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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day People!!!!!!!

Stunning image right?!  It was designed and hand-painted by one of my current students (and a student of Babcock University), Layo, in the spirit of the...err... "season".  Amazing chic with such a sweet personality!  I am completely amazed by her dedication to fashion.  Would you believe she comes from Babcock every weekend just to attend my Saturday classes?!  Just goes to show that when there's a will there's a way.  And I feel honoured!  That is someone that's willing to go through a lot to achieve a dream!

Anywayz.... I thought it'd be great to promote her work.  Y'all know who to call when you need unique  hand-painted works of art!    

So y'all enjoy Val's Day.  I'm still running around trying to help my male friends out with their orders.  Can't understand why they always leave it till the last minute.  It's not like Valentine's Day was just created yesterday!  Surely you know it comes every year so why not work towards it! Yet you call me in the middle of the night and expect miracles like I'm the person who bakes the cakes and plants the roses! Like seriously!

So yeah... this year I promised myself I wouldn't handle any order.  Oh yes maybe I never told you... gift consulting was a hobby of mine that became a business and grew faster that I could ever imagine.  Even  handled orders while I was away in SA.    But I realized that with the FEC and Designers Connect coming up, I couldn't give it the kind of attention it required.  Well... that was until I got 4 calls yesterday from people I could not say no to and I just could not resist.  I think maybe I feed off the adrenaline because here I am stressing away, and I'm not feeling it one bit!  Ok well... maybe I am but I don't mind.  I love shopping and picking out stuff for people.  :-D

So here I am... doing some serious multi-tasking!  Having meetings, taking registrations for Designers Connect, buying stuff, monitoring Val orders, checking out the artwork for the FEC all on an empty stomach.  Goodness!  I need a SERIOUS massage when all this is over!  Thankfully, I'm chewing on some m&ms my friend sent me as an early birthday present.  Thx Taiwo :-) 

Anywayz.... y'all have a fab day!  Thank you all for the RSVPs re the Designers Connect.  The response has been overwhelming!  I cannot thank you enough!

You can view more links on Bella Naija and One Nigerian Boy:

Enjoy your day all and save me a slice of cake! ;-) 


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