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Thursday, February 23, 2012

What the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (Vol. 1) Is About...

Goodness I've been so busy these past few days with calls, BB messages, smses et all all as a result of Designers Connect & the launch of my new ad on Bella Naija re the FEC 1.  It's been absolutely fab!  Thanks a lot for the prayers, the encouragement, etc.

Most of the calls have been with respect to what participants should expect during the Course, how much it costs (seeing we somehow missed out the course fees on the flyer) and oh.... haha, how can I forget... if I am genuine lol. People @ Designers Connect... please help me tell them I am genuine please!!!

Okies... so here I am explaining what the Course is about...

The Fashion Entreprenership Course (FEC) is a series of lectures targeted at all fashion enthusiasts, aspiring, upcoming and practising fashion designers / entrepreneurs to provide an in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry and covers the theoretical, creative and financial aspects of fashion design in order to provide a solid foundation for running successful fashion businesses.

I have often said that fashion design goes beyond simply putting pencil to paper and sketching.  There is a whole lot more to it and there are processes to be followed.  When I came back, I made a decision from Day 1 to launch my business in 2012.  Why?  I needed to properly understand the industry I was going into.  In fact, that was why I went to fashion school in the first place, even though I wanted to become an image consultant.  To understand fashion!

I find out too many people have given up  on their dream to become fashion designers out of frustration.  A young lady told me about 2 weeks ago that she had decided to quit and focus on her banking career. I guessed it would happen simply because she delved into it without understanding the processes involved.  I made the mistakes as well but had enough knowledge to realize when I was sinking to draw myself out of the rut early enough.

So the FEC vol. 1 essentially is an introduction to the series which will take place every last Saturday of the month.  In other words, every "Environmental Sanitation Saturdays", you know you have a date with Martwayne :-D

So what are we talking about this Saturday?  First the different areas in the Fashion Industry you could plug yourself into.  I use myself as an example.  When I made the decision to go into fashion, I wanted to become an image consultant.  Now I look at my job portfolio which keeps increasing by the minute.  That is because I am able to spot opportunities anywhere I go.  I keep telling people who are looking for jobs that I can give them 20 jobs areas in the fashion industry in less than a minute. It is simply incredible.  SO the 1st topic in this module discusses the various career and business opportunities in the industry.

The 2nd topic deals with the design and production process from concept to completion while the 3rd topic deals with discovering who you are as an individual and as a designer.  Without saying much, I think you guys will enjoy the course and previous participants have told me that it is such an eye opener.  Don't worry, I'll hand out feedback forms so you tell me what you think. ;-)

As I said, this is the first in the series.  The next will be on 31 March, 2012 and I already have my modules sorted.  If you do take every module, I guarantee that you will have a reference file packed full of information which you can always refer to when you run your business.  I still always refer to my notes from school.

So for those who are worried about how genuine I am, haha... don't worry I am.  For those who registered without even knowing me, I am honoured.  In fact, I just decided that those who register for this class get a discount in the next class.  Well... to be honest not sure the fees might be the same though seeing I'm already getting really burnt with all the expenses I'm incurring but hey!  I can live with that! :-D... for now...  I'm just too happy about the feedback I am getting.  But y'all know after Designers Connect that we are entrepreneurs who need to "make a living" rather than work to pay bills.  Don't worry, the fees for the next course won't be too crazy but it will still be as rich... or even richer since I keep getting ideas as I go along.  Won't give you  any hint till I launch the ad for the FEC (Vol. 2), 31 March 2012.  I think you might be pleasantly surprised.  So get ready and register quickly for the FEC (Vol. 1) so you can get a discount in the next class.  

Okies then!  Let me take my leave.  Y'all have my contact details on the left of the screen if you have any questions.  And I look forward to seeing you on Saturday @ Planet 1!

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