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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Countdown to Designers Connect :-D

Okay!  Designers Connect is just over a day away and I am quite overwhelmed by the response I have gotten so far and the kind words.  It has been like WOW!  Looks like we will have quite a number of people there...

Here's me saying huge thank you to everyone who took the time to send in an RSVP for the event.  And thank you for your candid statements about your challenges in the industry.  It helped a lot to shape my idea for this meeting and I tried to address as many as I could in my acknowledgement of the receipt of the mail.  

I have sent out the details of the venue by sms to those who sent in their RSVPs (is that even a word?!).  If you did send in one and have not received the sms, please buzz me immediately and let me know so I can forward it to you.  I tried to ensure I didn't miss out anyone....but then again... I'm only human after all so please bear with me... :-)

So right people!  If you'll excuse me, I have to finish churning the skirt I plan to wear tomorrow before PHCN strikes which ...errr.... they just did! :-l  If I had my way, I'd just wear my buba and skirt but my staff have asked me to create something and seeing we are a team, I decided to listen.  Forget the fact that I am making the simplest outfit ever! One even went an extra mile to ask me to "grow my hair" and I was like.... Dude!  That's enough out of you!  Don't take a mile when you've been given an inch!

SO anywayz, have a great day ahead people and see you on Sunday!


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