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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ready to Turn Your Love for Fashion into a Business Reality?

Yes I've been busy.... totally busy trying to get The Martwayne Training Center off the ground. Why did I decide to start this? Well... simply to create a platform for sharing knowledge. I knew I had the knowledge to share and seeing a lot of designers are complaining, I decided to do the bit I could to assist people wishing to plug into the industry, regardless of whether they are aspiring designers or already practising. For me, the focus is to train design professionals and in addition to the fundamentals of pattern making and garment construction, expose people to other areas in the industry they can make money from and create networks necessary for building our Industry.

Without saying much, here's the mail I sent out to everyone! Note: Registration continues till 17 November, 2011.


PS. There is also another course which will run on Friday evenings, 3pm to 7pm and should start on 18th November, 2011. Details will be available shortly.

We also plan to run similar short open courses throughout next year so watch this space...and our website of course for more details...

Hello there!
Here’s introducing Martwayne, a fashion retail, consulting and training outfit set up for the sole purpose of giving people power through fashion. As part of our commitment to this statement, we have established our Training Center to assist fashion enthusiasts develop an in-depth understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of fashion and its related fields in a fun and enabling environment.
About the Training Center:
At our Training Center, we are all about turning passions into business realities. We go beyond teaching you the basics of pattern making and garment construction and focus on training you to become design professionals rather than dressmakers. In addition to pattern and dress making, our short courses will also include presentations on the fundamentals of fashion, a detailed look at the design process from concept to completion, an analysis of the tools employed in the design process and various opportunities in the Nigerian Fashion Industry that you may not be aware of.
Other Benefits:
Since we understand the importance of documentation in any business, the course will also expose participants to the benefits of keeping proper documentation and assist in developing templates unique to them for use in their fashion businesses. Furthermore, as we strive to establish networks amongst our members, we also teach certain tricks of the trade and introduce strategic partners and vendors vital to the success of any fashion establishment.
Who Should Attend:
Our short weekend courses are tailored to suit any individual, male or female, interested in plugging into the fashion industry. The module has been developed as a basic course suitable for anyone without a prior knowledge of design such as working professionals with a flair for fashion, aspiring and established fashion designers and students wishing to establish careers in the Nigerian Fashion Industry.

The Facilitator:

The lead facilitator is Temitope Williams, a South-African trained fashion designer, well versed in various areas of the fashion and beauty industry, its relationship with the business community and the business of fashion. This is as a result of her undergraduate degrees in Economics and Fashion Design, years of tax accounting and advisory experience and practical work experience with leading retail outlets and garment manufacturing firms in South Africa. To know more about the facilitator, please visit , our blog or view her LinkedIn Profile, Temitope Williams, on .
How To Register:
Our Saturday classes will begin on 12 November, 2011 and will run till 17 December 2011 from 3pm to 7pm. They will hold in a serene location in Surulere, a strategic location just minutes away from vendors, suppliers and fabric stores at the popular Tejuosho and Lagos Island markets. The fees for the 6-week module is N37,500 and payments can be made into the following account, Martwayne Dynamiques (Account No: 6118004078) at any Zenith Bank branch.
For more details, please contact us on +234 (0) 809 787 6075, +234 (0) 813 298 7824 or +234 (0) 819 142 0983 or send an e-mail to . You may also send us a message via Blackberry, PIN 2156A776, or follow us on twitter @topewilliams.
Many thanks for reading through our mail. Please forward to friends and colleagues.
We look forward to hearing from you, and indeed, welcoming you to the Martwayne Training Center.
Yours faithfully,
Tope Williams

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