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Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012; HELLO 2013!!! :-D :-D :-D

Wow.. what can I say?!  I remember exactly what I was doing this time last year, updating this blog... only last year I was torn between going to church for the crossover service or staying indoors and watching the crossover service live on TV.  Well I stayed indoors and watched it live but guess what?! It was NOT the same @ all... so I am not making the same mistake this year.  I am going there LIVE and direct... well I'm like 45 minutes late but you know what they say... better late than never!

I will be back soon enough though BUT I just had to have a 31 December 2012 date on my blog :-D  Sneaky yes I know but guess what?!  You can only have one 31 December 2012 and I will not let it go to waste... especially seeing I cannot turn back the hands of time!

So off I am to church!  Enjoy the very best of what 2012 has to offer and I will be back in 2013 by God's grace!

Have fun and have a BLESSED 2013 ahead!  May all your wishes come true in this New Year... and remember... it is never too late... 2012 may have come and gone but guess what the reality is - 1 January 2013 is just another day!... probably no different from this morning.  Only the date will change so forget all the noise we make about the start of a new year.  What is more important is the fact that with each new day comes new promises, new plans and new resolutions!  So please... don't beat yourself up over broken resolutions and unrealized dreams.   Just be thankful that you are able to see the end of one day and the start of another.  Once you acknowledge that, get your notepad out and make your plans for the year, same way you'll make your plans for the new week or new day!  Don't forget work starts on 2 January 2013!  So get your act together!  (And this goes for me as well)!

May His Grace be with us all tonight, in the New Year and wayyyy beyond that!  


Friday, December 28, 2012

Martwayne Media Mentions...

2 Feet Africa Magazine - January 2013 edition

Now someone please tell me if there is a better way to end 2012 and kick off 2013!!! :-D :-D :-D   This year sure has been a great one for me!  First there was the ThisDay Style article about Designers Connect, then the BusinessDay article and then THIS ONE!!!! This DEFINITELY has got to be one of the highlights in 2012.  For me, getting on the cover not just for being a designer but for being an entrepreneur is the real ISH!

And like that was not enough, my article "Dressing with a Conscience" came out on Pages 44 - 47 in Today's Lifeline magazine.  And I didn't get one teeny weeny corner.  I got 3 full pages!  Like wow!  I am grinning so hard now my jaws actually ache!

 Pages 1 & 3 of my Article...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

With Compliments of the Season...

Apologies!  Apologies!! Apologies everyone!!!  Yes all I can do at this point is apologize for abandoning the blog for a while now (insert-covering-my-face-emoticon-in-here).  It HAS been hectic!!!  

BUT before I go into any stories, first let me wish you "Happy Holidays" and a belated "Merry Christmas"!!!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and more importantly, got the blessings and good tidings the season had to offer.  I pray the hope brought about by the significance of His Birth remains with you always, well into the New Year and beyond!

Great!  Back to my apologies...

Friday, November 23, 2012

Foundation Course in Fashion Design (Level 1a) - Start Date: 1 December, 2012

There I was thinking the only thing separating me from updating my blog was bad internet service from my ISP till I got to my destination and realized that really... the grass is never greener on the other side.  Alas, where I am, there is a complete ban on certain sites, blogger included so I have no access whatsoever to blogger, Facebook and similar sites.  But where there's a will, there is a way and I had to come up with a Plan B... thankfully not moment too soon....

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And YET Another Level 1a Ends... :-D

Okies... so it looks like I may finally have found an ISP that makes sense... though a bit more expensive and I can't currently send mails from my server... BUT at least I can update my blog!!! :-D Here's hoping your guys keep your fingers crossed for me something doesn't happen to their base station.  

Moving on... YES we just concluded YET another Level 1a stream :-D :-D :-D  YAYE!  Wow!  WHAT a challenging one it was with the extra catch-up classes since the duration of this stream was much shorter but we ACED it! Thank God!

MFC 1a - Some Group 6 students and I (wayyyy over there on the left in the white top with the owl ;-)

Even I was really tripped at how everyone didn't mind the extra long hours and they DEFINITELY were some long hours.  But I am thankful that almost everyone finished the level and can move to the next level.

And as always, I have lots of pictures to share with you.  When I was uploading them, I was just amused at how everyone looked so fresh at the beginning of the level and how, at the end..... well you check out the pictures yourself... haha...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FADAN Talent Hunt 5 - Entry Closes 12 November 2012!

So I attended the Press Conference for the FADAN Talent Hunt 5.  For those who have not heard about the Talent Hunt before, the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN) organizes a competition to encourage and support young fashion designers.  I recall the one I attended in 2010 at The Civic Center and I must say, what the finalists churned out was very impressive.

But before then, what needs to be done?  Easy!  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Now the Fashion Entrepreneurship Courses are Over... What Next?!

FEC 1:  Understanding Fashion, the Industry & Its Related Fields & The Design & Production Process
FEC 2:  How to Develop a Concept for Your Collection / Clothing Line
FEC 3:  Choosing the Colours & Fabrics for Your Clothing Line
FEC 4:  How to Start Your Own Clothing Line:  A Look at the Clothing Production Process
FEC 5:  How to GET the Funds You Need to Start Your Own Clothing Line:  (Generating the Funds from Within)
FEC 6:  How to Sell Your Clothes & Make a Profit on Your Clothing Line
FEC 7:  Building Business Structures for Your Clothing Line: (The Accounting, Tax, Legal & Administration Functions Required to Run a Successful Fashion Business)

An Additional Course:  Basic Accounting & Tax for Fashion Businesses

One of the most challenging but extremely rewarding projects of the year, The Fashion Entrepreneurship Course was developed to teach aspiring and practising designers the step-by-step process involved in starting a clothing line.  An extremely interactive training session, each of the 7 Volumes tackled the different stages involved in starting a fashion business, from developing a collection to setting up structures in the business.

And boy was it HECTIC!  But thankfully and taking each Volume as it came every month, we managed to pull off the Course... somehow... but definitely with God's grace.  

So now that the Fashion Entrepreneurship Courses are over, the next question is "What happens next?!"

Looks like I'm BACK...! Somewhat...

Hello Everyone,

Looks like forever since I've been on this blog.  Apologies for the looong break...completely due to circumstances beyond my control... :-(  As I speak, I am using a new modem from another ISP and I am STILL facing issues.  I am now convinced that the ISPs around here are just rip-offs!  

Check this out...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Basic Accounting & Tax for Fashion Businesses - 7 October 2012

Hello People!!!  Hope you had a great holiday!

Please forgive the staggered posts.  The internet has been something else and all my posts have had to sit in the cooler... BUT only for a short while I hope...  I guess the rains have made the already not so great situation worse but I have been informed the situation will be rectified soon enough (well hopefully before the year runs out)! :-/  

So please bear with me for just that bit longer...  After The Platform 10.2 (and I just have to tell you about that... now I completely understand and appreciate the importance of maintaining a consistent online presence even more. 

Great!  And in other news...  

How do y'all like my flyer?!  :-D :-D :-D  Yup!  I created this myself.  Very basic and yes it took me all day but I finally managed to ace it. Phew!   And I am mighty proud of myself!  After all the challenges I had with the FEC flyers, I just thought I needed to save myself the hassle and work with what I had to develop what I wanted.  

So anywayz...

Here are the details of the next Course which I carved out right after FEC 7 to address this fundamental  problem many fashion designers have with their books...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Stream of the Foundation Course in Fashion Design begins 29 September 2012. FEC 1 Rerun: Same Date & Time

Seeing I completely love my threads, I decided to combine both practical courses and market them through this 1 flyer... well just till I find another image that's as captivating as this one anyway... :-)  

Great!  So the new stream begins on Saturday the 29th at the Training Center.  Not sure if this is the last Stream for the year since the year has pretty much ended but I guess I will think work on my timetable for the rest of the year and let you know.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Official Conclusion of the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (FEC) :-D

Phew!!!  It has been on since February 2012 and Saturday, the 22nd, concluded the very last Volume of the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course.  Despite the initial challenges, as always, we pulled it off and I can proudly say, "I said I'd do it and I did it"... YAYE!!! (Where is that BB dancing emoticon when you need it?!) 

Of course it was not all me but first it's was simply God's grace, then a small but amazing team, the participants who invested in the knowledge, the guest facilitators who gave their time for next to nothing and of course you guys... every single person who took a second to forward my mails and broadcasts, retweeted my tweets and told one person or the other.  HUGE BIG MASSIVE bear hug to you all.  God bless you loads! 

And like that wasn't enough excitement, an article on moi came out on BusinessDay online. Check it out here :-D  

Like seriously!  What more can a lady ask for?!  It could not have come at a better time and I am soooooo chuffed!  Hehe!  Thank you so much Nonso and Osato.  You guys are the very best!  

So right!  Back to the FEC :-D

And what did we discuss this month?!  The part of the business many of us find very challenging and hope it will go away... but sadly it will never go away.  Yes!  The Accounting, Tax, Legal & Administrative functions vital for the success of every fashion business, all under the caption "Building Business Structures for Your Clothing Line".   

Friday, September 21, 2012

FEC 7 is Tomorrow the 22nd!!! Theme: Building Business Structures for Your Clothing Line - The Accounting, Tax, Legal & Administrative Functions for running a successful fashion business.

I am soooo thrilled about FEC 7 tomorrow... though it promises to be the most hectic of all!  The various topics and the research... wow!  But I am getting there... slowly but surely and ticking off my to-do list!  A full day - 8 hours!  Phew...  totally looking forward to it.

So here I am.. ticking off my to-do list... slowly but surely AND looking forward to a full day tomorrow!  So far I have a CHECK on the venue, folder, writing materials, projector, sound system (if there is any time to even play music that is...), guest facilitator, errr..... what else... half a tick on my own slides... :-D ... lunch... well now that's where I need your help now please...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Basic Course in Pattern Making & Garment Construction

Wow!!!  It's been so hectic organizing the FEC 2 Reruns, FEC 7 happening on Saturday (hope you plan to register for it) and rounding off on the Foundation Course in Fashion Design that I completely forgot to run the post on the Basic Course in Pattern-Making & Garment Construction.  Imagine! 

Students from the recently concluded Basic Course and I :-D

But anywayz.... better late than never... though one thing is certain... I'll have to move the date for the commencement of the new stream just a tad bit... :-(  I am not a fan of postponing courses or events but it's worse when you begin a Course completely unprepared.  But seeing I always look on the bright side, at least I get more time to market the Course properly and get the training materials in order. ;-)

Moving on...

The last class was completely fab!  WHAT a barrel of laughs!!!  It was so much fun!  We had a very interesting class... from a "diva" to an air hostess and our lady alll the way from Port Harcourt!  I really am blessed to have people signing up for my Courses from outside Lagos and places as far as Ayobo.  God is good! :-D  I'm sure you can tell from the pictures it was a nice blend of work and play!

And you know what?  Some of them have already started sewing for people!!!!!  Excellent right?!  Check out one of the pictures one of the ladies sent to me....

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Building Business Structures for Your Clothing Line" - The Theme for FEC 7

Hello Everyone!!!  Hope you've all had a great week so far!  I know I have had quite a busy one trying to get this flyer out and yes!  Done!  

I am COMPLETELY excited about FEC 7!!!  Why?!  It is the very last in the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course Series.  Wow!  And WHAT an experience it has been.  I have completely learnt a lot during the organization of the courses, the challenges, the running around and yes!  I will miss all the stress that goes along with it but I will never trade the lessons learnt for anything!  Though there is still sooooo much to learn, I guess we just have to cap it off at the number of completion - 7!  (...or so they say...)

So what is FEC 7 about?!  It's about the parts many creative entrepreneurs (including myself) run away from... the Accounting . Legal . Tax  & Administration functions required to run successful fashion businesses.  But as much as we would love to run away from it, we cannot avoid it.  So it is vital we learn how to basically "put it all together" in order to run a successful and viable fashion business.

And this is where I bring all my KPMG experience into play.  It is amazing what you learn in such an environment.  I operated in so many areas from company secretarial duties to advisory opinions, to obviously tax compliance services... - even payroll services.  Amazing what being in the Tax, Regulatory & People Services Unit of such a big firm can do to you.

So yes it will be a long but FUN day, 10am - 6pm, but well worth your while...  Don't worry we are organizing some serious lunch!  And from what I've heard about Tom Associates's lunch packages, it is like a serious PAR-TY!!!  So please register early and claim your discounts so I can book your lunch.

And here's the information I plan to send out about the Course.  As always, there are discounts available for eligible participants.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Projects in the Month of September...

Yes... I'm back!... somewhat... after a much needed break... August was pretty hectic... especially with the Juniors Course... but it's now time to face the final quarter of the year! 

Wow!  This year went by pretty fast and already I am sitting down to review the activities for the first 3 quarters... with mixed feelings.  I am so not looking forward to all that administrative work that has piled up over time BUT it has to be done!

Anywayz... moving on!  What do we have for you in September?!  Here's a very short summary of our September 2012 Calendar.  We will run a post on each of the courses.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The PERFECT End to the Month of August... :-D

WHAT an excellent end to a very busy month!  Clearly the picture speaks for itself.  We successfully ran and ended the first stream of both the Basic Course in Pattern-Making & Garment Construction and the Basic Fashion Course for Juniors.  I'll tell you about the Basic Course in another post.  This post is strictly for my cuties who attended the Basic Fashion Course.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Walk Against Cancer! Join Exquisite Magazine at the EMAC Walk on 1 September 2012.

"It was during an intimate session with her husband, he thought her boobs tasted and felt funny, she went in for a test and had late stages of breast cancer. After surgery, they spent 475k on Chemo every month. She passed on in July. This could have been prevented if she had been screened and doing self examinations." 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Much Ado About "Dressing"... Help Take this Quick Survey...

Yes... a part of fashion I'm not sure I have spoken about since I started this blog.  This part is the "consulting" part in the Martwayne logo.  Not sure if many of you know but part of what we do at Martwayne is teach people how to use fashion as a tool for personal and business success.  Business Image Consulting to be precise.  ;-)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"How to Make Sure Your Ideas Make Sense" - by Scott Anthony

"Irrationality presents challenges too. It can blind innovators to real problems and to important signals telling them to do something different. Yes, perseverance may be an underappreciated skill, but when paired with passion, it often leads to fanaticism.

- Scott Anthony 



I got the following BB broadcast this morning and thought it would be great to share.  The extracts were taken from an article written by Scott Anthony:


Many a great decision has resulted from people taking risks that didn’t make logical sense at the time.  Here are three ways to seek the right amount of reason:

Sunday, August 26, 2012

FEC 6 Pictures!!!

Hello Everyone!!!  Yes it has been a very busy 2 weeks with the Juniors Course and planning FEC 6.  It has been a pretty busy month but as always very fulfilling.  FEC 6 has come and gone and I am looking forward to the very last FEC which will hold next month! :-D :-D :-D.  After this, reruns of the previous courses will be made available on request. 

BUT before then... 

We all know what this month's course was about... "How to Sell Your Clothes & Make a Profit on Your Clothing Line".  Yes... that's the flyer...

... and that's a picture of me doing my thing... ;-)

And as always we approached the topic of selling the items in your clothing line from a different but very practical angle.  Mr Seye Amusa of Acuity Solicitors was, once again, on hand to teach how to increase your sales through effective networking and the day was also filled with barrels and barrels of laughs.

Sadly I don't have a lot of pictures, especially of my training session :-(... Long story... but at least I have a few to share.

Enjoy them!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"How to Sell Your Clothes & Make a Profit on Your Clothing Line" - The Theme for FEC 6

The fundamental problem of every designer... and indeed every entrepreneur out there.  But it is worse with fashion designers.... especially because many of us undervalue our services for the sake of increasing our client base.  Too much work for too little pay!  And then we find ourselves struggling to make ends meet... unable to meet up with our bills at the end of the month!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Debunking the Various Myths About Fashion Design & the Industry

Yes!  Another post of mine that is long overdue.  I just felt it was high time someone addressed the various fallacies people have about fashion, fashion designers and the industry as a whole because anytime I have a conversation with an aspiring designer or even the general public, I am amazed at how clueless many of them are about what fashion is really about.

Whilst some aspiring designers seem to think being able to sketch is good enough and being a fashion designer is the perfect escape from a busy 9 to 5 job, others think we designers are a bunch of people who couldn't really cut it in university or worse are just jobless people who will soon wake up from whatever cloud we always seem to be floating on.  And I don't really blame them, some of us who operate in the industry give them this impression because we are too busy chasing irrelevant things to realize that we are running fashion businesses.  And what happens?  We become the perfect template of why fashion designers or the industry is too unsafe a haven for potential operators or investors.

So here I am debunking the various myths people have about fashion and the industry as a whole.  Starting with:

1.  You must learn the skill or art of sewing to operate in the Fashion Industry.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Slight Changes to the Basic Fashion Course for Juniors...

Hello Everyone,

Seeing my internet appears to be behaving to'night', I thought I'd quickly post this before it begins to act up again.  Okay, let's forget the fact that it's taking me all of say....3 hours to post a picture. >-(

Anywayz!  Re the Basic Fashion Course for Juniors, you may have noticed I have made certain slight changes.  It's pretty much a change in the start date and a breakdown of the fees for the Course.  The feeding portion of the fees has been made optional as we realised some parents might prefer their children to bring their food from home. 

The changes are captured in the mail I sent out previously but with the new details...

Martwayne Welcomes Backdoor Connections...

Hello People!!!  Apologies, apologies apologies I've gone MIA again!  Juggling various tasks as an entrepreneur is quite daunting but it is not an excuse.  I have been so bogged down with work but I am working on it and it will get better... I promise to work on it!


Great!  So Backdoor Connections was in the building today!!!  :-D  Yes Martwayne hosted a bunch of extremely energetic and vocal teenagers today!  Very interesting!  And extremely shocking at how smart the kids are.  They could not have given me better answers to my questions and I tell you... many of them are much sharper than the teenagers in our days!  Not that we were dumb no!  Only we were to shy to express ourselves but no not these ones!  I learnt quite a bit from them and I could not have started my holiday project the Basic Fashion Course for Juniors a better way!

So back to Backdoor Connections!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Take Advantage of the Long Holidays! Register your Kids for Martwayne's Basic Fashion Course for Juniors!

Hello Everyone!!! Welcome to the month of August!  Hope you all had a successful start to the 2nd start of the year!  I know we did at Martwayne.  We successfully ran 3 courses back to back!  Yup hectic month but we pulled it off somehow...

...AND we are moving on full throttle this month... Starting with the Basic Fashion Course for Juniors!  Yes yes!  We're working with parents to ensure their children are well engaged during the long holidays and have a fabulous time during the vacation period... AND learn more than a thing or 2.

And here is the flyer.  Quite colourful right?!  Yup!  Churned out JUST for kids! :-D

And how will the Course run?!  I'll tell you just now!

Monday, July 30, 2012

FEC 5 Pictures!!! :-D

WHAT a hectic weekend I had!  No scratch that!  I meant WHAT an eventful 2 weeks I've had!  Busy busy busy all through but I managed to scale through it all, with as always enough testimonies and drama.  I tell you, even "The Young and the Restless" have got nothing on me!  I really should start my own reality show.  Trust me, you will NEVER be bored!

BUT the highlight of my weekend was FEC 5!!! :-D  Sadly the awful traffic messed things up a bit!  Got an sms from someone who had to turn back, another arrived at the end of the program and who knows how many cases of those who just got frustrated with the traffic.  But all in all, those who came enjoyed it... and more importantly benefitted from not 1 but 2 guest facilitators.

  • The Head of Fidelity Bank's smeAssist Unit, Mr Osaigbovo Omorogbe, who actually left his surprise birthday to join us for 2 hours because he had already given us his word.  Wow!  Such commitment! and
  • Mr Ayodeji Adewunmi, President & Co-Founder of
It was an eye-opener for those who attended and I have no doubt many will go back home and reflect on how exactly they can work better at making the money they need to generate to start their businesses without looking for external advice.  Or more importantly, how to work on their business models in such a way that investors will be on the hunt to invest in their businesses.

But more importantly, the participants left knowing how to start their businesses and generate funds from within their businesses rather than source for funds elsewhere.  And where they get stuck, they can always benefit from Fidelity Bank's free SME Advisory services!  And of course, hearing's success story proved that it can be done and also getting his free advice on specific issues each participant had also ended the day on a FAB note! :-)

Enjoy the pictures!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Have You Registered for FEC 5?! It's on Saturday the 28th of July!!!

Hello everyone!!!  Hope you had a great weekend?!  I know I definitely did!  Launched 2 successful courses on Saturday - Levels 1a and 1b.  Phew!  My 1b class got more than they bargained for "methinks" with the assignments I piled them with!  Haha!  Now let's see how they can develop the theme I gave them and see the stunning work they come up with.   No doubt you will see pictures on my blog.  After Session 1 of Level 1b, they realized Level 1a was a piece of cake.  Now we're slowly getting into the nitty gritty of the Foundation Course... ha-ha-ha! :-D


Image of Mannequin from:,/abstract_mannequin/AFM6_BL/index.htm

... This is just a quick reminder of the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course coming up on Saturday!  Please please please register early so I can prepare your materials and please feel free to claim your early bird and other discounts if you are eligible.  I have provided the details below again just in case some people missed out on my previous post...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Face of ModelsVillage Competition...

Hope you've had a good week everyone!  I know I've had an extremely busy one preparing for Levels 1a and 1b of the Foundation Course, both of which are starting on Saturday!  And of course, let's not forget FEC 5 next week.  Pretty hectic!  For those who have sent me mails asking me to do one thing or the other for them, my sincere apologies.  I'm am ticking off my to-do list... slowly but surely.  Starting with this one... The Face of Models Village!

Completely stunning flyer right?!  I thought so too.  But was even more impressed when I visited the site.  Targeted at models, a vital part of the fashion industry, the site, and indeed the competition, has been established to help "discover and promote models".

Here are the details as provided by the organizer, Ali d-hybrid as he calls himself on BB. ;-)  

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Foundation Course in Fashion Design - New Stream begins 21 July 2012! Register now!

Hello everyone!!!  Hope you had a fab weekend!  I know I did!  Extremely busy but I slept all day yesterday... for the first time in ages!  And you know what?!  It felt great!

So I haven't said anything yet about the Foundation Course starting on Saturday the 21st!  Why?!  Because I was waiting to edit this particular flyer to reflect the Foundation Course but seeing it is taking like forever to get the Corel version so I can edit the text, I have to make do with this one in the interim.  I'll update it when I get the edited one sorted.  As we all know, we cannot delay our work simply because time waits for no man.  

Just a fraction of Stream 4 participants...

So yes!  We completed Stream 4 of the Foundation Course in Fashion Design on Saturday!!!  Here's a picture of some of the students who completed the Course.  Phew!  WHAT a long day!  But it was great and more people are ready to move on to Level 1b which is also starting this Saturday!  :-D  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Appalling State of Customer Services in this Environment!

I'm sorry but this is ranting and raving time!  I did warn you that it may happen sooner or later but it really is annoying!

Someone please explain to me why exactly I am paying for a service and when I complain about the service, I get attitude from the vendor like "errr.... how dare you complain about the service I just rendered to you"!  I mean like seriously?!  The typical vendor around here acts like they are doing you a favor when really the truth is you have paid for it!  Sometimes they forget that without customers, they would not be in business!

What exactly brought this on?!  I'll tell you just now! >-(

Thursday, July 5, 2012

"How to GET the Funds You Need to Start Your Own Clothing Line" - The Theme for FEC 5!

Yes yes!  It feels like forever now since we had the last FEC!  It didn't hold in June, thankfully so because that rain would have really made things difficult, but it's holding this July!!! I've kind of missed the running around that goes with organizing the Course. :-D

Image of Mannequin from:  

So yes this is that we're talking about this month!  @ FEC 4, we figured out how to go about producing our clothes.  Clearly we now need the funds to actually get the garments on ground and THAT is what exactly we're discussing @ FEC 5.  

Yeah yeah... I know what you're thinking.  Yet another boring seminar on raising funds.  I feel you too.  But guess what?!  This is anything BUT that!  Anyone who has attended our FECs will tell you our courses are different.  I always believe talk is cheap if you don't assist people or point them in the right direction.  But has it ever crossed your mind that whilst people are searching desperately for funds, others have people approaching them to invest in their businesses.  I know a friend who is constantly getting offers from investors and I'm thinking to myself and asking him "how is it possible?"  Clearly it is because he is doing something right.

The Book of Proverbs...

Yes!  My first project in July!  I may not have updated my blog (and I wish I could do this through my phone...), I have been reading it and jotting down the notable verses.

Now like I said in my previous post, I am not a preacher or a pastor so I am not overly decoding the Book or anything.  That is a personal decision you have to make.  I am merely discussing verses I read that made a lot of sense to me and helped me in dealing with people and at work.  

For example, Proverbs 6: 10-11 states: 

10 "A little sleep, a little slumber, A little folding of the hands to sleep -
11 "So shall your poverty come upon you like a prowler, And your need like an armed man."

Clearly this needs no major decoding.  So sometimes when I feel lazy to work or procrastinate and I remember these verses, I jump up and get busy!  And of course, you know what happens when you jump up and get busy?  You deliver on your work and that translates into money (or a promotion if you so choose).  And remember that "Spare the rod and spoil the child?"  That is also from Proverbs.  It was amazing to realize that many words of advice I heard from older ones were taken from this.

Perhaps there's some deeper meaning to the Book.  Errrr... let me rephrase that...  I'm sure there is a deeper meaning.  I stumbled upon some sites during my research which had some pretty hectic interpretations and for a second I thought "hmmnnn... should I really be doing this?!"  It seemed my angle was pretty shallow in comparison to what I had read.  But you know what?!  Since it's something I always wanted to do, I decided to go ahead!  After all, many older ones speak in proverbs.  Only lately did I realize some of them came from this Book.  They always sounded different in Yoruba.   

So open your mind, sit down, relax and journey with me throughout the month of July as I share with you words of wisdom from the Book of Proverbs with or without my interpretation from the New King James Version.  When my friend and I did this a few months ago, we each had to choose one notable verse and when we both hit the same one, we gave each other a pat on the back.  Almost like the game jinx. Now that I think about it, we should even have exchanged presents.  Like minds eh?!

So anywayz, let the words begin!  Enjoy them!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Welcome to the Month of July.... & the Launch of New Projects @ Martwayne...

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the month of July, the only month that apparently was named after a person and also a completely fabulous month because my mum and sister were born in it. :-D  It also marks the beginning of the 2nd half of 2012!  Phew!  Isn't it amazing how fast the days go by!  

First congratulations to us all for all our achievements to date, no matter how little.  We worked hard, made mistakes, learnt from them and revised our methods to prepare us for this 2nd half.  I think we all deserve a huge pat (not slap) on the back! ;-)

Of course I must remember those of us who loved lost ones in the first half of the year.  It must be tough for you but my prayer for you is that God gives you the strength and His Grace to keep pushing on.  I'm sure that's what your loved ones would have wanted for you as well. So please take heart and brace yourself for the 2nd half of the year.  Please remember to "let go and let God..."

Great!  So the first half of the year has been a very eventful and successful one for us at Martwayne.  We made plans and achieved them... and learnt a whole lot!  And we are continuing full throttle this 2nd half, starting with the following projects in order of their launch dates...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

And the Last Batch of Pictures... From the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (Vol. 4)! ... & a bit from the FEC 3 Fabric Rerun...

Undoubtedly the FUNNIEST FEC we've run so far, FEC 4 was filled with lots of laughs and even more networking opportunities amongst participants.  Thanks to Seye Amusa, our guest facilitator from Acuity Solicitors, who had everyone rolling on the floor in laughter.  All  extremely determined people, I even had a participant come in with her baby... the most well-behaved baby I had ever come across.... and I really must give her a thumbs up!  Nice one!

Great!  So what was FEC 4 about?!  How to Start Your Own Clothing Line: A Look at the Clothing Production Process!  And this took place at the absolutely fab training venue Tom Associates in Anthony Village.  

There was of course the first module where I walked participants through the process, identifying areas and of course teaching how to break up the production process.  Then Seye walked them through how to save production costs through effective networking with his real life role play and his "poker" game! Excellent day!  It could not have gone any better!

So here are the pictures!  Enjoy them!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More pictures!!! FEC for Corps Members...

Yes so I thought with this prevailing unemployment issue (which I will even talk about in another post) and the reality that there are limited jobs with big corporates for our multitudes of graduates, it would be great to encourage and prepare those who have a flair for fashion to become either part-time or full-time entrepreneurs.  And how better to do this than run a course for Corps Members just to help change their mindsets and start taking these skills seriously.

So the Job Awareness and Skills Acquisition (JASA) Center of the NYSC in Lagos runs various courses on and one of them obviously is Fashion Design.  And that's where Martwayne comes in....teaching Corps Members how to turn their passions into business realities...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Procrastination! Always the Thief of Time! About Time I Posted my Backlog of Pictures.... Starting with MFC1a - Grp 3!

Imagine!  Almost a month and I am YET to post those pictures.  Like seriously?!  And now that I'm ready to launch the FEC 5 campaign, I can't.  Why?!  Because you have no clue what happened at FEC 4....well except those who attended.  

So here I am saying enough is enough!  Though I'm still on the hunt for the perfect ISP (turned out the new one wasn't so great after all...), I might as well make the best use of the modem I'm loaning right now.  I have a few hours to go so let's see how far I get...starting with pictures of MFC 1a - GRP 3.