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Monday, May 7, 2012

FEC 1 Rerun & Stream 4 of the Foundation Course in Fashion Design (Level 1a) - 19 May 2012!

Okies!  Many of you probably read a different post yesterday but I just realized I never said anything about the rerun of Volume 1 of the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course.  So here I am rewriting the post!  Don't worry, it's not too different from the old one. ;-)

So YES we're almost done with the current stream and the new stream starts on 19 May, 2012!  And YES!  For people who have requested a rerun of the very first Fashion Entrepreneurship Course, yes yes you can attend Session 1 of the Foundation Course which is a presentation on:

  • Exciting Opportunities in the Fashion Industry; &
  • The Design & Production Process
  • The 3rd module will be substituted with our in-house module which I can assure you, you will not regret attending!

And what is our in-house Foundation Course in Fashion Design about?!  I'll tell you just now!

The Foundation Course in Fashion Design (MFC) is a short course targeted at aspiring and practising fashion designers / entrepreneurs who would love to turn their love for fashion into a viable business.  It has been developed as a basic course suitable for anyone without a prior knowledge of design such as working professionals with a flair for fashion, aspiring and practising fashion designers and students wishing to establish careers in the Nigerian Fashion Industry.  

The course fuses the practical aspects of fashion (i.e. learning how to sew) with the creative, theoretical and business sides of fashion design in order to provide a holistic view of the processes involved in the art of fashion design as a business opportunity.  We focus more on understanding the operational processes involved in running a fashion establishment as business owners with an in-depth look at the steps and personnel involved in the production process from concept to completion.

The course is split into modules and levels and Level 1a, where everyone begins from,  will start on 19 May 2012.  The level will last for 6 weeks (excluding breaks) and the fees are N37,500.  Classes are on Saturdays only from 3pm to 7pm at our Training Center in Surulere.  As always, payment of the fees into the "Martwayne Dynamiques" account, number 101 223 3897, at any Zenith Bank branch guarantees your space on the Course.  Registration continues till 9 June 2012 or till available seats are filled up.

Great!  There you have it then!  Please do not hesitate to contact me on 0809 787 6075 or 0813 238 7824 or via BB Pin: 2156A776 if you require more details on Level 1a of the Course.

Looking forward to hearing from you and welcoming you on the 19th.

Cheers and have a great week ahead!

OH!  PS!!!

I recently heard about a certain company claiming to be Martwayne operating a "branch office" somewhere in Ikeja!  I have not confirmed this yet and I am hoping the information is false.  But nevertheless, here is my public disclaimer!  

Martwayne currently operates ONLY in Surulere and our Fashion Entrepreneurship Courses are run as lectures in venues clearly printed on our flyers and stated in our e-mails.  We do not have branch offices anywhere else at the moment and as soon as we do, you will receive the information from us.  To avoid being a victim or a statistic, please call the above numbers for any confirmation or add the BB Pin to have a chat with me.  

Many thanks and have an excellent week ahead!

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