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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pictures from FEC 3!!! :-D

Apologies people!  I have had a hectic 2 weeks!  From preparing for FEC 3 to preparing for a pitch for a design project which happened on 1st May.  Sadly I was unable to attend The Platform 10.0 [ :'( ] but thankfully I can buy the videos and watch them in my room.  Somehow that doesn't really make me feel any better but then again, better than nothing.

So after sleepless nights, I decided to take yesterday off and sleeeeppppp to make up for previous sleepless nights! :-)  Guess I kind of overslept because now I feel a bit lethargic and so not in the mood for work!


Thinking about the success of FEC 3 has put a smile on my face and I am eager to share the pictures!  Yes we had a few challenges when the day started but eventually, it all worked out!  

I even made the lady who challenged the contents of the course on Bella Naija to comment on the course after she was done and here's what she said:

"@ T.Williams. Yes, it added value 2 me (in ur own words). I’m looking forward to attending more n I pray 4 more financial blessings. To crown it all, d environment was cool and there was a enough time 2 make meaning contacts (network)."

And she was so right!  The highlight of the course for me was the networking!  It was like Designers Connect Part 2.  I didn't even need to prompt the participants before they started chatting with each other and exchanging phone numbers.  Interestingly enough, my assistant managed not to take pictures of the networking sessions. >-(  But at least, there she said it and I am glad!

AND we had an expert in Polymers and Textiles, Mr Dare Akinyida, who handled the lecture on fabrics.  Need I say more... From the feedback forms, I believe the participants were mighty impressed!

Enjoy the pictures...  

Participants drawing their colour wheels :-D  I bet they weren't expecting that at all... (hehe)

Lunchtime!!! :-D... or should I say breaktime!!! :-D:-D:-D

Mr Akinyida doing his thing! 

SO FEC 3 marks the end of the creative part of the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course.  Now we move on to the part everyone has been waiting for... production!  

First my huge thank you goes to the participants, especially those who came in from Portharcourt, Aba and Ife.  Much much MUCH appreciated.  AND to those who referred their friends, God bless you!  A huge thank you also goes to Mr Akinyida, for his amazing lecture on fabrics.  Nothing better than getting the experts to assist us so our participants get the best!  To the members of the media who came in as observers, you guys are truly the best!  Thank you for the encouragement.  It is much appreciated!  To my absolutely amazing staff who worked tirelessly all through the weekend... God bless you as well!  You guys are fab!  And of course not forgetting my absolute pal Beekay!  Thank you so much for the projector!  We used it for the 1st time on Saturday and yes it was tres fab!  Thank you so much for the donation,  Have no clue how to say thank you than smaothering you with big huge massive bear hugs!  Thank you so much!  God bless you plenty! :-D

Great!  FEC 4 flyer will soon be out and I cannot wait to launch it.  Y'all will be mighty pleased with the next topic in the series.  Do register early to get your full discounts.  I look forward to seeing you all on the 26th of May by God's grace!

Now on to the next project!  Stream 4 of the Foundation Course in Fashion Design which begins on 19 May 2012.  Please register early before all the seats are taken.  If you missed FEC 1, then this is another opportunity to attend.  Register for just Session 1 by paying the fees into the account to secure a seat.

I look forward to welcoming the new Stream!

Have an excellent weekend ahead!


PS.  Pictures used in the presentation were culled from various internet sites.


  1. Wow! Wish I could see this. Experts really did do their best in assisting you so your participants get the best.

    1. Yes they do! :-D My Akinyida currently lectures Polymers and Textiles in a tertiary institution so he really knows his stuff! I really search for people that know their stuff and can add value to the course when necessary!

      Thank you for your comment Lisa. It is much appreciated!

  2. Like 1 & 2, FEC 3 was another eye opener. I wasn't disappointed. I was also fortunate to be in the same room with Naija's next big names in fashion. Can't wait for FEC 4! Welldone Tope.

    1. Thanks a lot Juliet! And THANK YOU for being a regular participant all the way from Portharcourt. Very encouraging for me and it is much much MUCH appreciated! Muchos gracias!

      Looking forward to seeing you @ FEC 4! :-D

    2. Sist.miguoo, u r right about all you said. Tope,welldone again.

  3. U are doing smth pretty unique nd I was really overwhelmed wen I got 2 d class.I shld be d youngest in there bt I dnt fink any1 cared or noticed bcos d class interaction was *super-B*looking 4wd 2 participating in d re-run of FEC 1.well done Tee.

    1. Haha! Thank you! :-D And you're right! I don't think anyone noticed... and I don't think I did either. I would not have guessed if you hadn't mentioned it now! It's all a learning curve for us all so really no one really should look down on anyone because who knows what we may learn from the other person. Hope you stored enough phone numbers...

      Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday by His Grace! Please register early so I can reserve your space and please take out your discounts. This is happening at the Training Center so there are limited seats available.



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