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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More pictures!!! FEC for Corps Members...

Yes so I thought with this prevailing unemployment issue (which I will even talk about in another post) and the reality that there are limited jobs with big corporates for our multitudes of graduates, it would be great to encourage and prepare those who have a flair for fashion to become either part-time or full-time entrepreneurs.  And how better to do this than run a course for Corps Members just to help change their mindsets and start taking these skills seriously.

So the Job Awareness and Skills Acquisition (JASA) Center of the NYSC in Lagos runs various courses on and one of them obviously is Fashion Design.  And that's where Martwayne comes in....teaching Corps Members how to turn their passions into business realities...

And what do we talk about?!  How Corps Members can turn their passions into business realities.  Simply put... How Corps Members can Turn Their Love for Fashion into a Viable Business!  

No we do not handle the practical sessions... another lecturer handles that.  We handle the Entrepreneurship portion.... i.e. how you can set up a proper business from the practical courses you have learnt.  And this happens after the 6 month practical training at the JASA Center. 

So here are pictures from the 2nd batch of the FEC for Corps Members training which just ended.  Training took place at the NYSC Secretariat on Babs Animashaun Street in Surulere.  We started with this batch a bit late so had to do an abridged version for them.  Interestingly enough, we had both a jewelry designer and a make up artist.  And I got good feedback from them.

Enjoy the pictures...

Sessions 1 & 2:


Sessions 3 & 4:

Very interactive and lively bunch!  I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions!

SO!  If you're a Corps Member, go ahead and register at the JASA Center and you will benefit from these courses for a mere token!  That's me doing my bit for the society and giving you pointers in the right direction before you get into the employment race.  And for these who registered for the Course, at least they know how to make money for themselves while waiting for that important call for that job interview!

Enjoy your week all!


PS.  FEC 3 Rerun pictures coming right up!


  1. Very good job Tope, what a way to give back to your community. If all the corporations can do that in Nigeria we would be empowering our youths. This is a clear sign of leadership in the industry......thumps up!

    1. :-D Thank you Jane! Much appreciated! Just doing my bit for society...


    1. Thank you Anonymous! Really means a lot...


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