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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Short Course in Pattern-Making, Fit & Finishing - Start Date 7 May 2014

Hello Everyone!!!  Greetings from a-ma-zing (but slightly chilly) Istanbul!!!  :-D  

Yes I did mention in my last article that I would be out of town for a bit. And Istanbul is my first stop en route my final destination.  So my brief errr.... sojourn into "the cradle of civilization" (according to this guide I just bought) has been a great experience.  

Apart from being away from the extremely hot and chaotic Lagos, I am totally loving the buildings, rich culture, the history and most of all, the fashion! :-D  Still trying to figure out who takes the cake, the Turkish or the Chinese... but...seeing I haven't had the urge to take a picture of everyone that walked past me here like I felt like doing in China, I have to give the prize to the Chinese! 

BUT enough about my trip! Let's talk about the new Course we're launching... the Short Course in Pattern-Making, Fit & Finishing! 

Monday, March 31, 2014

New Stream of the Foundation Course in Fashion Design - Start Date 26 April, 2014

Ahhh... my all-too-familiar favourite flyer announcing the next stream of the Foundation Course.  

Yes the last stream we ran was in February.  And I am pleased to say the stream has moved on to Level 1b, making way for a new Stream to begin at the end of April.... which literally starts tomorrow :-D

So the next start date for the Foundation Course in Fashion Design is the last Saturday in April, 26th April 2014 for both the weekday and weekend options.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Upcoming Fashion Design & Pattern Making Courses at Martwayne

Hello Everyone!!!  Hope you had a great month!!!

We did as well.  We completed one Level 1a and we are ready to move on to Level 1b of the Foundation Course in Fashion Design.  We are also making plans to begin a new stream.

We also included a new topic in Module 2a of the Foundation Course.  :-D  We have engaged the services of a fab illustrator and classes started on Saturday.  And I must say, I am really impressed with what I saw after just one lecture.  Pretty excited to see how these classes will help the 2a class with their collection for 2b.


So I noticed it has been a while since I gave an update on our upcoming courses.  This short post will simply itemize the next few courses we will be launching and running in the next 2 months.  I will give details of each course in separate posts.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Wedding Feature on Bella Naija... :-D


Happy Sunday Everyone!!!!!  Hope you are all having a great day so far!  I know I am.... especially after I got a Blackberry message from our very own "fashion farmer" as I call her, an old Martwayne student, Saidat, about my wedding feature on Bella Naija!!!  Yaye!!!  

Immediately I ran a search on Google and there it was!  :-D  WHAT an awesome feature!  I am completely speechless!

Friday, February 28, 2014

My Birthday Prayer.... :-D


Yes yes!  The 26th was MY day!  :-D :-D :-D 

For those who did not know... just so you know for next year and the years beyond... my birthday happens every year on the 26th of February! :-D  I am so glad I missed the 29th by a few days... But not my brother... He has to wait every 4 years so I'm guessing he saves a lot of money on birthday gifts and parties haha! 

But anywayz, as I was saying... the day started out completely uneventful initially.  My birthday greetings had started about 2 weeks earlier for some strange reason.  I think some calendars may have given out the notification a bit earlier BUT it started that early.

So like I said, nothing major happened initially.  I kind of planned it that way.  Went for some meetings and had to put my phone on silent mode.  But the minute the meetings were over, I glanced at my phone and the Hub in just enough time to see the many missed calls and messages before both my phones went dead!  

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Appalling Sales Technique of Making Money off People's Insecurities! >-(


I have written this article several times in my head but felt the need to think clearly before getting to my keyboard else you will feel the raw anger coming through.

I find it completely appalling the way businesses try to prey on people's emotions and insecurities all in a bid to make money!   Over the past year, I have read with disdain several marketing campaigns from various companies blaming women for being the reason their husbands have cheated on them or why their boyfriends left them for "skinnier" women.  

It appears gone are the days when selling a product or service is about trying to make people feel good about themselves and rise to the top of their careers.  It is now about using emotional blackmail and idle indirect threats to make their target market, particularly women, buy what they are offering by hook or by crook!

Take these 3 captions for example...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The NYSC SAED (Skills Acquisition & Entrepreneurship Development) Competition

Hello Everyone!!!  Welcome to undoubtedly the BEST month in the year... for obvious reasons! :-D

And thank you to all the feedback I received from potential students.  Based on your feedback, I have included tabs on the right side of the page (just below the Martwayne logo) with more detailed information on the Training Center and the Courses we run.  Actually I just pretty much copied and pasted from previous posts but nonetheless, it  should be easier to retrieve the information you require now.

Great!  Since it has been a while since I have updated the blog on work-related activities, I thought it would be great to share details of the NYSC-SAED Competition I was invited to as a judge about 2 weeks ago!  :-D

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jan / Feb 2014 Start Date for The Foundation Course in Fashion Design

Amazing that January is almost over!  Honestly, I think some of us... (ok... maybe I should speak for myself and my students - you know yourselves!) are still coming to terms with the fact that work has really started and (believe it or not) the 1st half of the 1st quarter of the year is almost over!  :-(

BUT better late than never,

Here is a quick reminder that registration has started the 1st Stream of the year.  

The Start Dates are:

Tuesday, 28 January 2014 (Weekday Option); and 

Saturday, 1 February, 2014 (Weekend Option).

All the information, fees and registration details remain the same.  All the information is available at the link below: 


Yes I know the start dates are for last year but ignore those.  Please scroll down to the portion that provides the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions and if you have any more, I will be happy to respond to them.

Please spread the word and keep those promises for a brighter and more successful 2014! 

Looking forward to you starting with us next week!


I am working on a Short Course for Advanced Learners.  

I have had loads of questions regarding different issues so I have decided to run a Course to address the various issues people have.  It will be a practical class which we will run regularly so people can learn from each other. 

As soon as I have locked down the dates, I will let you know.  

In the meantime, if you have any issues regarding your sewing and you are not a beginner, do send me an e-mail so I can begin to work towards the Course.

Thank you so much and enjoy your day!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Is the Customer Always King Even at the Expense of Your Reputation?!


So we had this conversation last year - is fashion design about creativity or decency?    Here's the link just in case you haven't read it: 


I decided to revisit the "Creativity vs Decency" debate when my students pointed out that the controversial dress appeared to have been custom-made for the lady.  And they are probably right... judging from how the strips were strategically placed.  

Although I still maintain that the dress was a clever piece of work and pretty much everyone who responded to me via Blackberry agreed with me that fashion was more about creativity, my question now became "why create an outfit for a plus-size lady that would have been more suitable for a smaller size"?!  

I guess the real question is:

"What happens when your customer requests for an outfit you know fully well would be unflattering for her size and body shape?!  Would you still go ahead and create the outfit even when you have your own reservations about it and you know it will give your reputation as a creative expert a bashing?" 

I know this is a major challenge of many designers and seamstresses.  I have heard so many horror stories and the first thing that always pops to mind is:  "Why didn't you just walk away from the order?"

Picture this all-too-common scenario...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

BRF's 2014 New Year's Message


I planned to write on something else but when I got this in an e-mail I just thought it was so profound, I had to share.  I'm sure many may have read this already but for those who haven't... well... here it is... copied and pasted directly from the e-mail.