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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Be Encouraged....

...for it is just a temporary setback and He will deliver You from it all. Always be thankful...

Hello People!!!  Apologies!  Apologies!! Apologies!!!!  Yes I know it's been a while since I updated this blog.  No major excuses really... well at least none between my last post and Thursday.  But from Friday evening, I decided to take a much deserved break from work.  I realized I needed to rest so did nothing but sleep and hang out with a friend.  Sometimes, it is important to remind ourselves that we really are not super-human and everyone needs a break to recoup.

So yes I'm back now!  Completely refreshed with a desk full of work I don't even want to think about but @ least ready to tackle my next phase of tasks.  My next pressing issue really is the launch of the Production Center (I'll tell you all about this in the next post) and the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course 3. I'll give you details shortly... 

Hope you all enjoyed the Easter break!  If you didn't get any Easter Egg, feel free to share my cake with me.  I bought this for my staff on Tuesday I think... just to cheer them up.  They were really discouraged after a few set backs we had and I felt the need to ensure they didn't remain in that state for long.  And it worked!  Check out the pictures... :-D

I must say my staff have been a blessing to me.  They seem to feel my pain more than I do and yes sometimes they make me feel like pulling my hair out but all in all, they're great.

So anywayz...

Enjoy the cake and drinks with us.  But more importantly, remember that yes you may experience some setbacks in your fashion business but the solution really is not to get depressed.  Yes, you are allowed to feel low but only for a moment.  Never get totally discouraged... especially if you have staff because they feed off your emotion.  All you need to do is go back, review and more importantly, be thankful that you, at least, have an opportunity to learn from the challenge.  

In my case I really couldn't understand why my staff were upset.  I could only see the benefits and though they thought I was on some other planet... which yes I was... as an entrepreneur, you see what others do not!  I could only see the bigger picture and was not deterred for one second!    We have had an excellent 1st quarter @ Martwayne and  I can only smile!  We have launched projects that have been well received and we definitely could not have done it without God.  And this is just the beginning!  We will continue to break new grounds by His Grace!

Here's me wishing you an even more successful 2nd quarter.  Yes it may be about 9 days late but you know what they say... better late than never!  Haha!  Do have a fabulous week and a very successful quarter ahead!



  1. More innovative ideas will come to you. "If want to know a successful entrepreneur, look how well he/she reveres his/her associates or employees" Don Soderquist (Ex Vice Chairman, Walmart. Thumbs up


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