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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Birth of Niki Biwati....

Ok so on Sunday the 12th of Feb, I attended the mini-launch of a student's clothing line.  Now THIS really is a live example of how passion + determination + investment in the right knowledge [my Foundation Course in Fashion Design :-D] translates into turning one's love for fashion into a business reality!

SO I get a call from a lady who says she received a broadcast about my course and told me she has always had a love for it.  I said... go for it!  Attend my class and I guarantee you, after the first level, you can take that step.  And she did.  And after only 6 lectures, (which is pretty much the 6 Saturdays the Foundation Course in Fashion Design - Level 1a lasts for), a complete beginner with no prior experience in fashion, but her love for it and a folder filled with information, went straight ahead, put a production team together and developed her own clothing line in a matter of weeks!  How did she do that?!  She understood the principles and the process involved... and that is what I teach in my classes.  Oh... of she can also sew a skirt! :-D 

Here's her story which she titled "The Birth of Niki Biwati..."

"The "dream" started with a dream. I had gotten to a point where I needed to do something other than what I had been doing for 15 yrs. I had been praying and asking God what path he wanted me to follow.

The dream was so vivid it was shocking. I have always had a flair for designing clothes and going to my tailor and bringing my creations to life was always a joy for me.

In the dream, I was the owner of a fashion designing outfit. I woke up and said "God, no, this isn't what I want and I left it there.

Three weeks later, I asked my friend what she felt I could go into and she said "fashion"since I was always designing clothes for them anyway. I remembered my dream and then I decided to make plans. Along the line, another friend that I had shared my thought with forwarded a bbm about a Martwayne 6 week course on fashion. I reluctantly took it up because I knew it would take up all my Saturdays. Eventually, I started and although the timing wasn't so good for me, I saw it through with the encouragement of the energetic, eloquent and knowledgeable Miss Tope Williams.

I then decided to start my "African - inspired ready to wear clothing line". After much back and forth, I came up with a name, found tailors, did a few sketches, ran a few samples and I must say, favour was on every side. All my plans down to choosing my label color and accessories, I ran by my ever ready to help teacher,Miss Williams.

And on 12th Feb 2012, I did a showcasing of a few of my creations that were produced within 2 days and reception was beyond my expectations.

And by my side was my "teacher" who came to support her student at her first outing.

Well, I believe that things can only get better. Talent+Opportunity+Support+ Favour = Success.
With d support of my husband, parents & siblings, I see greater things in d horizon." 

:-D :-D :-D  My head is swelling!!!!!  But see people, there is no myth to it.  It is difficult and I must say VERY DIFFICULT but all it takes is just a step in the right direction and investment in one's self.  I make my students understand that you really do not need to know how to sew perfectly to run a fashion establishment BUT you need to understand the principles and basics of pattern making and garment construction and adequate business knowledge to be able to guide a production team.  And that is exactly what she has done.

So without further ado, here's introducing Niki Biwati's work...


Very nice right?! Very colourful too.  And it totally reminds me of what my History Professor in Fashion School, Prof. Caviggia, once said about colour exciting the eye and stimulating the imagintion.  I sooo agree.  These colours are stunning and makes me happy and active.  :-D  I'd definitely give it 3 thumbs up!  No copycats please!

Oh... and by the way... did I mention that this lady currently works in a field that is TOTALLY unrelated to fashion?!  Yup she does!  Same way I left accounting for fashion and currently have a civil engineer, someone working in the maritime industry, a student, a business development consultant in this stream and a realtor, a chemical engineer and even a fashion designer (just to name a few) in the last stream.  What brings us all under one roof is our love for fashion and our desire to take it further.

Ok then! Hope this has spurred you into action.  Of course I'd say register the FEC (vol. 1) which holds next Saturday, 25 February, 2012 or for the next MFC 1a which begins on 10 March, 2012.  Niki Biwati did and she's already a success in the making!

Looking forward to welcoming you guys onto the Course.



  1. Miss can I get ur pin?I'm dying 2 talk 2 u.and I need more info on ur training.

  2. Sure. It's 2156A776. Have we not already started chatting?!

  3. Hi T ,

    Just went through must of your write ups.Am impress,am thinking of quitting my Job and starting my own business,i have always love putting different pieces together and give it to my Tailor to make.Most time i get positive response from total stranger.There a time i took my sequence from my three years old nieces dress and combine it with an Ankara.People will stop to ask me where i made the dress lol..

    I will love to come and learn as soon as i deliver my baby,what do you think T? i really need lectures.

    Hmm..take care of yourself.


    Eno Nkan

    1. Hello Eno,

      I actually just saw this. Sometimes I lose track of the comments on my blog. Sure please by all means, do come over when you're ready. We're here to assist you. You may give me a call on 08097876075 when you're ready or continue to follow the blog for updates on all our courses.

      Have a very pleasant week.




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