Martwayne | Power Through Fashion: March 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

Countdown to FEC 2... It's Tomorrow 31 March 2012 @ Planet 1!!!

Hello People!!!

                          Left Image from

Please tell me y'all are all ready for FEC 2 tomorrow...  I am really excited and I am soooooo certain you'll enjoy it!  I have sent out my bulk e-mails and if you haven't received it (because I got so many returned mails) you will get an sms soon.

Goodness this office is literally like upside down.  We are packing the training materials and have pencils, rulers, sharpeners, training manuals, all over the place.  Quite exhausting actually but we're all loving it :-D  

Check out some pictures...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Changing Mindsets!

Often times I have wondered why we designers complain about so much and yet refuse other viable options that are available simply because of certain mindsets.  I'll give you an example...

Friday, March 23, 2012

@ the NYSC Orientation Camp [16 March 2012]


SO as I was telling you earlier, last weekend was pretty hectic.  I got a phone call from the Assistant Inspector General (Special Duties) and the Head of the JASA Unit of the NYSC on Wednesday (...or was it Tuesday...) telling me I had a slot on Friday morning at 9am.  I missed the last opportunity to talk to Corps Members at the last orientation camp and there was no wayz I was going to miss this one.  And what was I chatting to them about???  Fashion Entrepreneurship of course! :-D

Here are the pictures...

I'm BACK! Recharged for MFC1a-GRP 3 tomorrow!

Hello Everyone!!!!!   Apologies I've been awol since Monday!  I have had QUITE a week and yesterday I just REFUSED to do anything at all!  I needed a break! Plus.... it appeared I was coming down with something so really had to relax.  You know everyone needs a break once in a while and my body was telling me I needed a break!

So yes!  After a full day of doing almost nearly nothing at all.... with my very NEW good friend, Ayodeji,  keeping me company via sms & GChat throughout yesterday, I am back, refreshed, renewed and with enough energy to tackle Sessions 2 & 3 of the Foundation Course tomorrow.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Launching the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (FEC) Vol. 2

Hello everyone!!!!!  Apologies I have really been AWOL!  I have had a HECTICLY busy weekend and you all will hear about it very very soon....with pictures... :-D.  BUT before then, permit me to formally launch the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (Vol. 2).  

Yes the 1st one was a success and I am still basking in its euphoria but I know this 2nd one is where our creative juices begin to flow!  Volume 1 was simply an introduction.  Volume 2 is where the REAL work begins!   

So what are we discussing on the 31st of March @ Planet 1?!  I'll tell you!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cutting Costs in Your Fashion Business!

Many of us often focus all our attention on increasing revenue and profits in our fashion businesses that sometimes we fail to realize that having a higher disposable income, i.e. more money to spend, is not only possible by increasing our cash inflow but also by reducing our expenses.  Simply put, cutting costs saves you money! And YES we know we need to cut costs but just have no clue how to go about it since everything we spend our money on seems vital to the business.  However, there is always a way... if you know how...

Today, I'll draw your attention to an expense caption in the books that gulps so much of our money that if computed over a period can actually buy all the machinery we need and even pay salaries for the next 12 months! Any idea?!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Words of Advice from a Seasoned Businesswoman...

Yes I promised I'd do this AGES ago but somehow kept losing my interview sheet or something else always came up.  But today, though I had other stuff to write about, I thought it would be good to start off your week with an encouraging story from my major role model.  A story I grew up listening to but never quite appreciated it  until I became an entrepreneur.  A story that sort of corroborates my take on doing business without necessarily having lots of money.

Ok... here goes...

Friday, March 9, 2012

Get Yourself Screened!

Ok... didn't even know there were different ribbons for different types of cancer. Guess we learn everyday...

Y'all are probably wondering why I am writing about health matters.  Well... so did I when I attended FATE Foundation's Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme (AEP) and they called in a doctor to facilitate a topic.... errr... can't remember the name of the topic but it had to do with health and something.  And yes it makes so much sense!

Many business owners, including me (or is it including I???  Argh you guys know what I mean haha...), seem to think we are invincible.  We work ourselves to the bone and expect our bodies not to revolt at some point.  I remember when I used to sew.  I would be at the machine till 4am in the morning!  Sometimes friends would keep me company via telephone or Skype, other times, radio stations would do the trick.  But guess what?!  Those clothes.... and my business had to wait when I broke down twice.  I remember the first time I had to be put on bed rest for like a week and was heavily sedated.  In fact that was when I learnt that stress caused people to throw up.  And the 2nd time was when I decided things had to change.  I ensured I did a full body check up late last year and got a clean bill of health... with the advice to rest more!  And I'm trying to....

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Give Yourself Power Through Fashion!

Ah well... it appears I really do not have a choice but to @ least launch my online ad for my in-house courses seeing I STILL do not have a proper poster for the courses.  Long story but I made this one extra large so you can read the contents.  This is actually the back of my FEC flyers but I think it works... for now... at least till I get a proper flyer for the in-house courses.

So ANYWAYZ.... this is me being really lazy by reposting the mail I sent out to my mailing list advertising the courses.  It pretty much captures everything I want to tell you about the course so I thought to myself "why reinvent the will?! ... ;-)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Giving Up Is Not an Option!

Taken from a friend's BB display picture

I woke up this morning to the following BB broadcast...

"I was raped at the age of 9" - Oprah Winfrey
"I didn't even complete my university education" - Bill Gates
"In my childhood days, I stitched shoes" - Abraham Lincoln
"I struggled academically throughout elementary school" - Ben Carson
"I used to serve tea at a shop to support my football training" - Lionel Messi
"I used to sleep on the floor in friends' rooms, returning Coke bottles for food money, and getting weekly free meals at a local temple" - Steve Jobs
"My teachers used to call me a failure" - Tony Blair
"I was a 3rd class graduate in my first university" - Prof Wole Soyinka

... And the popular story "GEJ had neither shoes nor a school bag!"

Wake Up Peeps! What's your story? Is it an excuse for failure? The Lord be with you.  J.Okene (JP)"

These are famous people we all know and look up to and need we even talk about the Abiolas and the owner of Coscharis Motors (who never went to school).  But truth is we all have our own success stories and no we may not be popular yet, we are still an inspiration to ourselves and others and should continue to be.  We need to inspire ourselves to continue to "keep keeping on no matter what".

When I read the BB broadcast, I immediately added 3 more to the list.  Here goes:

Monday, March 5, 2012

What Happened @ Oja Ara, Market of Wonders...

Martwayne @ Oja Ara... ;-)

So I was @ Oja Ara yesterday @ 10 Degrees Event Center in Ikeja and it was quite a pleasant experience.  Networking with the visitors at the Fair and with other vendors who I believed had something that would benefit Martwayne & the Designers Connect Network.  Of course I had also went there to explore what other vendors had that could benefit me and had a free hair analysis by Gentle Touch and a free skin diagnostic analysis by Venus (very nice) and met with quite a few people that attended Designers Connect.

Interestingly enough, I went there to promote Martwayne and my upcoming Courses but seeing my Martwayne roll up banner wasn't ready, I had to churn out a Designers Connect Network banner in a matter of hours... (God bless Lanre for always coming through for me).  I tell you, it always pays to have a Plan B, C & D.   So off I went with my "Designers Connect Network powered by Martwayne" banner and it worked out really well for me.  I ended up promoting both my courses and Designers Connect at the end of the day. :-D  I felt so chuffed with myself.

I met some interesting vendors I felt would benefit fashion businesses and I will write about one that particularly caught my interest and their "product" as soon as I can.

Well here are a few pictures from the Market of Wonders.  Forgive the quality of the images.  I really can't understand why despite all I did, short of attaching a halogen flood light to my camera, the pictures still came out dark.  I would have taken much more but just didn't bother anymore since they came out dark.  But anywayz just pretend the pictures are very fab and try to enjoy them!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Teacher and her FABULOUS Students.... To the Official End of YET Another Successful Level...

Yah... I'm the tiny one in the turquoise blue t-shirt & denim waistcoat... ;-)

Yes yes!  We started on 14 January, 2012 and 6 Saturdays later (excluding 2 breaks), we are officially done!  I use the word "officially" since some students have missed a class for one reason or the other so we will structure catch up classes to make up for what they've missed.  So for those who haven't completed their tasks, don't worry we have agreed on a catch up class and I will communicate this to you shortly.

So yes.... another gruelling but VERY FULFILLING level and the students are on to the next level.  Yesterday was a veryyyyy long day which started @ 11am (for the catch-up classes) and ended at about 8.30pm.  Phew!  (Where are those BB emoticons when you need them huh?!)  But it was all worth it when they completed their tasks and I saw the looks of pride on their faces (seeing they were all beginners with absolutely no prior knowledge of sewing.  Of course I was even happier when I read through the feedback forms.  Thank God for His mercies and here's looking forward to more success stories from the students...

Ok... here are some shots from the last class...  Enjoy them!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Guess What?! You Really Do Not Need a Dime to Start Your Own Fashion Business!

Ok seeing that I'm like totally repentant now, I felt it would be great to make up for the 2 days I missed out on by posting another article today. 

Right!  I'm sure y'all are really curious to know how possible it is to start a fashion business with N0.00.  Truth is anything is possible when you put your mind to it.  I can tell you for free that I started 2 successful businesses (well successful in their own way in terms of revenue and client base) without a kobo.  How did I do it?!  2 words:  

1. Collaboration!
2. Sheer Hard Work! (ok pretend this is one word though it's more of a phrase...)

Which businesses were these?!  Jewellery Sales & "Gift Consulting".  Both of which I stumbled upon by accident just by doing what I loved doing... helping people out!

I'll tell you my story...  

It's March 2012!!! Welcome to a Month of Great Projects @ Martwayne...

Hello People!!!!!!!!!!!  Welcome to March 2012!!!  Apologies I've been incommunicado!  I've been on the road and yes I was meant to post this yesterday but had to attend a KPMG Alumnus breakfast meeting... and then the day just continued to take a strange turn and before I knew it I was driving home at around 9.30pm completely beat!  And I thought to myself... argh, I'll do this tomorrow.

I was still taking my time to get ready when I got a BB buzz from a lady, who I've never met or even chatted to, asking me early this morning... "What is going on with you?!  You last post was on so so article and you don't seem like someone to slack".  And I thought to myself!  Goodness!  I better get my behind to my laptop and get to work asap!  So here I am... :-D  Thanks Chizzy!  Much MUCH MUCH appreciated!  Very encouraging to know I have people who follow the blog...

Okies!  So what are we doing this new month?!  I'll tell you!