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Friday, February 3, 2012

Welcome to February!!! My Month of ...errr... Birth... :-D

....and the birth of 2 great projects, an appearance at a 3rd and others...

Yup!  Spot on!  Me to the core.  A true fiery red personality!  Dunno about the superstitious though... but there is definitely one vital quality missing... sexy! (I dare you to disagree!) ;-)

But anywayz... my birthday is February 26th.  Yes yes!  However.... rather than relaxing, I will be working.  I'm making plans to be at Oja Ara - Market of Wonders.  Haven't paid though... but I will.  Nonetheless, I expect you all to wish me Happy Birthday and send my gifts...words, prayers, tangible gifts, you name it, I'll accept it with a grateful heart!  But you know what the best gift to me will be?  A full class for my Fashion Entrepreneurship Course the day before.  I'm so excited!  It's long overdue!

So yes! On to my projects!

I was actually meant to have updated this post on Feb 1 with my  posters but alas!  I have, yet again, been disappointed.  But anywayz... I'm forging ahead with my words till the promotional visual image gets sorted.

1.  The Martwayne Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (FEC) 1:

Date: Saturday, Feb 25th, 2012
Venue: @ Planet 1 Entertainment, Maryland Ikeja
Time: 12 noon
Registration Fees: N10,000

The launch of my one-day lecture targeted at all fashion aspirants, upcoming or practising designers on the fundamentals of running a fashion business.  No it is not a seminar.  It is a proper lecture, like Fashion 101 class.  And I have a guest facilitator as well....but nope... I'm not telling you who it is.  He's not even in the Fashion Industry but he is developing a content on "Discovering the Designer in You" and I will be handling the "Opportunities in the Fashion Industry" and "The Design Process".  I have always firmly believed that to make money or operate in the industry, you need to understand the industry and that is what this course is about.

It is a series and we will have a session every last Saturday of the Month (Environmental Saturdays).  I have already secured the facilitator for 31 March as well so please DIAIRIZE!!!  Don't forget, the perfect birthday gift.

Registration has already started and payment should be made into the "Martwayne Dynamiques" account, number 6118004078) at any Zenith Bank Branch.  Do come with the deposit slip on the 25th.

Trust me when I say there are limited seats available because it is a real classroom setting. However, I plan to grant concessions to everyone who attends this first class and who brings a friend for the next class.  I scratch that... I know you will enjoy it!

More details on the content will be available when the poster is out.

2. "Designers Connect" 

Date: Feb 19th, 2012 ; Venue: Federal Palace Hotel

Yup.  I decided it was high time designers in the industry got together to know each other.  

It is essentially a networking "weepfest" (thanks for the term Wall-E - so apt!) for designers; an opportunity to rant and rave about our frustrations and after letting it all loose, now proffer practical solutions to the challenges we are facing.  We seriously need to move the industry forward.  This is not a time for airs or pretences or for intimidating other people who are just starting out or who are facing challenges.  You know why?!  Because I know YOU are not completely immune to the issues we are facing except you want to tell me that you have your own private grid and have light 24/7 or do not have issues with tailors or you are raking in N100 million every month without stepping out of your house.  So YES you are also facing these challenges.  As a result, come with the intention of making useful contributions and not brag about your success stories except there is a moral in the success stories.  No beef or anything!  Just telling it as it is.  We may not solve all the problems but at least it's a start.  Plus, there's solace in the fact that others are feeling your pain as well and it can be quite therapeutic knowing you are not alone.

Now this is not a party or some form or lounging or people to just come and relax and go home without achieving anything.  It is about networking and collaborating.  For example, I have always wondered why some people approach some jobs that are not in the areas of competencies.  I, for example, have received numerous requests from people to create uniforms.  Now I do not do school uniforms...well at least I don't plan to in the near future... and more often than not, I'd love to just pass it on to someone who has a factory and creates uniforms.  But truth is, I do not even know who creates uniforms in the industry.  How can we work together when we don't even know each other?!  Why should I go ahead and create or dabble in areas I know little or nothing about or do not have the capacity to cope with.  And I know many of us are doing this so please rather than just competing with each other, let us work together to move this industry forward.

I am working on a few projects now aimed at assisting the industry.  I have decided to do the little I can so Sunday would be the perfect day to find out what else I can do.

OH...just so you know... am not footing any bills.  So please please do not set me up.  Everyone goes dutch.  I told the pleasant man who attended to me that the participants will buy drinks and finger foods so please people, do not "fall my hand". :-D  Just thought I should mention that...

So please... spread the word to all designers... aspiring, up-coming and definitely practising designers.  The electronic poster for the event is "Work In Progress".

3. Participation at "Oja Ara - Market of Wonders"  Time: 1pm

I will have a stand at this event so please...feel free to come and meet with me.  Event organizers, please leave my slot open.  Mrs. K, I beg of you!  Do this for a sistah! ;-)  

4. My Birthday... The Day After FEC 1 & Oja Ara Day - Feb 26th

Yes o!  It is an event!  Not easy to still be alive after all those we've loved and lost.  So it is a major event!  I'm not organizing any party...however, I will make myself available for surprise parties.  :-D

5. Our Short Weekend Courses: "Foundation Course in Fashion Design" (MFC1a) and "Basics of Pattern-Making & Garment Construction" (MBC1a).  

Registration's ongoing at the moment for the new batch and it was meant to start today but I'm a bit "strong" so had to postpone it.  Please pay the registration fees into the account.

Right!  There you have it.  February promises to be a very busy month and I invite you all to share it with me!


PS.  I started my training for Corps Members on Monday. :-D  I'm mighty pleased.  Will post the pictures in another post.

Have a great day all!

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  1. there's now a slight change in the modalities of "Designers Connect". Venue is no longer Federal Palace Hotel but the new venue will be mailed to those who register prior to the date.

    The details, as "copied and pasted" from my new post are shown below...

    To attend this event, please send the following details via e-mail to (cc.; via Blackberry: PIN 2156A776; via sms to 0809 787 6075 or 0813 298 7824; or via comments on this blog: :

    - Your Name
    - The Name of Your Clothing Line / Label or Proposed Name if you are just starting out.
    - Your Telephone Number
    - Your E-Mail Address
    - Your BB Pin
    - The Current Challenges You are Facing in Your Fashion Business e.g. tailors, machines, etc; and
    - What Your Expectations Are From The Meeting.

    If you plan to come with more people, you need to include the above details for each of them as well as we would need the details to draw up a guest list as well as an agenda for the meeting. Please make 6 and 7 short and concise as possible. Feel free to come with other questions as well on the day.

    Please note that you must be a fashion designer, aspiring, up-coming or practising, to attend this meeting and since it would be the perfect platform to network, please come ready to exchange business cards and look for like minds you can work with to take off some of the stress in your production process.

    The cut-off date for registrations is Thursday, 16 February 2012.

    I will send out the details of the venue to the people on the schedule, on a first come basis, after I have confirmed the expected number of participants with the manager of the venue. Don't worry, the venue is still on the Island. :-)

    If for any reason you do not get a mail from me, know it is because of an agreed maximum with the Manager but I am hoping that will not happen since the new venue can accommodate quite a number of people. Also, please do not leave it till the last minute! If you find out you cannot make it after confirming attendance via e-mail, please let us know so someone else can take your place.

    Great! So I look forward to getting your details as soon as possible and seeing as many people as can possibly attend on the 19th.


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