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Friday, March 2, 2012

It's March 2012!!! Welcome to a Month of Great Projects @ Martwayne...

Hello People!!!!!!!!!!!  Welcome to March 2012!!!  Apologies I've been incommunicado!  I've been on the road and yes I was meant to post this yesterday but had to attend a KPMG Alumnus breakfast meeting... and then the day just continued to take a strange turn and before I knew it I was driving home at around 9.30pm completely beat!  And I thought to myself... argh, I'll do this tomorrow.

I was still taking my time to get ready when I got a BB buzz from a lady, who I've never met or even chatted to, asking me early this morning... "What is going on with you?!  You last post was on so so article and you don't seem like someone to slack".  And I thought to myself!  Goodness!  I better get my behind to my laptop and get to work asap!  So here I am... :-D  Thanks Chizzy!  Much MUCH MUCH appreciated!  Very encouraging to know I have people who follow the blog...

Okies!  So what are we doing this new month?!  I'll tell you!  

1.  The Martwayne Training Center for Fashion Enthusiats

Our new stream of in-house courses begin on 9 & 10 March 2012.  We train design professionals in a vibrant and enabling atmosphere and assist fashion enthusiasts turn their love for fashion into a business reality.     

The following courses are available:

1.  a)   "The Foundation Course in Fashion Design" (MFC) for aspiring and practising fashion designers / entrepreneurs.  It fuses the practical with the creative, theoretical and business sides of fashion design; with its major focus on turning your passion into a viable business opportunity.  This kicks off on 10 March, 2012.

2. b)   "The Basic Course in Pattern Making & Garment Construction" (MBC) for budding designers who just want to learn how to sew.  It focuses on the practical aspects of fashion design and is suitable for individuals who would love to learn the skill as a hobby, sewing for themselves and/or family members and close friends.  This kicks off on 9 March, 2012.

Both courses are split into modules and levels and Level 1a, which is where all new participants start from will run for 6 weeks; the MFC on Saturdays & the MBC on Fridays only.  Time for both courses is 3pm to 7pm and the location is a serene environment in Surulere, Lagos.  Details of the venue will only be made available to those who register for the course.   

The fees for the Level 1a are:  MFC - N37,500 & MBC - N27,500.  Payment of the fees into the "Martwayne Dynamiques" account, No 101 223 3897 at any Zenith Bank Branch guarantees your place on the course.  

For those who have registered, please come by 2.30pm to get yourselves acquainted with the materials and fill your forms so we can start at 3pm sharp.  For those who haven't registered but plan to, please do so as soon as you can as I run small classes and I can only reserve your place on the course when you register.

Don't worry about this flyer.  I'll launch a proper poster soon enough.

2.  Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (FEC) Vol. 2 - 31 March 2012

Yes!  The first one was fab!  And the next one will even be better.  Those who attended the first one will tell you. :-D  So what are we discussing this month?!  

a)  Concept Development in Fashion Design.  

Yes.... how to develop your ideas and concepts into wearable garments.  

b)  Sketching & Figure Drawing for Fashion Design.  

Yes.... for those who have been asking me for sketching classes, here is your opportunity!  We will be teaching you how to draw!!!!!  :-D :-D :-D  Remember I taught myself how to draw because I learnt the principles and I will be teaching you the same principles.

Venue remains Planet 1 Hospitality.  Time remains 12 noon.  Fees for the module are N15,000 (and also includes the training materials and light refreshments).  I really wish I could keep it at the initial figure but this first FEC was a real eye-opener.  However... guess what?!  Those who attended FEC 1 will get a discount on the fees and new (as well as old) participants who bring a friend also get a discount.  :-D 

So pleaseeeee register on time for the FEC so I can reserve your space on the course and make adequate preparations for you.

3.  Designers Connect Network

For those who read my last post, I did tell you that I was making plans to turn the event into a more structured Network where we share resources amongst members.  I have already started receiving details of projects some of our members are working on which will benefit everyone as well as projects our invited consultants and professionals are working on. 

As I said, this is just the beginning as I have even more projects I am working on myself that will benefit all as well as the Industry.

So to join the Network, please send in the following details via e-mail this time please (as I have spent the last few days trying to look through my archives - BB chats, Facebook, Text messages... etc to get out names so I can send the mails out).  So just so I do not lose out on some details please send the following details to and cc
  • Name;
  • Name / Proposed Name of Clothing Line;
  • Telephone Number(s);
  • E-Mail Address;
  • BB Pin (if any);
  • Website URL (if any);
  • A Concise List of the Current Challenges You Are Facing in Your Fashion Business; and
  • Your Expectations from the Network
Please these details are very important so we can begin to work on these issues like asap.

Great!  I still have other stuff to talk about this month but I better break up this post now before you fall asleep.  I will launch my online campaigns for each of the courses as soon as I can.  The March posters are already ready for the FEC 2 but the in-house courses will be available asap.

You all have a fabulous weekend and have a very successful month ahead!  

Looking forward to you welcoming you guys onto the various courses and into the Designers Connect Network.


PS.  The Designers Connect mails will go out shortly.  If you have sent me your details and do not receive the mail, please let me know as soon as you can so I can forward to you again.

Many thanks!

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