2nd batch we are training on Fashion Entrepreneurship and we developed the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course for Corps Members which forms part of their CD Days.  So yes.  That's the bottom left picture.

-  AND we had FEC 4!!! :-D :-D :-D  Completely fabulous.  "Theme:  How to Start Your Own Clothing Line:  A Look at the Clothing Production Process" was totally awesome.  Seye Amusa of Acuity Solicitors, our guest facilitator, was completely awesome and he had participants rolling on the floor in fits of laughter.  You will see pictures of all these!!!

-  A rerun of the Textile Technology portion of FEC 3 held the very next day (Sunday) and you can see a participant happily burning away at her fabric.  Very short class and I thank those who could make it.  For those who could not, you will get a detailed hand-out as promised.

Great!  This is just a snapshot... a fraction of what we did this month.  We still did some other stuff but I think this will do for now.

And what are we doing this June???!!!  Launching the Basic Course in Fashion Design & planning FEC 5. Wow!  To think we are already halfway through our Fashion Entrepreneurship Course.  For those who don't know, we always have a guest facilitator who handles the last module... an expert in his field who I invite to train participants based on relationships I have established and I am certain you will not regret who is attending this month!  FEC 5 is themed:  How to Raise Funds to Start Your Own Clothing Line".  The flyer will be out shortly!

Looks like June will also be a busy month from my diary.  But I am thankful that I am busy.  Here's me welcoming you to the month of June and wishing you a very successful month!  Watch out for the pictures!




  1. My dear Tope williams, dis is real cool! As in welldone at least we hv pple like u to motivate us. Hugs n kisses

    1. Thank you! :-D Much appreciated! Hugs & Kisses right back at'ya!

      Have a great month ahead!



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