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Monday, April 23, 2018

Take 10 minutes out and be grateful. Works wonders for a new week!

Hello good people!!! Before we jump into the business of the week, take a minute to be thankful for what you achieved last week. You may have many things left undone and you are probably angry at yourself, your staff and where you currently are in your business.  

BUT in all the disappointments, there surely must be a blessing or a lesson you discovered. Leverage on that blessing, focus on that lesson and use that to plan your new week. I'll give you an example. 

I discovered we had so much work left undone last week and was really angry at the speed of production. It must be really tough to see the blessing in that with all the deadlines looming but tried to. 

Through it all, I realized that I should be grateful that we had a committed team and we still had time to make amends.

Lesson learnt, get to work early, sit with the production crew and literally plan each step of the process with proper achievable deadlines as against ranting all the time about how they should know what to do.  

I am soooo looking forward to a productive week! Wishing you all the same! 

Image from 365 Gratitude App

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

When your client LOVES her clothing labels...

When a customer loves her order! Thank you so much @lemodclothing for trusting a complete stranger with your labels and your funds! . . Yes people!!! We have never met many of our clients but the feedback has always been the same! They LOVE their labels! . . We deal in only quality woven labels so order yours from us today! We are affordable and we deliver! Let us help you get you that bit closer to launching your clothing line! #martwayne #powerthroughfashion #labels #fashion #clothing #readytowear #testimonial #fashiondesign #fashiondesigner #instablog #pinterest #linkedin Posted via Instagram April 19, 2018 at 09:28AM

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

LOL!!!!! This is the BEST response ever when customers over-bargain your goods or services.

LMAO!!! Thanks for the tag @jullietmorgan People please respect people's art abeg! It came at a significant financial investment. | Regrann from @onobello -  This makeup artist Issa SAVAGE!!! Swipe to See 

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

How to create your own standard size for the African woman for your Ready to Wear Clothing Line.

I get this question a lot. How do you create standard sizes for the African woman seeing we don't usually fall into the typical UK size chart? . . Well here are my suggestions. I actually used one of these methods and it actually worked after some tweaking. Either method involves a lot of research as well. . . Method 1: If you already have a made to measure business, chances are you already have a lot of customers' measurements. Reach out to your customers to ask which sizes they buy in stores. Then group similar sizes together and run an average to get the measurements for each size. . . Method 2: Get fit models, one slim person and one plus size person. In my case, I used myself as a standard because no matter how big my hips were then (emphasis on then o), I always fit into a UK 10. So seeing I was a 'fleshy' 10, I graded up and down and tested the larger sizes on other people who also told me they were certain sizes. Based on feedback, I kept tweaking till I was comfortable. . . Note that I said you have to do a lot of reasearch. It's not something you can perfect in 1 day. But at the end of the day, you are the business owner. You can even decide to use Small, Medium and Large instead of numbers and state which measurements falls into which on your website. Pretty much all sites have that. . . And that's my tip for today. How about you? How did you come up with your sizing system? . . #martwayne #powerthroughfashion #fashion #readytowear #clothing #changingminds #changingmindsets #fashiondesign #retail #instablog #pinterest #linkedin Posted via Instagram April 17, 2018 at 08:32AM

Monday, April 16, 2018

Join our Facebook LIVE session today @ 9pm in the Designers Resource Hub Facebook Group.

Hello good people!!! Sorry for going AWOL on you!!! Working really hard on some new fashion courses coming up! . . BUT! Before then... Don't miss out on our LIVE video in the Facebook Group 9pm tomorrow. If you have not joined the Designers Resource Hub yet, you really should do so now! Click on link in bio to join us now! . . #martwayne #powerthroughfashion #designersresourcehub #facebook #group #live #video #collaboration #business #businessoffashion #instablog #linkedin #pinterest Posted via Instagram April 16, 2018 at 09:30PM

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

New Instagram Post @martwayne April 11, 2018 at 03:51PM

Vacancy alert! In fact many vacancies alert! If you are a machinist or a seamstress or a tailor searching for work, please inbox or ping me or chat to me on Whatsapp on 0809 787 6075. No payment for tests, transport fares or anything along those lines please. Thank you! #martwayne #powerthroughfashion #fashion #vacancy #job #jobalert #instablog Posted via Instagram April 11, 2018 at 03:51PM

Friday, April 6, 2018

Have you joined the Designers Resource Hub Facebook Group?

  • Ok people!!! The Facebook Group is up! Now we need you to join. 

    These are just some of the conversations up on Designers Resource Hub!  It's a level-playing field for everyone to ask questions, share knowledge, lament, share knowledge and gave an opinion. 

    In fact voting is still on for The Group's logos and it ends tomorrow! If you want a say, then join us! The battle is on between 2 logos so we need a clear winner!

    Everyone is welcome to join no matter where you are in the world! We have people from other countries as well and it's great! So what are you waiting for?! If you are a creative person, then you must join. And invite other creative people as well. It is open to everyone. So join the Designers Resource Hub on Facebook by clicking this link:

    We are waiting for you! Spread the word!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Bespoke vs Ready to Wear. New Instagram Post.

Just wondering... I know many designers around here hate sewing for people. It's too stressful, many are not willing to pay, the complaints are too much, etc etc etc are just a few of what I hear all the time.. So if you despise it so much and it makes you miserable, why do you keep doing it? Why not just stop it? #martwayne #powerthroughfashion #fashion #business #passion #changingminds #sewing #changingmindsets #instablog #pinterest #linkedin Posted via Instagram April 05, 2018 at 07:54AM

Monday, April 2, 2018

New Instagram Video @martwayne posted April 02, 2018 at 11:55AM

@gavinrajah 's Collection... Another really nice one! . . #martwayne #powerthroughfashion #fashion #passion #arisefashionweek2018 #styletemple #fashionshow #instafashion #runway #instablog #pinterest #linkedin #easter #easter2018 via Instagram April 02, 2018 at 11:55AM

New Instagram Video @martwayne posted April 02, 2018 at 11:33AM

Absolutely LOVED this one as well by WhatWeWear by Tiny Tempah I believe it was. Somehow I cannot find the Instagram handle. Loved the logo detail across the collection as well. Very clever. . . #martwayne #powerthroughfashion #fashion #passion #arisefashionweek2018 #styletemple #fashionshow #instafashion #runway #instablog #pinterest #linkedin #easter #easter2018 via Instagram April 02, 2018 at 11:33AM

New Instagram Video @martwayne posted April 02, 2018 at 11:17AM

@tiffanyamberng 's collection @thisdaystyle 's @arisefashionweek LOVED the fabrics and the looks! Shame I only realized I was not recording a bit too late 😭😭😭 . . But anyway! The looks were really good! Take my word for it! . . . #martwayne #powerthroughfashion #fashion #passion #arisefashionweek2018 #styletemple #fashionshow #instafashion #runway #instablog #pinterest #linkedin #easter #easter2018 via Instagram April 02, 2018 at 11:17AM

New Instagram Video @martwayne posted April 02, 2018 at 11:13AM

@styletemple at @thisdaystyle @arisefashionweek Another very nice collection. A lot of work I must say... . . #martwayne #powerthroughfashion #fashion #passion #arisefashionweek2018 #styletemple #fashionshow #instafashion #runway #instablog #pinterest #linkedin #easter #easter2018 via Instagram April 02, 2018 at 11:13AM

New Instagram Video @martwayne posted April 02, 2018 at 10:52AM

Ok so for the first time in like forever, I finally dragged myself out of my work cocoon to attend a fashion show 🙈🙈🙈 Don't even ask! I promise to change! Lol! . . So yeah I went for @arisefashionweek yesterday. Great show! I'll be posting some of the looks on the runway. . . I must say I absolutely LOVED this one by @thebemagugu . It was fresh and completely up my alley! Loved every single one of it! One of my favourites yesterday if not even my favourite. One of those ones that just make you happy! Yeah I loved it! . . Please forgive the orientation! Just turn your phones abeg. 😅 . . #martwayne #powerthroughfashion #fashion #passion #runway #thebemagugu #arisefashionweek2018 #fashionshow #easter #easter2018 via Instagram April 02, 2018 at 10:52AM

Sunday, April 1, 2018

New Instagram Post @martwayne April 01, 2018 at 02:29PM

Happy Easter everyone!!! #martwayne #powerthroughfashion #instablog #pinterest #linkedin #LI #easter #blessings Posted via Instagram April 01, 2018 at 02:29PM

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

New Instagram Post @martwayne March 28, 2018 at 07:59AM

Yes people!!! Based on popular demand on Instagram & our  Facebook Page, the  the chosen name is Designers Resource Hub! .
Seeing people also loved Designers Haven, I thought we could use it as part of the slogan so people know what the Group is about. .
The Group has been set up! Of course it had to be done before the announcement.  It has a discussion page as usual but it's way cooler since we can even group posts as Rants, Business Tips, etc. These can be found as Units, which I have also called 'Havens''. That way, if you want to rant or let off steam, all your rants can be found in the Rant Haven. If you want to share business tips or a video you saw, it will be under that Haven as well.
Please people let's make the Group work for us all. We all chose the name, let's make it work for all of us! No silent onlookers abeg and please no random broadcasts and no advertising! Let us make it relevant to us all so we can rant all we want but also more importantly learn from each other.
To join the Group, simply click on the link in my bio or search for Designers Resource Hub on Facebook. Invite other designers and even other fashion creatives like photographers and all. Hopefully we can get fab discounts based on volume 😁 .
Everyone is welcome. Both here and overseas. We sure need some global perspectives to doing things around here.
And please read the Group rules. Very important! So we can have some form of order.
Excellent! Looking forward to seeing you all on the Group and to healthy conversations as well. Don't forget to #designersresourcehub and let us all work together to make it a massive but relevant community for designers!
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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Learn 3D Pattern-Cutting & Transformational Reconstruction @ Martwayne. Classes start 17 April 2018

Yes yes!  New Course alert! :-D

Ever seen those complicated styles and patterns and wondered how on earth they were created?

Or have you always wondered about the Japanese method of pattern making like Origami and wondered how they were created?  If you have, then this course is definitely for you!

Learn the ART of 3D Pattern Making and Transformational Reconstruction using the Shingo Sato Technique and learn various 3D dart and fabric manipulation techniques.

This advanced course for fashion designers begins on Tuesday 17 April 2018 and is in 2 parts.  

Part 1 lasts for 4 weeks and Part 2 (the Masterclass) lasts 5 weeks.  Classes will hold on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am - 2pm at our Training Center in Surulere off Alhaji Masha Road, Surulere - Lagos.

How to Register: 

Payment for the Course is per stage.  Part 1 is N60,000 and Part 2 costs N80,000. 

Payment of the fees into the Martwayne Limited account, 023 710 3843, GTBank secures your seat on the Course.  

Please feel free to visit us ahead of time to check us out before you pay.  We have limited seats in the class so payment is required prior to the class to enable us get your materials ready.

Contact Details:

For more details, please contact us on telephone or Whatsapp: 0809 787 6075, on Instagram @martwayne  or on Blackberry: D8E9802C 

Great!  We have more courses coming up!  We will provide more details as they do!

We look forward to seeing you on Day 1!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Get ready for something new in your inbox! :-D

Hello good people!!!  It has been AGES since I have been here.  We have been busy at Martwayne but sadly only our Instagram followers have been privy to all our activities!  Right from my birthday do - complete with videos - to the many other activities we have been up to!  

Seeing Instagram now appears to be our new blog, I thought to myself that there HAD TO be a way to get others tuned in to our activities!  And we finally figured a way out! :-D

I'm pretty sure you've seen some posts with the caption "New Instagram Post".  That was me testing the portal and it works!  So now, you will be seeing all our Instagram posts right on the blog and if you are on our mailing list - right in your inbox!

We have some very interesting conversations on Instagram!  From the issue of tailors I think it'll be great if you follow us on Instagram @martwayne so you can also share your thoughts and advice on issues raised so we can also learn from you. We have quite an interactive community!  

Ok. Just so I don't clog your inbox, I will select which posts appear on the blog.  So to keep up with our chats, please follow us.  Here is the link again: @martwayne 

I can assure you with this new method, you will definitely be hearing from us a whole lot more! :-D

Okies!  Here is a quick snapshot of our next upcoming course.  3D Pattern Cutting & Transformational Reconstruction!

If you have always loved the intricate Japanese fabric manipulation techniques & Origami, (Oh how I LOVE Origami), this Course is for you! Details coming up shortly!

Okies!  Have a fabulous week ahead!


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