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Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm BACK! Recharged for MFC1a-GRP 3 tomorrow!

Hello Everyone!!!!!   Apologies I've been awol since Monday!  I have had QUITE a week and yesterday I just REFUSED to do anything at all!  I needed a break! Plus.... it appeared I was coming down with something so really had to relax.  You know everyone needs a break once in a while and my body was telling me I needed a break!

So yes!  After a full day of doing almost nearly nothing at all.... with my very NEW good friend, Ayodeji,  keeping me company via sms & GChat throughout yesterday, I am back, refreshed, renewed and with enough energy to tackle Sessions 2 & 3 of the Foundation Course tomorrow.

Yes y'all know I was in Abuja last Saturday and I will post pictures of what happened last week as well of pictures of my chat at the NYSC.  But I realize I never actually shared pictures with you of the new stream of the Foundation Course in Fashion Design which started on the 10th.  I had a full class (haha) - Thank God for His Goodness and I have people signing up for the next stream starting in May already :-D.

Enjoy the pictures...

Of course you know Level 1a begins with presentations and that's why the set up's this way.  Practicals begin Session this case...starting tomorrow!

Before the Session started...

During the Session...

After the Session...

Yah... it was a great day and I wasn't even tired when I was done.  It gets easier as we go along... :-)  Thank God!

Great!  SO for staying away all week, I'm promising you guys at least another post today to make up for lost time!  A lot has been happening and it has been just a tad bit overwhelming but I am good and rearing to go now!

Y'all have a great day and an excellent weekend ahead!

PS!  Designers Connect People, I'll send you guys another mail today re a research conducted by someone interested in bringing in sewing machines.  Just a small questionnaire for you guys to fill.  Please let me know if you have not received it.

And if you are not yet a member of the Designers Connect Network, please send the following details to
  • Name;
  • Name / Proposed Name of Clothing Line;
  • Telephone Number(s);
  • E-Mail Address;
  • BB Pin (if any);
  • Website URL (if any); and
  • A Concise List of the Current Challenges You Are Facing in Your Fashion Business.
And if you haven't received any mail from me, please send me a blank e-mail to reconfirm your e-mail address.  Many thanks!


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