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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Give Yourself Power Through Fashion!

Ah well... it appears I really do not have a choice but to @ least launch my online ad for my in-house courses seeing I STILL do not have a proper poster for the courses.  Long story but I made this one extra large so you can read the contents.  This is actually the back of my FEC flyers but I think it works... for now... at least till I get a proper flyer for the in-house courses.

So ANYWAYZ.... this is me being really lazy by reposting the mail I sent out to my mailing list advertising the courses.  It pretty much captures everything I want to tell you about the course so I thought to myself "why reinvent the will?! ... ;-)


After two successful streams (and you can check the pictures out on, the Martwayne Training Center is starting another stream of classes to assist fashion enthusiasts turn their love for fashion into viable businesses.

Courses Available:

We offer 2 in-house courses;

1. "The Foundation Course in Fashion Design" (MFC) for aspiring and practising fashion designers / entrepreneurs.  It fuses the practical with the creative, theoretical and business sides of fashion design; with its major focus on turning your passion into a viable business. 

2. "The Basic Course in Pattern Making & Garment Construction" (MBC) for budding designers who just want to learn how to sew.  It focuses on the practical aspects of fashion design and is suitable for individuals who would love to learn the skill as a hobby, sewing for themselves and/or family members and close friends.

Both courses are split into modules and levels and each level runs for 6 weeks.  The MFC holds on Saturdays only whilst the MBC holds on Fridays only; both from 3pm to 7pm in a serene location in Surulere, Lagos.  Fees for the Level 1a, which every new student will begin from, are N37,500  for the MFC and N27,500 for the MBC.

How to Register:

The Foundation Course begins on Saturday, 10 March, 2012 while the Basic Course begins on Friday, 16 March, 2012.   The registration fees for the current level are N37,500 for the MFC and N27,500 for the MBC.   

Payment of the fees into the "Martwayne Dynamiques" account, number 101 223 3897, at any Zenith Bank branch guarantees your space on the Course.  Registration continues till 23 March and 6 April, 2012 for the MFC and MBC respectively.

For more details, please contact us on +234 (0) 809 787 6075 / +234 (0) 813 298 7824, via e-mail on: (cc. ), via Blackberry, PIN 2156A776, follow or subscribe to our blog: , or follow us on twitter @topewilliams.

In Conclusion…

You do not need to be a guru to register for our courses.  Our short weekend courses are suitable for any individual, male or female, interested in plugging into the fashion industry.  They have been developed as basic courses appropriate for people with or without prior knowledge of fashion design such as working professionals with a flair for fashion, aspiring and practising fashion designers and students wishing to establish careers in the Nigerian Fashion Industry.  So please forward to friends and colleagues, male or female, who love fashion or wish to sponsor a loved one by buying a Gift Certificate equivalent to the value of the chosen course.
Own Your Future!  Turn Your Love for Fashion Into a Viable Business!  Give Yourself Power Through Fashion!

I look forward to welcoming you to the Martwayne Training Center.

Yours faithfully,

Temitope Williams

Haha!  There you go!  

For those who have registered, thank you for giving me the opportunity.  See you guys on Saturday!


Oh yes!  PS!!!!:   Designers Connect People!!! I have sent you 2 mails already.  If you didn't get them, please send me an e-mail or sms or BB buzz so I can reverify your e-mail address.

Many thanks!

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