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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ok... So Now Designers Connect is Over.... What Next?!

Yes.... I'm sure many of you have been asking this question and wondering why I've been so silent re Designers Connect.  Apologies... I haven't been slacking.... I have actually been busy trying to work on the FEC 1 and of course, trying to devise a plan on how to move Designers Connect to the next stage.... 

So what next you ask?!

First I hope many of you have been taking advantage of the phone numbers you got on Feb 19th.  Please tell me you've called the professionals and have started working with them on your businesses.  I know a lot of us are averse to spending money but I tell you what someone told me once... "Money begats money" and I found it was soooo true.  To make money, you have to spend money!  No 2 ways about it.  You don't have to spend a lot of money contrary to what a lot of people think.  But you have to do quite a bit of strategic spending.

SO 1st I can tell you for free that we will have another event but not soon.  Why?  Because I know people get tired of stuff quickly around here so if it becomes a routine, it begins to lose its meaning so the next one will happen soon but not anytime soon.  Max twice a year!  It would give us something to look forward to.  Hopefully I can find someone to sponsor the meet-up next time so I don't sink as much of my funds as I did with the very first one.

However, that does not mean we will not have something more regular.... in fact I am making certain plans which will materialize very soon and you will get the mails in due time.  I am busy collating the lists and as soon as I have a structure will begin to pass across information to people.  

Next... it is necessary to form a network....after all that was why I convened Designers Connect in the first place.  "To meet, discuss, collaborate and reform the Nigerian Fashion Industry".  So I have decided what we have done so far will be converted to the Designers Connect Network.  SO please if you did not participate in the networking session on the 19th, do not worry... you can still become a member of the network by sending us the following details:

  • Your Name;  
  • Name / Proposed Name of Clothing Line;
  • Your Telephone Number(s);
  • Your E-Mail Address(es);
  • Your BB Pin (if any);
  • Your Website Address (if any); 
  • A Concise List of the Current Challenges You are Facing in Your Fashion Business; and
  • Your Expectations from the Designers Connect Network.
Once we receive these details, we will add you to the list and of course you can begin to benefit from information that we will disseminate to members in the Network.

Also... if you are a designer or a business professional and you have a service that will be beneficial to fashion designers, please send the information to me and I will also share this with members in the Network.  I have already started receiving information that some people would like to spread to others and I will begin to share these as soon as I tidy up the list.

With respect to what I am planning, I have a few projects lined up to address some of the issues faced and you will hear from me soon enough.  I will also share tips on this blog that I believe will benefit your fashion business and hopefully if you plug into it, then we will all begin to celebrate your success.

NOTE!  I always like to warn people in advance.... a lot of the information shared will attract a fee at some point.  If someone has a service that will benefit all, please do not expect it for free.  We are all business people and we need to begin to start investing in ourselves and our businesses if we want to move forward.  You will reap only when you sow.  

Also... if you do have a product or service that will benefit people, it has to have advantages that will benefit all.  For example, the possibilities of a fashion designer buying clothes from other designers might be slim, so I would probably not be able to send this information to others.  However, if you sell trims or fabrics... we know this is a major problem so please feel free to send us this information so we can share with others.  Of course we don't expect you to sell your trims for free... which is why I said we all need to be willing to part with money at some point.

I will also love to put structures in place because with what I am planning, we may need to get some form of proper admin. in place and seeing I'm not the only one that will benefit from this, we might need to begin to pay some token at some point to plug into these resources.  For now... I can handle the admin but eventually... and this goes both ways... both to members and to those who have information to share with others.... if I do need to employ staff to handle this, then sorry... they will have to get paid at some point.  As much as I would love to help people, I cannot do it to my detriment.  Remember what I said my mother always told me:  

"It is better to stay at home and sleep than run a venture at a loss... after all... if you're sleeping at home, you are not losing money!"

Yes I incurred a lot of bills whilst organizing the Designers Connect meet-up and as much as people asked me to charge a fee, I refused to do so.  It would have defeated the purpose of why I was convening the meeting.  And truth is I am STILL incurring costs... but I am forging ahead because I believe so much in this and I know something HAS to be done about the issues we are all facing in our various fashion businesses.  However, you have to agree with me that I cannot continue to fund this on my own... So y'all need to chip in at some point if this Network is to be a success.  And it indeed is necessary if we all want to move our businesses and inevitably the Industry to the next level.  

So in a nutshell, people please expect to pay something at some point for these services and future events planned.  But don't worry, whatever the fee will be will be affordable and I can assure you that the benefits will surely outweigh the costs.  

Phew!  Oh-kay then!  I'll leave you to absorb what I have written so far...  Do tell other designers about this.  Let's make a formidable team!  Let's collaborate and move our industry forward!

I look forward to hearing from you and indeed receiving your details & welcoming you to the Designers Connect Network!


Oh... PS.  If you also have tips and ideas on how to make this work, please share them.  You know what they say.... 2 heads are always better than 1.  Many thanks!


  1. Hello, is this still on? Can I still join the network because I think it will be really useful for me

    1. Sure you can. Just send us the required details and we'll add your details to the Network.


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