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Friday, April 13, 2012

What Happened @ Headroom...

I cannot believe I have not written about Headroom!!!  Almost a month and I have not written about the event that had the greatest impact on me in March in more ways than you can ever imagine???!!!    Seriously I deserve to be flogged!  But at least I'm doing so now... guess that's all that counts! ;-)  Easy on the whip now... my skin is tender!  :-D

SO YES!  Headroom!  Wow... where do I even start from???!!!  I guess the beginning would be a good idea...

Now... there I was on 9 May preparing for Session 1 of the MFC1a-GRP 3 stream when I got a phone call from a very good friend of mine, Femi Adedayo, CEO of ( - a free online advertising site).  An absolutely amazing guy who strangely enough I saw for the very first time in my life in October last year thereabouts since we started chatting like 4 years ago.  I don't know if I ever told you but I used to be a chatroom junkie and made loads of friends on the internet... many of whom I have met in person and who remain some of my best friends till today.

So anywayz, Femi calls and and tells me I have to be at some event in Abuja the following Saturday as a guest speaker.  And I'm thinking no wayz!  That cannot happen!  I run my classes on Saturdays.  But after telling me about previous participants at similar events run by the organizer, Gbenga Adenuga of Headroom, such as Miles Monroe, I instantly had a change of heart.  Thankfully my students also gave me permission so I was good to go!

Then Gbenga, who interestingly enough went to OAU Ife but who I didn't know while I was in school called me shared his vision with me.  After listening to him, I was completely WOWed and felt so honoured to be invited to be a guest speaker at such an event.   The best part of it was that it was completely free for participants and funded by he and his wife Folake (also an Ife school mate)! God bless them!

Ok.... so fast forward to May 17th 2012! :-D

I'm at the airport bright and early, almost crapping in my pants because I hate flying.  The other guest speaker, Ayodeji Adewunmi, CEO of, who was meant to literally lend his hand to ensure my nerves didn't get the better of me somehow managed to get himself on another flight.  But anywayz, almost 2 hours later and after reading my Bible passage for the day, I became veryyyyy calm and was able to endure the 45 minute trip to Abuja. And then I landed!  In a city I had last visited about 6 or 7 years ago!

Fast forward to the event proper!  It was like wow!  Attended by about 1000 people, give or take, and I met the most interesting entrepreneurs whose stories were soooooooo inspiring, I'm thinking no one should ever have an excuse for not reaching their maximum potential.

First there was Femi Alade, the guy who produced the Pliris Blaze, Nigeria's first Android mobile phone (check it out on - WHAT a mountain of knowledge! Then there was Rocky, the web solutions entrepreneur who is in a wheelchair.  Now THAT was some story!  Despite being handicapped, he STILL made a success story of himself!

Then there was ME?!  :-D  The accountant turned fashion entrepreneur... and Ayodeji the  medical doctor turned internet entrepreneur who took the human resource portal to another level through (  How that dude churned it all out in 2 years.... fresh out of university, I have no clue but he and his partners did it somehow.  Of course Mrs. Oyenike Babayemi-Saulawa (fondly called Aunty Nike), CEO of Nikels MultiSolutions (, a life and business coach and a major supporter of Headroom, gave some serious words of advice.

Other guests who made it all the more fun were Dr Ayuba the Comedian, Yaks of Wazobia and Tope Brown of Ovation International. And of course the most important people who made me the day and made me feel like a star were the participants!  You guys rock! Abuja people sure know how to make you feel like a don!   And my assistants.... they were like wow!

Ok... I could go on and on about how FAB this day was but you take a look at the pictures yourself.

That's Femi Alade on the left, Rocky in the middle & Moi on stage with Gbenga Adenuga... :-D

Tope Brown & Yah in the picture on the left... & there's Dr Ayuba the comedian

Question Time for me... 

Aunty Nike addressing the participants

Ayodeji Adewunmi... veeeeerrrryyyyy cool guy... :-D

Some of the participants and my assistants... :-D 

CEO, Jobberman, CEO Martwayne ;-) & Femi Adedayo, CEO, Up for Grabs


There's me holding my award and yeah... now my award sits proudly on my desk right between my Wooly Woo picture (the first picture I ever drew when I decided to switch to fashion) and my ELOY 2010 award.  And I pray there will be many many many more awards to come.

Excellent!  Sometime soon, I will tell you another offshoot of this one... but right now...I need to sign off.  Have some birthday grubs I need to attend.... if the food's not finished yet! The DudeChef turns 40 today and I am sure he will not disappoint us with his culinary delicacies.  Or he had better!  After all, he didn't spend time in Switzerland studying some Eastern cuisine course for nothing...

Great! Visit to know more about Headroom, visit  .

Speaking of which.... y'all should please like my Martwayne Page on FB: .  I really need to have my own webpage or something.  Many thanks as you comply.  I need to figure out how to put that FB button on this site.

Great! You all have a fabulous weekend ahead and do not forget to register early for FEC 3!

Cheers! MWAH!


  1. The 'veeeeeeerrrrryyyyyyy cool guy' has become the 'veeeeeeerrrrryyyyyyy cool husband'...I like

    1. Cant stop laughing at your comment cos its what i had in mind plus it shows us how love comes when we least expect it.

    2. LOL!!! He sure has... (wink wink...)


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