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Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Teacher and her FABULOUS Students.... To the Official End of YET Another Successful Level...

Yah... I'm the tiny one in the turquoise blue t-shirt & denim waistcoat... ;-)

Yes yes!  We started on 14 January, 2012 and 6 Saturdays later (excluding 2 breaks), we are officially done!  I use the word "officially" since some students have missed a class for one reason or the other so we will structure catch up classes to make up for what they've missed.  So for those who haven't completed their tasks, don't worry we have agreed on a catch up class and I will communicate this to you shortly.

So yes.... another gruelling but VERY FULFILLING level and the students are on to the next level.  Yesterday was a veryyyyy long day which started @ 11am (for the catch-up classes) and ended at about 8.30pm.  Phew!  (Where are those BB emoticons when you need them huh?!)  But it was all worth it when they completed their tasks and I saw the looks of pride on their faces (seeing they were all beginners with absolutely no prior knowledge of sewing.  Of course I was even happier when I read through the feedback forms.  Thank God for His mercies and here's looking forward to more success stories from the students...

Ok... here are some shots from the last class...  Enjoy them!

No wonder I look so short in the pictures... (hehe).  See how flat my soles are...

GREAT!  Nice huh?!  :-D  I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday and I'm just so happy I'm beaming from ear to ear!

Of course, you know how I like to thank people who got me this far.... My students definitely for sticking through the classes.... and assignments (ha!), always coming early...even before classes start officially, their enthusiasm and their encouraging feedback.  You guys are the very best!  Here's me also thanking my staff, Tunde & SIna for being great as alwaysss.  A huge thank you goes to Funmi of Hazellets (an ex-student) for assisting me with some of the classes.  I appreciated every second you spent helping me out and I really am very grateful!  Thanks to my friends and family for their patience and always checking up on me.  And most importantly, God, for seeing me through this level and helping me ensure that the strike did not affect the commencement and continuation of classes and PHCN did not really mess up.  Thank You so much!  

SO!  The next set of Level 1a classes begins next Saturday, 10 March, 2012 and spaces are filling up already...  Here's looking forward to another fab class and a new set of FAB students.  I am soooo looking forward to the next few weeks with the participants at Designers Connect who also attended the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course Vol. 1.   I'm sure it'll be fun.  I always have a great blend and I have no doubt this class will be as much fun as the others.  

SO please go ahead and register for the Foundation Course in Fashion Design at The Martwayne Training Center for fashion enthusiats.  TRUST ME... you will NOT regret it.  Ask my old students.  They can confirm this. ;-)

I look forward to welcoming you onto the Course.


PS.  Here I am getting ready for another busy Sunday.  Yup!  Oja Ara Part 2 @ 10 Degrees Event Center, Ikeja, Lagos!  Goodness... I don't even know where that is... 8-( .  But I'm sure I'll find it and I hope to see you guys @ the "Market of Wonders"!  And if I don't, then do have a fabulous Sunday and an excellent week ahead!  MWAH!

PS.2  I know I also promised you some other posts and they will be up soon... plus Designers Connect people.... don't give up on me yet!  Your mails are coming soon!  Many thanks for your patience.


  1. This is really cool,congrats on pulling this off. I admire u n will love to be a part of this. Pls i'd like u to inbox d full details including cost on how i can participate. My email addy is Thanx n keep up d good work

    1. Many thanks for your comment, Joy. I'm really glad you like :-) No problem, I will send you the details as requested. The next set of classes begin on Saturday 10 March 2012 and I look forward to meeting you and of course, you joining the course.

      Have a pleasant week ahead.



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