Martwayne | Power Through Fashion: June 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

To the Dearly Departed...

Taken from a BB display picture

It's been one looong week since the Dana Air Crash and I am just slowly getting over the experience.  After the very challenging month or two that I have had, I really did not need that news!  It left me feeling very disoriented, bitter and very angry!  Angry at the fact that it could have been avoided, angry at the level of greed and corruption in our society, angry at the fact that noone cares about anyone else but themselves, angry at those who knew the flight had issues but never said anything till after it crashed, angry at the annoying BB broadcast messages from so-called "survivors" and inventory of the plane's issues (like that's supposed to mean anything now) and most of all, VERY ANGRY at the fact that YET AGAIN, we Nigerians refuse to acknowledge that we are responsible for the decay in our society and choose to blame everyone else!

I was very sad at the lives cut short due to negligence and greed and very pained by the fact that it could have been anyone on that flight and extremely pained by the tragic news of my QC schoolmate, Maimuna Anyene, who died along with her family (a stunner whose smile and dimples I never forgot even after leaving secondary school so many years ago) and members of the FATE Foundation family where I was for about 6 months.  But the news that hit me the most was that of Chris Okocha of Thotline Concepts, a friend and business associate.  Someone I saw just 2 weeks before the awful accident...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

WHAT a busy month @ Martwayne! Phew!!!

Wow!  It feels like forever since I've been on this blog!  I apologise for going AWOL on you all and it really is encouraging that I'm still getting hits on my blog despite being away for over a week. :-D Many, many MANY THANKS!!!

Great!  So where have we been?!  We have had courses back to back all in the month of May.  And this snapshot is not all we have been up to.  But I am thankful that we launched various courses, ended some, had reruns of some and well 2 days into the new month and I sit back and thank God that yet again we have had a fruitful month.

SO here's just a brief summary of what we have done this past month.  I'll post pictures of the different courses shortly.... i.e. if my internet connection behaves.