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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Slight Change in Plans re "Designers Connect"... Same Date, Different Venue, New Registration Details!


First let me thank all those who have expressed interest in attending "Designers Connect".  It really is encouraging and it looks like the breath of fresh air we all need to air our views.

HOWEVER... there's been a slight change in plans...  NO NO... don't panic.  It still holds on Sunday, the 19th of February, 2012 BUT the venue has changed.  It will no longer take place at Federal Palace Hotel for various reasons, one being space constraint.  Initially, I was a bit bummed but you know what?!  It was for the best.  I was worried that I would have to limit the number of people to the maximum they would allow and I really did not want to do that.  After driving for 9 hours yesterday all over the Island, I finally found the perfect venue!  In fact I have like 2 or 3 options but one's really the best!

BUT... to avoid what happened and to make this event a bit more coordinated, I have decided I need to have an idea of how many people plan to make an appearance so I can pass this information across to the Manager.  There's nothing worse than a bunch of people coming to take up your space and inconveniencing your other customers... oh yeah... which brings up another issue.  Though there are no registration fees for the event, I promised the lady you all will buy drinks and finger foods so we don't just take up her space and she loses out both ways without giving her something back. So please... bear in mind that it would be great to patronise the venue so please come prepared to buy food and drinks.  It's the least we all can do...

Right!  So I need to let her know the number of people coming in advance so she can make adequate provision for us in terms of chairs or what have you & also to prevent a gathering we will be unable to adequately manage.  Also, seeing I told her the meeting itself would not last too long...and I don't expect it too, we would have to limit the meeting proper to 2 hours, maximum 3, i.e. 3pm to 6pm.  No African time please!  My students will tell you I start all my lectures on time!  After the meeting proper, y'all can feel free to stay behind and have fun!

SO... here's the plan.

To attend this event, please send the following details via e-mail to (cc.; via Blackberry: PIN 2156A776; via sms to 0809 787 6075 or 0813 298 7824; or via comments on this blog: : 

  1. Your Name
  2. The Name of Your Clothing Line / Label or Proposed Name if you are just starting out.
  3. Your Telephone Number
  4. Your E-Mail Address
  5. Your BB Pin
  6. The Current Challenges You are Facing in Your Fashion Business e.g. tailors, machines, etc; and
  7. What Your Expectations Are From The Meeting.
If you plan to come with more people, you need to include the above details for each of them as well as we would need the details to draw up a guest list as well as an agenda for the meeting.  Please make 6 and 7 short and concise as possible.  Feel free to come with other questions as well on the day. 

Please note that you must be a fashion designer, aspiring, up-coming or practising, to attend this meeting and since it would be the perfect platform to network, please come ready to exchange business cards and look for like minds you can work with to take off some of the stress in your production process.

The cut-off date for registrations is Thursday, 16 February 2012.

I will send out the details of the venue to the people on the schedule, on a first come basis, after I have confirmed the expected number of participants with the manager of the venue.  Don't worry, the venue is still on the Island. :-) 

If for any reason you do not get a mail from me, know it is because of an agreed maximum with the Manager but I am hoping that will not happen since the new venue can accommodate quite a number of people.  Also, please do not leave it till the last minute!  If you find out you cannot make it after confirming attendance via e-mail, please let us know so someone else can take your place.

Great!  So I look forward to getting your details as soon as possible and seeing as many people as can possibly attend on the 19th.  

Enjoy the public holiday and have a great week ahead!


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