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Monday, February 13, 2012

Why I Relaunched a New Ad for the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (FEC) 1

Ok so y'all LOVED the initial flyer I put up formally announcing the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course.  In fact I was so in love with that flyer I just kept staring at it because I could not believe my search for the perfect graphic designer was finally over!  So if it was so FAB then why take it off right?!  And no it was not because of the white girl on the cover that most of you hassled me about.  In fact I loved the fact that the image gave the flyer an international feel... and of course we all want to be players on the international scene right?! ;-)

So why withdraw it right?!  I'll tell you just now...

It wasn't really about the picture.  It was more about using another designer's work without permission to promote an event of mine, especially seeing I'm a designer.  Now this may not necessarily be illegal since there's a difference between plagiarism and copyright infringement (another topic for another day).  However, I know I'd be upset if someone else used my work without asking me first, especially if it was for a money-making event.  And THIS is a MAJOR issue around here.  People copying, stealing and using other people's work without permission.  I guess I just let the pressure of deadlines get to me and felt it wouldn't matter that much.

BUT alas!  I got a reality check when I had a chat with Sola & Seyi of Emoire Consulting, the company handling my FB ads.  Sola told me point blank she would not work with an image that either does not belong to me or wasn't paid for.  Which was just fab!  You know why?  It forced me to dig into my archives and guess what, I found the perfect image of my work!  One that tagged me as one of the "Ankara Rebels" in Complete Fashion Extra, Volume 3/No 3 2010.  Yup!  Now I have a professional looking flyer that gives credits and all.  Anything worth doing is worth doing well and differently as well.  We live in a global village now and with the advent of this powerful social media, we are no longer cut off from the rest of the world.

AND you know what the best part is?!  I am promoting my own work! :-D  

So for those of you who think I can't sew simply because I hardly wear my stuff (and there's a reason for that anyway...) here's proof! Haha.  And I sew darn well too even if I do say so myself!  


Here are the 2 new ads.  The black one was the first one we did before our media partners rejected the work because of the black background and we had to redo it again.  I must say a huge THANK YOU to my graphic team for their patience.  It was all a learning curve for all of us and I must say, it feels great working with competent hands.  


Without much ado, here's me relaunching my ads!  Drumroll pleaseeeee (brrrrrrrrr....)


I think I like the black one because it has an interesting edge but I like the white one because it is clearer and is straight to the point without too many stories.  What do y'all think?!  BUT I'm leaving the black one online and will probably use the white one for the printed version.

Phew... now to the other promotional materials.  It's promises to be a hectic week for all!

Enjoy the rest of your day all and have a fab Val's Day tomorrow! Save my slice of cake! ;-)


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