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Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Ex-Martwayne Students Have Been Up To...

Hello People!!!  Hope you're as refreshed as I am!  I'm grinning from the response to FEC 4 and I am praying it all translates into actual registrations on Saturday!  

Okies!  What am I chatting to you about today?!  Yes!  Guess the heading says it all...  I had been nursing the idea of this post for a while but finally decided to do something about it when I got this BB message early yesterday morning from our absolutely fabulous regular FEC participant, all the way from Portharcourt, Daisy L!  She hasn't missed one and has promised to attend all of them, barring unforeseen circumstances...and you have seen her previous comments on this blog.

Clearly you can understand why I have a HUGE grin on my face.  For me, it's not just about people attending the course but actually applying what they have learnt.  That really is the ISH for me!  And "so therefore" (as we used to say), as a build up to FEC 4, I decided to dedicate this post to previous FEC participants who have applied what they have learnt at each of the FECs.

My first success story was that of Nikki Biwati, the lady who attended the very first stream of our in-house Foundation Course in Fashion Design and who, after understanding the process, started her small clothing retail line.  Here's her story again for those who haven't read it: 

Now after 3 streams of both the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course and Foundation Course in Fashion Design, I have more stories of people who started something just by attending one or all of our courses.

Here are their stories...


From FEC 1: Kiddies Craft by Taiwo Adelaja
Module:  Exciting Career & Business Opportunities in the Fashion Industry

So I first met Taiwo at Designers Connect and she signed up for the very first Volume of the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course which included the module "Exciting Career & Business Opportunities in the Fashion Industry".  Barely a few days later, I saw the following pictures up as her display picture and hurriedly buzzed her to ask what was going on.  And here is what she had to say about the launch of "Kiddies Craft", her accessories design school for young kids.

"I love kids and crafts. I enjoy spending time with them and making them feel happy with themselves. I run a fashion accessories business called Fashion Accessories by Tee.  We offer the finest assortment of hand made accessories.  I thought that was enough,until I attended FEC 1.  It was an eye opener.  It totally woke me up from  my slumber.*winks*. The course made me realise that my potential was unlimited.  It made me look beyond where I was and that there are many many opportunities in the fashion industry. I also realised there and then that I had in me the ability to become and achieve anything I want in life. The Kiddies Craft Class by FA by Tee came to life some days after attending FEC. Temitope,keep the good work! I thank you for setting me on a right path to success."

Haha!!!  Nothing better than a good testimonial :-D

Okies!  Moving on to FEC 2!

From FEC 2:  T.L.O
Module - "Concept Development in Fashion Design"

Okay... not long after FEC 2, here I am chatting with my student... let's call her TLO... for anonymity sake; discussing a concept she developed after attending the class and asking my opinion.  For me, the perfect student....completely serious about her career in the fashion industry.  And I have many of them like that.

So anywayz... I am still waiting for her images and I will upload them as soon as I get them.

From FEC 3:  Clothes by Daisy
Module:  Understanding Colour, its Psychological Effects & How to Effectively Combine Colours

Yes!!!  From my absolutely favourite FEC participant from PH.  She is absolutely fab!  Gets there before we do and helps us set up!  She has been an absolute encouragement and all I can say is THANK YOU DAISY L!  

So here's her colour wheel that made me burst into fits of laughter when I first saw it.  Turns out her kids had such a field day filling in her colour wheel.  But guess what?!  Here's what she came up with using her knowledge of colour combinations from FEC 3.

Analogous Colour Combination

And here is more of her work "Clothes by Daisy".... all produced in Nigeria!!!

The T-Shirt Dress usually retails at N12,500 while the ankara tops go for N8,500 BUT if you want to place an order, you get a whopping discount if you tell her you got the information from this blog: N8,000 for the T-Shirt Dress and N4,500 for the ankara tops!!!

So contact Daisy on 08055191909 / or via BB Pin: 286F1834 to place your orders.  She is such a fabulous person and the tops look reallly cool!

From MFC1a: Adire Lounge
Session 1:  Exciting Career & Business Opportunities in the Fashion Industry

And finally.... and not by any means the least... my MFC1a participant who after meeting up sometime last year got quite frustrated with the fashion industry and gave up!  That is... until, after speaking to her, she finally (and I use finally because it took quite a while to make her decision) decided to register for MFC 1a.  After just Session 1 and the presentation on Exciting Career & Business Opportunities in the Fashion Industry established "Adire Lounge" was born.    

Here's our conversation:

And here are samples of her work...including those in her ad...

Here's the extract she sent me describing Adire Lounge:

"Adire Lounge is an Adire prints online shop. Are you a designer? Do you make clothes, shoes, brooches, bags and fabric accessories. Do you love the intricate designs of the adire prints.  We stock adire fabrics for your design needs. We also make bespoke prints.

To place orders, contact 08097783459 or send an e-mail to  You can also follow us on twitter @AdireLounge or follow our blog:

As a designer if you have designs in adire fabric send a mail to and we will publish on our blog." 

Yeah great stuff right?!  I thought so too.  And I have so many other stories and as time goes on, you will read about them when I get more details.  

Great then!  Phew!  So here's hoping you see the value of our courses.  It's about investing in yourself and meeting others with like minds.

Taken from a Blackberry Display Picture

In conclusion, as this picture shows the path to success, remember it all begins with an idea which needs to be nurtured in the right environment.  And sometimes, you may not even have an idea until you mix with like minds and get some form of education.  Remember I mentioned I went into fashion to become an image consultant.  Look where I am now, sharing knowledge.  There are so many things you can do with fashion if only you get a thorough understanding of the industry.  As these previous participants have shown, it can be done!   All you need to do is take that first step and have people guide you along the process.

So do register for FEC 4.  It's on Saturday at Tom Associates and registrations are still open.  Please please please register early so I can prepare for you.  Remember this is not a hotel and I would not want to order refreshments and materials for 40 people and have 60 people show up.  I also have a choice of 2 halls to use and the registrations will confirm which one I should take.  Trust me, I promise it will be well worth your while!

Cheers and have a fabulous day!



  1. I am literally grinning from ear to ear, thanks Martwayne.
    FEC 1, 2 & 3 have been excellent and "eye & ear opening".
    Can't wait to attend FEC 4.
    Tope Williams, you rock!

    1. I should be thanking you. Trust me...your comments and genuine appreciation of the FECs keep me going...


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