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Everyone loves to look good and yes, majority of us love fashion! But we all know that fashion goes wayyyyy beyond stitching and there is a lot more to "it" than mere sewing!


"Fashion Beyond Stitches" will discuss how to turn your love for fashion into money-spinners, sharing knowledge, ideas and skills necessary to run successful fashion businesses.

Oh of course this blog will not be complete without our very own T.Williams ranting and raving about her personal challenges as a fashion entrepreneur in the Nigerian Fashion Industry. But don't worry, there are also happy days and all her personal stuff will be filed under the label "T.Williams".

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Lessons from the House of Deola Sagoe & Clan at the Business Side of Fashion Annual Symposium 2014 - The Legacy Edition

Hello everyone!!!  It is the 3rd week in January already (can you believe it?!)  Looks like this year plans to fly by so quickly it will be overwhelming.

Well... we at Martwayne officially started work last week - making a lot of changes to our courses and our calendars and I'll tell you all about that in another post!  

But now... 

I'll get started on a long overdue post that I am certain you will learn a lot from!  

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!!!! Welcome to 2015: Our Year of Growth!


Yes we made it to 2015!!!!!!  Thank the Lord for His Mercies!!!!!  AND I had a great cross-over service (thank you for asking :-D)!  

Yes I know to some it might be just another day (though I seriously doubt that) - but talk to those who have lost loved ones in the past year and you will know that the start of a New Year is not like any other day!  It marks a fresh start for a lot of us, a way to make new goals and reach for new heights!

I have a lot of things planned this year and this picture is so apt in describing what I am calling 2015: 

"My Year of Growth!"

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

And the Countdown Begins... 2015 Loading... :-D


Yes the countdown has begun!  And the resolutions have been drafted.  I know I have a long list of mine...

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!!!!

Greetings from peaceful and slightly chilly Ile-Ife.  Yes, yes, I am enjoying a blissful Christmas away from the hustle, bustle and traffic of Lagos.

I'm sure you all had a fabulous Christmas and I am certain many of you received loads and loads of prayers, guaranteed to start off 2015 on a great note.  

I know I did!  Here are some of the ones I received...

"My prayer for you and yours is for a heart to give your BEST GIFT - Your WORSHIP - to the BEST GIFT God gave us, His Son, our EMMANUEL. Merry Christmas."

"The God of all goodness will supply all your needs and grant the desires of your heart in this season and beyond. May your joy not turn sour, and the blessings of God shall flow ceaselessly in your life throughout the remain days of the year and the coming year. Merry Christmas."

Pretty heavy right?!  Well in addition to the ones above, here's my personal Christmas wish to you...

"May the joy and blessings of Christmas be with you and all of yours right up to the New Year and way beyond!"

Happy holidays everyone and have an excellent 2015 in advance!


Monday, December 8, 2014

The Blooming Rose Debut Collection by Adunni

Hello!  Hello!! Hello!!!  I cannot believe it is December already!!!  Wow!  I am sure many of us are already on wind down mode... actually no not really... I just remembered this would typically be the busiest period for the fashion industry!

Here's praying this December offers us the many opportunities we hope for in the New Year and gives us just a taste of what is to come in 2015! Amen!

Great!  My post for today!  Which I am pretty excited about :-D

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Power of Visual Merchandising!

Hello Everyone!!!!!  

So I just got back from a very short but well deserved break in Cape Town.  Thought it would be great to go back to where I called home for 3 years, catch up with folks from my school and of course hang out with AA who also happened to be there for a conference [actually to be honest, that was the real reason I went... :-D].   

Anisa Mpungwe at MrP (In-Store), V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

But anywayz.....  ladies, y'all know a holiday is incomplete without shopping right???!!! And I did a bit of that... - which brings me to today's post!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Fashion Courses this November at Martwayne: Basic Course in Jacket-Making & Trousers + Foundation Course in Fashion Design

Welcome to the month of November!!!  Can't believe 2014 is almost over already!  I think I can safely say this year went by pretty quickly but I pretty much enjoyed it! 

So this November, we are launching a new Course: the Short Course in Jacket-Making and Trousers and running the last Stream of the Foundation Course in Fashion Design for the year!  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Conquering That Thing Called Fear...


Oh wow... talk about feeling like a stranger in my own space...

Guess I am owing enough belated greetings - from Happy Independence Day Celebration (in arrears) to Barka de Sallah (in arrears).  Oh... my Sallah break was tres fab!  I enjoyed every minute of it!  :-D

Then moving on to Happy Birthday (in arrears), Happy Married Life (in arrears), Happy Anniversary (in arrears)... errr.... what else have I missed??? Oh yes!!!  Congratulations on the birth of your baby(iees)... :-D    And I say these greetings with the utmost sincerity!  

Great!  So now that I have redeemed myself, I'll start with my post for today!  Conquering Fear!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Stream of Foundation Course (& FEC 1) starts on Saturday, 30th August 2014. Register Now!!!

Hello Everyone!!!!!  Hope you had a great start to the week!  I know I did!  Woke up strong, refreshed and ready to take on the world this morning.... 

And even if I did not, this picture I took off my phone from a designer who came in all the way from Portharcourt for all 7 Volumes of the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course is enough to put a HUGE GRIN on my face and start my week off on a good note! :-D

Taken from a Martwayne FEC Participant's Blackberry Status Update

And here's another one I got last week from a student currently registered on the Foundation Course... :-D  Honestly, testimonials like these make my work all the more rewarding!!!  
Taken from a Blackberry conversation with an MFC student!

So please join me as a say a HUGE AMEN to both prayers!  Thank you both so much for the feedback.  I am really glad the Course added value to you both!  

I will also use this opportunity to thank all of you who have registered for our Courses both now and in the past.  We, at Martwayne, are really grateful and may the investment you made in the knowledge yield rewards a thousand fold over and above your wildest imagination!  AMEN!


So here I am, starting off this week with information about the next Stream of our Foundation Course in Fashion Design and the revival of our Fashion Entrepreneurship Course - both starting next Saturday 30th of August, 2014.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Attend the Wedding & Fashion Fair themed "Growing Business Saturday" on 23rd August, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!!!!  It has been QUITE a while!!!!!  I am sure you all have been great!  I have been great as well, thank you for asking... :-D


This post is not about me :-D  It's about the perfect opportunity for fashion designers, wedding planners, wedding vendors and shopaholics, especially brides-to-be!  

It's about the Wedding & Fashion Fair coming up on Saturday, 23rd August, 2013 with its theme:  "Growing Business Saturday"!

So delving right into it, here is what this event is about: