Martwayne | Power Through Fashion: May 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Ex-Martwayne Students Have Been Up To...

Hello People!!!  Hope you're as refreshed as I am!  I'm grinning from the response to FEC 4 and I am praying it all translates into actual registrations on Saturday!  

Okies!  What am I chatting to you about today?!  Yes!  Guess the heading says it all...  I had been nursing the idea of this post for a while but finally decided to do something about it when I got this BB message early yesterday morning from our absolutely fabulous regular FEC participant, all the way from Portharcourt, Daisy L!  She hasn't missed one and has promised to attend all of them, barring unforeseen circumstances...and you have seen her previous comments on this blog.

Clearly you can understand why I have a HUGE grin on my face.  For me, it's not just about people attending the course but actually applying what they have learnt.  That really is the ISH for me!  And "so therefore" (as we used to say), as a build up to FEC 4, I decided to dedicate this post to previous FEC participants who have applied what they have learnt at each of the FECs.

My first success story was that of Nikki Biwati, the lady who attended the very first stream of our in-house Foundation Course in Fashion Design and who, after understanding the process, started her small clothing retail line.  Here's her story again for those who haven't read it: 

Now after 3 streams of both the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course and Foundation Course in Fashion Design, I have more stories of people who started something just by attending one or all of our courses.

Here are their stories...

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Importance of Investing in Yourself...

FINALLY!!!!  It appears I'm back on board!  I'm trying out a new ISP and I sincerely hope this one's much better than the last one.  Goodness!  The past few weeks have been SUCH a challenge!

Great!  So here I am talking about the importance of investing in yourself today.  Perhaps stemming from the fact that I started a new stream of our in-house Foundation Course in Fashion Design on Saturday and as always, it was great and I received raving reviews from the participants.  But also because for every single time I get a registration for one of my courses, I know the person made a good investment, in fact the best investment of all.... investing in themselves!

SO... in preparation for Volume 4 of our Fashion Entrepreneurship Course with its theme:  How to Start Your Own Clothing Line: A Look at the Clothing Production Process", I would like to discuss the benefits of investing in the knowledge required to set up any fashion establishment AND implore anyone who would like to run a business on the importance of getting the requisite skills and the relevant knowledge necessary to operate in that industry.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Launching FEC 4 & its Theme: "How to Set Up Your Own Clothing Line: A Look at the Production Process" 26 May 2012!

Yes yes!  That's what we're talking about this month!  Now we are done with the creative part and have our sketches and story boards, our colourways and have chosen our fabrics.  What next?!  It's time to produce the garments!!!

Lessons Learnt from Dr Cosmas Maduka of the Coscharis Group @ the TREM VI Business Academy (13 May 2012)

Hello Everyone!!!  Hope you had a great start to the week.  Apologies for the staggered posts.  I am still having major internet issues and still on the hunt for the perfect ISP.  As soon as I am sorted, I'll be back with my regular posts!  I have lots of them lined up! :-D

Okay great!  This was my Sunday post and I'll make it really brief as I absolutely must give you the new information on FEC 4!!!  I am mighty excited!  BUT before then, let me share with you some vital lessons I learnt from one of the most humble people I have ever had the privilege of listening to and more importantly, learning about business from using biblical principles.  I'm sure this will help our fashion businesses no matter how small or big our businesses are.

So I was invited by my absolutely fabulous mentor to the Business Academy which holds at his church, TREM VI, Lekki Phase 1, once a quarter.  At the Academy, many businessowners and successful entrepreneurs are invited to share their experiences with the congregation in order to motivate us into thinking big.  

So anyway, despite the rain, I headed out thinking I'd spend only an hour thereabouts but ended up staying till 1pm.  I am SO GLAD I did and I just had to share this with you!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Win this absolutely STUNNING pair of shoes!!! Courtesy of!

Yes yes!  I was meant to post this a while back but I've been having SERIOUS internet issues!  But better late than never!

Absolutely gorgeous pair of shoes right?!  :-D  I know... I'm a shoe freak!  But shame I cannot participate in this competition since I'm the resident / in-house judge and I get to pick the winner!  :-(

So yes is giving away this stunning pair of shoes and I'll tell you how just now.  

Monday, May 7, 2012

FEC 1 Rerun & Stream 4 of the Foundation Course in Fashion Design (Level 1a) - 19 May 2012!

Okies!  Many of you probably read a different post yesterday but I just realized I never said anything about the rerun of Volume 1 of the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course.  So here I am rewriting the post!  Don't worry, it's not too different from the old one. ;-)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pictures from FEC 3!!! :-D

Apologies people!  I have had a hectic 2 weeks!  From preparing for FEC 3 to preparing for a pitch for a design project which happened on 1st May.  Sadly I was unable to attend The Platform 10.0 [ :'( ] but thankfully I can buy the videos and watch them in my room.  Somehow that doesn't really make me feel any better but then again, better than nothing.

So after sleepless nights, I decided to take yesterday off and sleeeeppppp to make up for previous sleepless nights! :-)  Guess I kind of overslept because now I feel a bit lethargic and so not in the mood for work!