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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pictures from Designers Connect

Okies.... many people have been asking for the pictures and I have also been eager to see pictures and videos from the gathering.  Well... I have both but creating a short video from the 2+ hours would be quite a task...and will definitely not be today but I will do.... very soon...

Here they are...:-D  There are over 100 pictures so I just picked some out.  I'll add more later...  I'll also try to introduce some of the invited guests (by no means in no order of importance please...).

                                                         That's me ;-)                                   

My mentor, Wale Ajayi, (absolutely fabulous man) & my completely amazing "adopted" business partner Chinedum Ewuzie

There's my very able assistant, Sina helping out with registration

                                    Gabriel Olusola - Fashion Show Producer      Lola Kogbodoku (Business Strategy)

                                               Bunmi Taiwo - PR Expert....           & Lanre Omitogun of Omit Media (printing & graphics)       

          Model of Africa & Mr. Ovo (Fashion Events Coordinator)      Toyin - Expert in Sewing Machines 

My brother, Tunde Williams, expert in marketing & his wife Sade   There's my amazing friend Ify Nwabogor, in navy blue 
                                                                                                                                Compensation & Benefits Expert

Ohimai Atafo, of Mai Atafo Inspired (MAI)       Prince Oyefusi, Nobel Afrik & President of FADAN
                                       renowned fashion designer

      Seye Amusa - excellent lawyer & business devt consultant     Mrs Idaewor, Head of the JASA Unit of the NYSC

                                    Hakeem - Award Winning Photographer   Amaka Kentebe of Oja Ara - Market of Wonders


               One of my ex-students, Mayowa Takuro in the middle...   Mr Omorogbe, Head of smeAssist Unit of Fidelity Bank


Gosh there are so many invited guests whose faces are missing here... :-(  Looks like I might have to look for more pictures to upload later.  I'm actually quite upset that the photographer never took pictures of the break out sessions...which to me was the MOST IMPORTANT PART of the whole event.  But I think others did so I'll just visit the other blogs and retrieve from there and of course give credits.

Ok! Phew!  Now I'm beat!  It took forever to upload those pictures!  I'm off to catch a quick nap now...



  1. i love love love this.....

    the pictures are so beautiful and original...
    you can see the concentration/expressions on our faces that every topic discussed was concord and worth it....

    ....and i can see several pictures of myself, yiiippppiiiieee .... :)

  2. wow... nice! Impressed! So sad i missed the event. guess there r more of it right?

    1. :-) Sure... Many more in the near future... ;-) Keep following this blog and you'll find out about them. Thanks for your recommendation. She is SUCH a lifesaver!

    2. Am sad n jealous cos i cudnt make it 4 d prograam......i guesss it was superb....Mai Atafo came!!!. Well, i guess anoda designers connect wud b scheduled soon(?). Lukn 4ward to it, wudnt miss it 4 d world.

    3. Haha! Yes it was really nice and you missed out on a whole lot! But don't worry. I still have a few projects lined up which you can benefit from... and we will organize another one again.

      You need to please send me your details so I can add you to the mailing list to enable you benefit from information I will pass across to other designers in the Network (i.e. if you haven't already done so...).

      I would need the following sent to my e-mail address and please cc

      Name / Proposed Name of Clothing Line;
      Telephone Number(s);
      E-Mail Address(es);
      BB Pin (if any);
      Website URL (if any);
      A Concise List of the Current Challenges You Are Facing in Your Fashion Business; and
      Your Expectations from the Network.

      Looking forward to receiving your details!



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