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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Halfway Through MFC1a...

Amazing how time flies right?!  One minute I was planning my calendar for the 2012, then I was worried about the Foundation Course starting at all because of the strike and now we are already halfway through the Course!!!  And there is a break this weekend!  Phew!  It's been really hectic but I am thankful!  Thankful that 2012 started on a great note!

Okies... Thought I should show you some pictures of the new class... Enjoy...

Session 1: 

Yup!  I have guys in my class :-D.  Isn't that cool (hehe)?!

Session 2:

Session 3:

Phew!  A busy 3 weeks!  It just occurred to me I didn't have pictures of any of the pattern making classes.  Oh yeah, I know why... most of it is done as homework.  Gave them a bunch of assignments for the break.  They're not too pleased with me at all.  Haha!  No issues... will sort that out in subsequent sessions.

But yeah... we have a break!  Well not me though... a new session begins on Friday & Saturday by God's grace!  And I'm looking forward to it.

A huge thank you to Funmi, from the last set who's assisting me with this class!  You are the very best!

Oh... I also started my trainings for Corps Members.  So if you are a Corps Member, join the JASA Center asap!  There really is a lot to learn...  Will post pictures of that some other time.

Have a great week all!


Just a quick one.  I have 3 things to tell you:

1.  Registration has begun for the courses, the MBC on Friday 3rd & the MFC on Saturday, 4th February, 2012.

2.  I'm organizing a designer's meet-up sometime soon just so we all can meet and know each other and share our horror stories.  That should be coming up on 19 February 2012.  Venue to be announced soon.  So designers or aspiring designers, if you are in the industry or would like to participate in the industry, you really should show up on that day.  It will be fun! :-D

3.  Registration will soon open for our FEC open lectures.  Our very first one is on Saturday, 25 February, 2012.  

Ok... so open your diaries and pen these dates down!  And spread the word...

Looking forward to seeing y'all at these events!


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  1. I look forward to being a part of this class


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