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Monday, April 23, 2012

What Happened @ the Creative Business Expo 2012...

Hello everyone!!!  Hope you all had a great weekend!!!  I had an excellent one and now I am back in full swing ready to face FEC 3 on Saturday!  I finally fixed my laptop screen thank goodness!  I didn't know I had to "jack" the manual to be able to make the easy transition from a Windows to a Mac but it takes getting used to I guess.  But anywayz, here I am!  Hope you all are making preparations to register before Wednesday for FEC 3.

So yes!  The Creative Business Expo which happened last Thursday & Friday @ the Whitespace!  Excellent event!  I really must commend Dumebi of The Bulb Ideas Ltd. for such a great initiative.  Though I was a speaker, I also learnt a lot!  And I met enough interesting people...  Makes for great networking!  PLUS!  There was enough to eat (free food at a free event!) - light fingerfoods and cupcakes and free make-up! :-D

Well y'all know how I love to share pictures.....  Enjoy them!

Mr. Olisa Agbakoba, renowned lawyer, giving his speech

Lola Maja-Okojevoh, renowned make-up artist of Sacred Creative Make-Up Artistry


Left: Babasola Bamiro, excellent photographer of Babz Bamiro Photography


HA!  What dost thou think?!  Very nice huh?!  NOW you know what you missed out on! :-D  Don't worry, I think another one is planned for September so you have ample notice to be at the next event!

Before I sign out, I would like to thank everyone who honoured my invitation to the event.  I feel so......errrr.... (what word can I use...) honoured and humbled by it.  Thank you so much Jonathan for giving up your trip.  It must have taken a lot to make a u-turn on your way out of Lagos and I am really thankful for the support. 

So what's next on the agenda?!  Yes!  My mentoring session at Yaba College of Technology tomorrow.  I've been invited to speak to students on Entrepreneurship. :-D  I am getting there "small by small" as they say.  But I really am thankful that at least people want to listen to what I have to say and yes I have A WHOLE LAWT to say :-D  Good thing is it's just a chat so I don't have to prepare a presentation or anything.  Just to present myself.  And present myself I shall... :-D

Okies then!  FEC 3!!!  People please register on time so I know the number of people I am preparing materials for.  Take out your discounts and pay the balance into the account by Wednesday please.  Much much MUCH appreciated!  

You have a great week y'all!


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