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Thursday, June 28, 2012

And the Last Batch of Pictures... From the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (Vol. 4)! ... & a bit from the FEC 3 Fabric Rerun...

Undoubtedly the FUNNIEST FEC we've run so far, FEC 4 was filled with lots of laughs and even more networking opportunities amongst participants.  Thanks to Seye Amusa, our guest facilitator from Acuity Solicitors, who had everyone rolling on the floor in laughter.  All  extremely determined people, I even had a participant come in with her baby... the most well-behaved baby I had ever come across.... and I really must give her a thumbs up!  Nice one!

Great!  So what was FEC 4 about?!  How to Start Your Own Clothing Line: A Look at the Clothing Production Process!  And this took place at the absolutely fab training venue Tom Associates in Anthony Village.  

There was of course the first module where I walked participants through the process, identifying areas and of course teaching how to break up the production process.  Then Seye walked them through how to save production costs through effective networking with his real life role play and his "poker" game! Excellent day!  It could not have gone any better!

So here are the pictures!  Enjoy them!
During my Presentation:

During Seye's presentation:

@ the end of the day... Networking time!!!

And here's an e-mail testimonial from a participant:

Subject Title:  It was the bomb and thank you very much for everything

"I never knew all this, as in what it took to be an entrepreneur.  

It was a different ball game, talking about how one could do a partnership deal with fellow like minds, structure and strategies of business.

Thank you for the knowledge shared and please can I email you when I have need further clarity from today's course"

Of course she can!  :-D

And the very next day, we had a rerun of the Fabric Course we had at FEC 3.  Here are some pictures:

Great! :-D  And there you have it!  

Here's hoping this convinces you all to come for FEC 5:  Theme - How to Raise the Funds to Start Your Own Clothing Line.  I'm launching the flyer very soon!  It's even wayyyyy overdue for its launch.

Have a great day all!  And don't forget to register for the Basic Course.  It starts tomorrow!!!!!!  I'm even extending registration till next Friday since I wasn't really able to get the word out due to guess?!  Yup!  Internet issues again!  They've been to my office so hopefully they will be able to fix the issue once and for all! It's really challenging not having the tools you need to deliver on your work!



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