Martwayne | Power Through Fashion: @ the NYSC Orientation Camp [16 March 2012]

Friday, March 23, 2012

@ the NYSC Orientation Camp [16 March 2012]


SO as I was telling you earlier, last weekend was pretty hectic.  I got a phone call from the Assistant Inspector General (Special Duties) and the Head of the JASA Unit of the NYSC on Wednesday (...or was it Tuesday...) telling me I had a slot on Friday morning at 9am.  I missed the last opportunity to talk to Corps Members at the last orientation camp and there was no wayz I was going to miss this one.  And what was I chatting to them about???  Fashion Entrepreneurship of course! :-D

Here are the pictures...

Yah that's it!  Those were all the pictures my staff took (some from my phone when I requested for them to be taken before the event started).  Can you imagine that?!  Not even one of me holding the mic!    (Well I think the other did but has no idea how to send it to me from his phone.)  I was sooooo upset!  Like seriously!  We get an opportunity like this and he tells me "he forgot! Or it didn't occur to him... or something along those lines.... after he earlier told me he was saving the battery life for my speech!   Anywayz.... please "manage" these ones as we say here lol.  At least y'all can see I was there. :-D

Anywayz... there must have been about a thousand Corps Members.  No jokes!  I counted the seats and kind of lost track after like counting rows and seats that already had about 500 people.  Nice eh?  So yes!  That was how my morning went.  I spoke to them about all sorts including focusing on using their current qualifications to aid the Nigerian Fashion Industry and, of course, the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course for Corps Members which I started earlier this year, handed out flyers which thankfully my printer delivered to me just in the nick of time (that lady and her team are just absolutely fabulous!) chatted to a few of the Corps Members... who I'm still chatting to via BB, and the list continues....

Sadly though, I had to excuse myself early to prepare for Headroom in Abuja the next day!  Now THAT was another amazing experience! But that I'll save for another post.  So when I was done, I thanked everyone, especially the Head of JASA for the amazing opportunity and left with a HUGE smile on my face.  

Okies then!  Hope I've made up for being AWOL for almost a week.  I have to take a bow now and catch what's left of my "early" night.  I have a LOOOOOONG day tomorrow. 2 sessions in a day - 10am to 7pm!  Wow.  Not easy but I'm looking forward to it!

Have a great weekend all!

Cheers! MWAH!

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