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Friday, May 11, 2012

Win this absolutely STUNNING pair of shoes!!! Courtesy of!

Yes yes!  I was meant to post this a while back but I've been having SERIOUS internet issues!  But better late than never!

Absolutely gorgeous pair of shoes right?!  :-D  I know... I'm a shoe freak!  But shame I cannot participate in this competition since I'm the resident / in-house judge and I get to pick the winner!  :-(

So yes is giving away this stunning pair of shoes and I'll tell you how just now.  

All you have to do is just post a comment on their Facebook Page: on "why you love fashion and shopping"!  Not an epistle.  Just a short concise paragraph on the topic and voila, if I choose your comment, then you're the winner!  It's that simple!  Yes but then again, my decision is also dependent on how creative your comment is and how many other people "like" your comment so it is very transparent.  BUT I get the final say... (hehe)

BUT you only have till 5pm today 11 May, 2012 to post the comment.  Not my fault I posted the information late.  Blame my internet service provider!

And who or what is  I met the owner / CEO, Wole Oladapo, a few weeks ago, who interestingly enough went to Ife with me... [haha I love Great Ife peeps!  We all have great minds and we all churn out fab business ideas.  Now now... don't beef :-D]... and here is what he has to say about this great concept!

"WebMallNG is a revolutionary product in the retail and e-commerce space in Nigeria. The platform hosts several stores in several retail categories. Merchants can extend their businesses online by opening virtual stores on webmall to display an inventory of their products to potential shoppers on the internet and mobile internet. Consumers in turn are able browse from store to store looking for products and bargains. A consumer can add items to their cart across multiple stores and once submitted the product requests are sent to the merchants who will be able to coordinate with the consumer for payments and exchanges. Sales, Promotion, Payment, Delivery all made easy!"

Tres fab right?!  I thought so too!  So really, if building a site with all these features will cost you an arm, a leg and 10 ribs, then why not just save yourself the stress and the funds and use as a young fashion entrepreneur.  Online presence + e-commerce store, even complete with delivery options all for a token!

Great!  Here's looking forward to reading your comments on Facebook!



PS.  Register for the FEC 1 Rerun & Foundation Course in Fashion Design!  Classes start next Saturday!!!

PSS or is it PPS?! (if there's any such thing).

I think I really need to get myself that FB like button to link this blog and my posts to my Martwayne Facebook page...  But I'm still trying to figure out where to place the button on this site.  But I think it's high time I got one.

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