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Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday to Me! :-D

No I did not forget my birthday... How could I?!  BUT I spent the better part of my day  driving up and down Lagos & was at Oja Ara.  Quite a hectic day and I apologise to you all for missing your calls, and responding to your birthday wishes only today.  In fact I'm not done yet... still responding to them...

I have never felt sooooo loved... well actually no I lie... I feel loved on a daily basis but every birthday of mine I have even more reason to be thankful that I have friends and family who make the effort to call even if it's just that once a year.  In fact my phone started buzzing before 12am (and my battery pretty much ran down several times during the day) because people wanted to be the first to wish me a great day.  :-D  Little did they know that I got my first birthday card about 2 weeks ago thereabouts from my fab friend Taiwo.  Remember those M&Ms I was chewing the other day?!  Yah... that was my birthday gift from him.... @ least for now... He has to be joking if he thinks that's all he's gonna get me for my birthday...

So did I enjoy my day?!  No not really... shuttling between Lekki and Surulere like 3 times during the day is not my idea of fun.  But I am thankful the day ended well.... @ least I slept... then woke up to my day off work and a nice massage...

Haha... I was surfing the net for the perfect belated birthday image for myself and my birthday mates and stumbled upon these lot....  Quite a few of them made me laugh so thought to share... After all, there's love in sharing... ;-)




There were also some really nice birthday images...

But this has got to be my favourite...

Stunning right?!  Totally!

So here's me saying a BIG HUGE MASSIVE thank you to everyone for all your prayers, blessings and birthday wishes.  SO many powerful prayers, I know if I do not pray for a month, I'm covered! :-D 

To all who called, sent smses, tweets, FB messages, BB messages, I cannot thank you enough!  I definitely felt all the love and I can only say God bless you all!  Sorry it took forever to respond... but y'all know I appreciate it and I love you all to bits!  Thank you for your patience.  Y'all are the very best! MWAH!

And here's me also wishing me and my many other birthday mates (Toyosi, Omoba Joe, Patrick Fovie, Dr Gb's dad, Tracey Ubeku... and others I don't even know but who had cause to celebrate another year yesterday) a fabulous belated birthday!   I leave you all with the very first birthday message I read in my Facebook inbox and, without prejudice to the other messages, thought it was quite powerful and just had to post it...

"As we observe your birthday now, your cake and gifts don't matter much.  These common things aren't really you, ribbons, paper hats and such.  We celebrate a person who brings happiness to everyone, someone who gives more than she gets, and fills our lives with joy and fun.  So Happy Birthday, and many more!  We hope you make it to a hundred and two, because we cannot even dream what life would be like without you." D.D. Adesanya

Here's to many many MANY more years to come and lots of God's guidance and blessings alwayz!!!


PS.  Thanks a lot Taiwo for that very nice accessory.  Extremely thoughtful & much appreciated. (Where's that BB hug emoticon when you need it now huh?)  

For the rest of y'all out there (you know yourselves), do not despair.  I still have my long birthday list so if you really wanna show a gurl some love, buzz me and I'll send you my list!  Feel free to backdate the delivery to my birthday - 26 Feb.  Don't worry, your secret is safe with me.  ;-) MWAH as you comply :-D  

NB:  Pictures culled from various internet sites. 


  1. Happy Bday girl, rock it hard!!
    was just passing by and decided not to leave without dropping a comment. takia!!!

    1. Haha! Thank you so much! Well... not sure if I rocked it sha but cannot complain! I'll rock it some other day!

      Interesting blog you have there... lol... Couldn't help but laugh when I read some of your articles...


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