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Monday, March 5, 2012

What Happened @ Oja Ara, Market of Wonders...

Martwayne @ Oja Ara... ;-)

So I was @ Oja Ara yesterday @ 10 Degrees Event Center in Ikeja and it was quite a pleasant experience.  Networking with the visitors at the Fair and with other vendors who I believed had something that would benefit Martwayne & the Designers Connect Network.  Of course I had also went there to explore what other vendors had that could benefit me and had a free hair analysis by Gentle Touch and a free skin diagnostic analysis by Venus (very nice) and met with quite a few people that attended Designers Connect.

Interestingly enough, I went there to promote Martwayne and my upcoming Courses but seeing my Martwayne roll up banner wasn't ready, I had to churn out a Designers Connect Network banner in a matter of hours... (God bless Lanre for always coming through for me).  I tell you, it always pays to have a Plan B, C & D.   So off I went with my "Designers Connect Network powered by Martwayne" banner and it worked out really well for me.  I ended up promoting both my courses and Designers Connect at the end of the day. :-D  I felt so chuffed with myself.

I met some interesting vendors I felt would benefit fashion businesses and I will write about one that particularly caught my interest and their "product" as soon as I can.

Well here are a few pictures from the Market of Wonders.  Forgive the quality of the images.  I really can't understand why despite all I did, short of attaching a halogen flood light to my camera, the pictures still came out dark.  I would have taken much more but just didn't bother anymore since they came out dark.  But anywayz just pretend the pictures are very fab and try to enjoy them!

My very able assistant, Sina @ work...

                                                                                Where I got the hair diagnostic stuff done...

& the skin diagnostic what what by Venus...

Yeah... it was a good day alright... but then I was off to Planet 1 for a meeting and got home at around 10pm.  Phew!  So yeah.... now you know how I spent my weekend!

Now I am looking forward to very productive week and another new set of courses starting this weekend.  :-)

Have you registered for the Foundation Course in Fashion Design?!  You need to.  It's in a few days and it promises to be great!  Looking forward to welcoming you onto the Course.

You all have a great week ahead!


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