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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Best Birthday Gift! The Success of the Very 1st Fashion Entrepreneurship Course!

(taken from a participant's BB display picture...)

I TOLD you guys FEC1 would be FAB!!!  If you weren't there, you missed out on a whole lot!  

Let me give a quick run through of what the day was like.

We started at 12 SHARP!  Had the 1st presentation on the Career & Business Opportunities in the Fashion Industry.  Extremely interactive session!  THEN we had the guest facilitators, Victor Diali and Fredrick Okeagu teaching us how to  "Discover the Designer in You" using the Insights Colour Energies.  Wow!  What a HIT!  Then we concluded with a very short presentation on "The Design & Production Process".  WHAT can I say!  That was the icing on the cake! :-D  All in all a VERY FAB DAY and I have the "anonymously completed" training feedback forms to prove it.

Oh-kay... don't want to give myself too much props.  You check out the pictures and errrrr.... promise yourself to come for FEC Vol. 2!  Sadly I have only pictures from the 2nd module.  I forgot to put the SD card into the camera...  Only realized much later and then the battery went flat :-(

But all the same, enjoy the pictures... and the smiles... I know I did! :-D



Great!  There they are!  What dost thou think?!

I really have to thank the participants who really owned and made the day...especially those who flew in from Port Harcourt and Abuja.  You guys are the VERY best!  Spending almost double or triple the cost of the course fee to attend the class.  Just goes to show....  I really appreciate each and every one of you participants and thank you for your kind words and encouragement.  You guys are the bomb!

I also want to thank my team (Sina, Tunde, Folake & Okhai) and vendors (Florence, Tosin, Steven, Sunday).... every single person who I stressed and worked tirelessly to make this work.  I had been planning this in my head for like forever but guess what?!  A strong team makes all this work!  Thank you all for your patience and for bearing with my fiery red personality!  Don't worry... the subsequent ones will be much easier... 

To the Planet 1 crew!  You guys were excellent!  Thank you so much! Dayo Kafaru?!  I really don't know what to say!  From Day 1, you have been the very best and you helped make this work!

To my family and friends... too many to mention.  God bless you all!

BUT the greatest thanks goes to God.... for bringing the person without whom this would not have been possible.  David Brown!  You are such an amazing person... in and out... and I will always be thankful to you for making this happen.  I owe you a HUGE BIG MASSIVE BEAR HUG and I have said all the prayers I can possibly send your way and I am still saying them... God bless you! MWAH!

And above all... THANK YOU GOD!  You put it all together not me!  I am eternally grateful! That's why I keep saying "It's not me.  It's God"!

Great!  So now that I have thanked everyone, I hope y'all plan to come for FEC 2.  I have something great planned and will put up the flyer soon enough.

Right now, I'm beat!  Need to sleep and get myself refreshed for tomorrow... my BIG DAY!  Yup!  I've already started receiving my birthday wishes.  Thank you so much!  Shame I won't be partying.  I'll be working!  But I'm sure I'll have fun in my own way.  Have no clue what I'll do yet though.  I know I'll be at Oja Ara then after that... I'll plan my day as I go along!

You all have a good night!  Sleep tight!  See you all at FEC 2 by God's grace.  Same "day" (last Saturday in March i.e. 31st), Same time (12 noon prompt!... but please come at 11.30), Same place (Planet 1)!  

Own Your Future!  Turn Your Love for Fashion Into a Viable Business!  Give Yourself "Power Through Fashion"!  See You at Planet 1!


PS.  Thanks a lot Juliet for helping me out before the course started.  I really really appreciated the help and more particularly helping me sort out issues before the day started.  I would have panicked if you hadn't helped out.  Thx a billion! MWAH!


  1. Happy birthday Tope..... Wishing you the best in life with God's favor.....

    Once again beautiful pictures from FEC.....

    Well impacted tutors and wonderful presentation..... Money and time spent was worth it..... See you soon.....

  2. Thanks a lot Makioba! Err... what did you say again?! "Money and time spent was worth it" :-D Need I say more..... Thank you so much! Please tell them.... haha

    Thanks a lot for the birthday wishes. And of course... AMEN!!!

    SO please... spread the word....


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