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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

FEC 2 Pictures.... :-D

So I woke up yesterday morning to the following BB message from one of the students in MFC1a-GRP 1. (Sorry babes, I just had to share this...) ;-)

"Morning Tope.  I'm working on a new collection for a fashion show and I have hit a dead end concerning themes.  Can you please help with any ideas for a theme?!"

The first thing that came to my mind was "why didn't you come for FEC 2?!  That was EXACTLY what we discussed!  Yes she told me she had to travel but I just wished she could have made it because then she would have been able to do this effortlessly.  But I was very pleased to know that she took the Level 1a of the Foundation Course seriously and is now working on themes for her collection.

So yes... FEC 2 has come and gone and though the turn-out was not as great as I expected, I was really pleased that those who came had a FABULOUS time.... and I know one of the participants has already posted a comment in my previous post.  It was excellent in my opinion and we achieved more than I could ever have imagined but my staff and I also learnt very important lessons which I may share in a later post.

And what did we discuss?!
  • How to develop a concept from a source of inspiration and create a collection from it.  In fact, we started from how to get inspired in the first place.
  • How to Unlock The Creative Sides of Our Brains
  • Sketching & Figure Drawing for Fashion Design
  • Understanding the Principles Surrounding the 9-Head Fashion Figure.... and so much more I think...
We had some fun exercises and as always, the classes were very very interactive.  I was extremely pleased.  

So without further ado, check out the pictures from FEC 2 and judge for yourself...

Kayode Etti - Support Facilitator.  Amazing Guy!

Those who attended left feeling refreshed, exchanged phone numbers, had a great time networking and exchanging ideas and most importantly, felt recharged and those who could not draw now understand how to draw.

I'd like to thank those who took time out to attend the course, especially those who flew in from Port Harcourt & Abuja.  I indeed am very grateful.....

So what next?!  FEC Volume 3 and I am already working on this now!  Theme: Colours & Fabrics.

I'll send out details soon as soon as the flyer is ready!

Have a great month all and a very successful quarter ahead!


Of course, the credits for the texts used in the class go to the following texts I also used to teach myself how to draw...

Drawing for Dummies by Brenda Hoodinott
Fashion Artist by Sandra Burke
Figure Drawing for Fashion Design by Elisabetta Drudi & Tiziana Paci


  1. I'm sorry... I just had to recopy and paste this from the previous post... :-D

    "Juliet O Apr 2, 2012 08:22 AM
    FEC 2 was da bomb! I have just began my transition from "tailor" to fashion designer; all thanks to Martwayne.
    I thought FEC 1 was "it", but I was blown away by FEC2!
    Tope William, you are simply the best!! Please keep up the good work.
    looking forward to FEC 3........."

    Yes! I am also looking forward to FEC 3! The theme? Colours & Fabrics!

  2. Sorry, Martwayne, that I am just getting round to reading your blogs. Ive been swarmed. Yes! Yes! FEC 2 was great. I learned a lot! Never understood the 'GRUNDNORM' of a collection of styles/clothes before that class. What really struck me is your decision to wait as long as you are waiting still before fully launching out. Reminds me to 'make haste slowly'. I look to attending the FEC 3. Welldone Tope. Providence must have made you happen when you did , in my path.


    1. :-D :-D :-D Please tell them Chigozie!!! It was great having you in class as well. I am glad you enjoyed the class and learnt a lot!

      Re's called proper planning. There are a lot of things to consider before launching out. But not to worry... soon enough by His Grace. As soon as I am done dotting my is and crossing my ts you will hear about it!

      Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!




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