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Monday, November 28, 2011

My Goodness! Is THAT the "Time"?!

It is amazing how time flies! I cannot believe it's been almost a month since I last updated this blog! My bad! I've been soooooo busy setting up the Martwayne Training Center and it has been full of challenges. Maybe I should start blogging about my frustrations setting up the Center because it has been quite a challenge. Despite making a mental note to update the blog, I never really know when I fall asleep because I am just so knackered at the end of the day!


Thankfully, it is up and running and I am halfway though the Course already and it has been SUCH a rewarding experience! Thought it would be great to post pictures of the before and after looks of the Training Center.

Check them out! Oh...warning... some pictures for some reason, have refused to stay in the correct position despite flipping them. Bear with these please... And also bear with the font and justification. I have modified this several times but this blogger stuff's not just helping me out right now and I've adjusted this too many times!

But's what the place looked like BEFORE...

(No my office was never this messy... When we started setting up the Center, we started moving things around and just didn't care anymore about stuff we knew we planned to change...)

The Production Room

The Pattern Room...
This was the colour the interior decorator chose to paint this room before we parted ways and I decided to do it myself. Awful right?! That's another story for another day...


The Electrical Work...

Fixing the Split Unit Air Conditioners...

Fixing the Lights...

Fixing the Full Length Wall Mirrors...

Screeding the Walls...

Mixing the Paints...
I chose the colours but used this bag to provide the visual image of the shades I wanted... I learnt that telling them neon tones means nothing. You have to actually show them what you want. I learnt that the hard way, especially from the first room that was painted above by the interior decorator...

Painting the Walls... (All the Painting - the rooms, the building, and the gate - was done in 2 nights! 9pm to 4am! There are still a few good people out there...)

THE DRAMATIC TRANSFORMATION: (drumroll please......brrrrrrrrr......)

The Production Room:

On Day 1 of the Course... A Powerpoint Presentation delivered with a Projector...

Days 2 & 3 when the machines came in and what the Production Room looks like now...
(Sorry the picture's sideways... Can't understand why despite changing it several times...)

The Pattern Room...

Haha! Y'all are confused right?! Ok wait, let's do a side by side comparison just so you can see it's the same place...

The Production Room transformed from this:
to this...

& from...
to this...

The walkway and open corners with the full length wall mirrors became a changing room with the floor length curtain...


& this tiny dingy stereo which served me well during my days as a fashion design student in South Africa...
...was replaced by the home theatre sound system suspended on the wall in the corner...

The previously awfully-painted pattern room turned from this:

Amazing what paint, colour & new blinds can do to a place right?!

Of course the Training Center would be incomplete without the most important people... my students... I have 8 of them in total... Not bad for a first timer right?! :-D


Yes it was a HUGE investment but it was worth it!

I'd like to say a HUGE MASSIVE THANK YOU FIRST to God for sending all who made it happen my way...and not a moment too soon either for my 2012 launch! For all those who helped put this together, you all know who you are... my family, friends, colleagues in the industry, staff and of course students! All those who lent me a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, who forwarded my mails and BB broadcasts, who kept encouraging me and who recommended vendors who put all this together in less than a week!

When this becomes much bigger than these humble beginnings, it will not be my success but OUR success!

God bless you all!

And to those who disappointed me and forced me to do this on my own, thank you for making me take the credit for the hard nitty gritty work.

Cheers and have a great week ahead!


  1. OMG!!! My jaw dropped to the ground after reading these... Big up sis! The sky is your stepping stone. I'm speechless... You insire me all the time, and you've done it again. *thumbs up*


  2. whoa!!!!
    these is reali nice!!! the space is reali transformed!!!
    ur students r sooo lucky 2 b training under Martwayne!!!
    Great beginnings, am sooo encouraged 2 take that leap of faith!!

    God will bless the works of ur hand, the center shall grow beyond ur expectations!!!Amen!!


  3. Wow!!! Just as you have said, this is really a huge investment and its worth it. I'm very impressed with what have seen so far. Though the beginning maybe small but be rest assured it will soon be greater than you could ever imagine. Thumb up!!!

  4. it being a nice experience training under martwayne. Her love and desire to transfer knowledge is admirable. Also her zeal and enthusiasm to see the nigerian fashion industry filled with individuals with the right skills is transferable. every time i am around her i leave desiring to accomplish greater things espcially in the right way.

  5. Amazing stuff, the transformation shown here! Well done, Tops! Perhaps a picture of you covered in paint and grime may have completed the breathtaking display.

  6. LOL @ Keep It Simply Sweet... I intentionally left those pictures of me scrubbing the floor

    Thank you all for your kind comments. I really am grateful for the encouragement.

    Keep visiting the blog and keep posting comments and spreading the word!



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