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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Perfect Gift for this Holiday Season...

Ok so the holidays are here! NICE! I really don't know why I'm happy seeing I plan to work right through the holidays... but anywayz in the spirit of the season, I'm blending in. And what are we all used to? Gifts and hampers flying all over the place. You get into some offices and they have enough hampers to set up a store that will rival Shoprite anyday!

But sometimes I wonder... do you send gifts to people because they really need it or is it simply because "it's the thought that counts"? I sometimes wonder if somehow we may have lost the plot. If it is simply because of the "thought", then surely that must defeat the purpose of sending the gift, especially if you know in advance that the person may neither need nor appreciate it.

Well in my case, I decided to be very "vocal" about the items on my Christmas wishlist. Why? Because I realized I was wasting so much money buying stuff when the constant comments I got from friends and family went along the lines of " should have told me. I have a spare one lying around. I'd just have given that to you". I got tired of hearing this so what do I do now? I simply ask and believe firmly that I will be given...before I go on a spending spree. And trust far, I've received many of the items on my list and saved myself a whole lot of money!

So for me, finding people to sponsor my needs is wayyy better than receiving a hamper and if the senders just ask what the recipients want, it might actually save them a lot of money. After all, I got a toaster which cost only what... N3,000 thereabouts...and of course we all know that a decent sized hamper would cost a lot more. Besides, there's even no need to buy anything if you have what the person wants lying around the house.

Ok... so where am I going with this???

Yes! A Gift Certificate! You'll understand why soon enough.

I believe the best gift you can give a loved one is a direct investment in their future. If you look around you, you will see that someone you know has a passion for something but either cannot afford the time, opportunity costs or financial implications of pursuing a course in their desired field. Ok, well as a gift giver, you probably cannot do much about the opportunity costs or the time, but you can definitely assist with the financial implications.

So bringing it closer to home, this is what I am saying...

Like Brownie said in her BB broadcast, gift givers, "think loooong and haaaaard. Check your contacts list slowly..." Surely there is someone in your list that really deserves a break, a job, a change in career or even the encouragement to pursue a dream but cannot afford it. There has to be someone, male or female, who you know loves fashion and would love to turn it into a full-time career or run it as a business alongside his/her day job. Many of the students who just concluded Level 1a already had jobs but decided to learn the skill. They came from various disciplines, real estate, chemical engineering, banking, management information systems, and even fashion design, but their love for fashion brought them all under one roof. I had a day job in accounting, a very amazing one, but decided to start a career in the fashion industry so trust me when I say there are MANY of us around. So why not invest in their futures and help them turn their passions into business realities by registering them for one of the Courses we run at the Martwayne Training Center?! Trust me... it will make all the difference in the world!

And if, as a gift recipient, you would love to attend the Course to gain the required knowledge and learn the necessary skills for turning your dream into a reality but cannot afford it, why not ask people to assist you with the full payment, a part payment or even a loan with a flexible repayment option. I know if I cannot afford something, I will lament to my friends till one of them either helped out by paying for what I wanted, made a part payment or even gave me a loan with a flexible repayment option at 0% interest. Yes you may say I have amazing friends but guess what? So do you!

So how can the "gift-givers" and Martwayne come together to make a difference in the lives of the gift recipients? Simple! The gift givers can buy the Martwayne Training Center (MTC) Gift Certificate for their gift recipients!

Ok well this Certificate is just a draft... which I churned out in like 2 minutes for this post but don't worry...the real Certificate will be much nicer. :-)

So really, it takes less than 5 steps.

You sponsor the costs of the Course on behalf of your loved one or gift recipient, pay the registration fees into our account (Martwayne Dynamiques, Account No: 6118004078 at any Zenith Bank Branch). Once we confirm the payment, we contact the prospective student of the Gift and send them an electronic Gift Certificate with all the details of the Course you registered them for, copy you in on the mail and send you a receipt as evidence of your payment. Simple! BUT please note that the gift recipients cannot exchange their Gift Certificates for the monetary value and they can only defer the particular Course once. They can, however, upgrade from e.g. the Basic Course to the Executive Course if they pay the difference in the fees.

And which Courses am I referring to? Well, the Training Center has 3 different Courses planned for next year.
  1. The Foundation Course in Fashion Design (our Executive Course for aspiring and practising fashion entrepreneurs. This Course is split into 2 levels, Level "a" and Level "b". Each level costs N37,500 for a 6-week period and runs on Saturdays only);
  2. The Basics of Fashion Design & Garment Construction (a Course for those who just want to learn how to sew and are not really particular about turning the skill into a full-blown business. This Course is also split into 2 levels, "a" and "b"; each level costing N27,500 for a 6-week period. It runs only on Fridays); and
  3. The Fundamentals of Running a Fashion Business (open lectures which run once a month. A fee is, however, yet to be determined for this Course.)
The first 2 Courses are scheduled to begin in the 2nd week of January, 2012, i.e. 13th & 14th of January, 2012 in a nice, serene location in Surulere, Lagos. We will give more details in subsequent posts of how the Courses will run.

But really what do you think? The perfect gift for this season??? Yes I thought so too! :-D No wait...actually scratch that! It is the perfect gift for all seasons, Christmas, New Year, Valentine (errr.... in addition to all the other goodies of course... ;-)), Birthday, Easter, you name it! And trust me, it will work and your recipients will not only love you for life but will NEVER forget the people instrumental in getting them to become the rich and famous people they will eventually become. And you know, it really doesn't matter if you live outside Lagos or the country. All you need do is sponsor a recipient living in the country, preferably Lagos, for their convenience.

So... gift givers what sayest thou? Think of it as "teaching a man how to fish so he can feed himself for a lifetime" rather than "giving a man a fish to feed himself for only a day".

And gift recipients, what say you? Speak out and let people in on your plans and resolutions for 2012! All it takes is the first step and if I and so many others could do it, so can you! Think of it as "asking so you may receive".

Please feel free to contact me on +234 (0) 809 787 6075; +234 (0) 813 298 7824 or +234 (0) 819 142 0983) or send an e-mail to You may also send me a message via Blackberry, PIN 2156A776, or follow me on twitter @topewilliams.

I look forward to hearing from both sides and, indeed, working with you guys in the New Year!

Happy Holidays and have a very Merry Christmas in advance! Eat and drink for 2!

Cheers! MWAH!

PS. Brownie organizes hampers and cakes so if you need one, do buzz her on +234 (0) 703 122 5103 or +234 (0) 802 759 8051. Many thanks! Oh... her real name is Yinka but we're all used to calling her Brownie. It kind of stuck since university days.

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