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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Passionate Plea to Fashion Designers.... Part 1

I know this is for a legal document but it also works for this post.
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SO we've been working on a project for a while now. Of course we know how every designer around here complains about tailors... or a lack of.  So we decided to step in to fill the gap by sourcing machinists and pairing them with designers who need their services.  It seems pretty easy right?!  HA!  If only!  So far, it has been DI-FFI-CULT!  

Yes we have had some success stories but goodness the bulk of it has been  such a nightmare!  Yes we know tailors can be funny and granted some of the machinists' skills can be pretty questionable.  Which is fine.  We are not here to certify how perfect the person is.  The designer is expected to make a decision based on the sample of work the person has done in our office and is also expected to run their own tests.  But most importantly, the designer is expected to train the tailor to their standards and not just throw them on the job.  After all, bankers will confirm that they all get retrained when they move from one bank to the other, no matter how experienced they are.

But THAT is not even the reason for this post.  To be honest, I never really involve myself in how designers choose to pass across their values and mission statements to their staff.

My MAJOR issue is what I am about to list below which to be honest really breaks my heart whenever I get feedback from the machinists we send out.  It really is unfair the awful things I have heard.  Yes the general idea is that tailors are a nightmare to work it and yes I agree with you.  But this post is not about that either because chances are they probably won't read this post so why bother.

I am here to please please please PLEAD with you (whether or not you source machinists from us) to remember that your employees are people as well and deserve to be treated as such.   The way you treat others is a reflection of the way your business will turn out at the end of the day and if you are facing challenges, perhaps it could be because of how you treat your staff... which always sometimes comes back to bite you in the face!

Here is JUST a snapshot of the complaints I have been getting from our machinists...

Sunday, May 22, 2016

New Start Dates for the Fashion Illustration with Computer-Aided Design. Ladieswear & Menswear Options Available. Weekday & Weekend Options Available

Hello Everyone!!!  This is just a quick post about the new start dates for the Fashion Illustration with Computer-Aided Design for both options due to circumstances beyond our control.  We have had to postpone the start dates till the 1st week in June 2016.  Sincere apologies for the inconvenience. BUT the good thing is it gives people more time to register for it so I guess it is a welcome development. :-D

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Reasons to Register for Martwayne's Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (FEC) starting 16 May 2016.

So I was on Facebook the other day and stumbled upon a post in a Sewing Group I belong to which I found very interesting.  I very direct, straight to the point post on the importance of knowledge in starting a business, I thought it would be very interesting to share it on the blog.  I did ask for permission though, in all honesty, the poster did say it did not originate from her.  So if you did write this, here I am also asking for permission and giving you the credit for it!    

"One of the most potent keys to financial independence is KNOWLEDGE....  For instance, with regards to getting paid jobs (which I never advocate as the only source of income), it has been shown that the more educated you are, the higher your chances of getting a good job as well as good working conditions. No matter how Intelligent you are, your chances are lower compared to a bachelor degree holder, if all you have is a secondary school certificate.

However, I don't intend to focus on formal education today. Let us talk about skills.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Martwayne's Sewing Crash Course on Zips - Another Brand Spanking NEW Course holds 23rd May 2016.

And YES this is the last in the marathon blogging session - our Sewing Crash Course on Zips!

Actually it is the start of a new Series targeting different sections of garments that people struggling with.  And why did we start this Crash Course?!  Simple!  We have had many requests from people  who want to learn specifics aspects of sewing or send their staff for some quick brush up skills without having to register for a full Course either due to limited time or funds.  It was a tough one because we had to figure out how to run a crash course and we had space constraints.  But now that we have sorted both out, here we are launching it at a VERY VERY affordable rate! :-D

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Learn the Creative Sides of Fashion and Take Your Fashion Business to the Next Level! Register for Martwayne's Short Course in Design & Illustration with Computer Aided Design for Ladieswear. Weekday & Weekend Options Available.

We have just completed one Stream of this Course and I must confess I was IN AWE of what the students created!  My goodness!  The work was just amazing!  Just check them out yourself...

Launching our VERY FIRST Menswear Course @ Martwayne!!! :-D Register for our Fashion Illustration with Computer-Aided Design for Menswear. Starts 21st May 2016.

Clearly you can tell that I am beaming!!!  I am always over the moon when launching a new Course.  And I am certain our men will be definitely be pleased with this option!  No we are not partial to women but you can see that we are making an effort to diversify into other areas so please be patient with us!  So welcome!  Welcome!! Welcome!!! - to this brand new Course.

So what will we be teaching in this Course?!  Oh... I'm glad you asked!  :-D  We will be teaching you how to create the FAB illustrations like you can see in the flyer and we teach  from scratch!  

Want to Start Your Own Clothing Line? OR Are You Struggling with Your Fashion Business? Then Register for Martwayne's Fashion Entrepreneurship Course starting 16th May 2016!

Yes we are making progress! :-D  Our Fashion Entrepreneurship Course is the next Course coming up this May.  It is an interactive training session which teaches the step-by-step process involved in starting a clothing line and is perfect for beginners or fashion designers who are currently struggling with their fashion businesses.

Learn How to Sew / Perfect Your Sewing Skills. Register for Martwayne's Short Fashion Courses!

So this is the start of the day long marathon posts I will be running today.  We have started a new stream of our Foundation Course in Fashion Design - which of Course starts with our Beginners Course.

Hello May! Welcome to some NEW FAB Fashion & Sewing Courses @ Martwayne :-D

Hello Everyone!!!!!  And welcome to May - the month where I usually go into hiding!  Why?!  Because it's the month with the most birthdays EVER!  A lot of people I know are born in May and pretty much every family (mine inclusive) has a May baby!  I wonder why...

But anywayz, this May is also a great month for us at Martwayne because it sees the "birth" (haha) of some great news Courses!  :-D  I am particularly excited about our very first Menswear Course and another brand spanking new Course called the Sewing Crash Course (SCC) Series. :-D :-D :-D

Warning!  We had to tweak some of the dates of our earlier advertised courses... our sincere apologies... but just by a week thereabouts.  Nothing major!

So without further ado, let's look at the Courses!  

Warning 2!  I plan to do some MARATHON blogging about all our Courses today so if you are subscribed to our blog, as they say, "please do not annoy"! I have promised myself I will get all the information out today!  :-D

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Register for our Upcoming Fashion Courses @ Martwayne - Q2 2016 Calendar

Hello everyone!!!  Wow it has been AGES since my last post!  Apologies!  Apologies!! Apologies!!! Goodness it has been hectic!  From running courses to family events which happened almost every weekend since March! My sister got married then my dad turned 80 the following weekend and then there was a one-year remembrance of a family member.  Phew!  You know how we Lagos people like to party.  I even fell ill at some point from the stress.  BUT I must say the month though hectic has been great!   You can check the pictures and videos out on my Facebook and Instagram handles @topewilliams :-)

OKIES! Now, let's talk about our upcoming Course calendar!  :-D

Monday, February 22, 2016

Reminder!!!!!! Registration for the Design and Illustration Course with Computer Aided Design is still on!!!

Good morning good people!!!!!!!!  I am sure you had a GREAT weekend!  Thank you all so very much for the overwhelming response to the David Wej YouTube video.  Like wow!  I am on a new level of high now!  Watch out for more videos coming up soon! :-D

Great!  SO our countdown has started!  Our Design and Illustration Course with Computer-Aided Design comes up this Saturday the 27th (weekend option) and March 2nd (weekday option).  Registration is on!

Please note that due to the environmental sanitation exercise, this Saturday's class will begin at 2pm.  Subsequent classes will begin at 10am as scheduled.

I have attached the different options you can choose from this Course.  The start dates for each of these options will follow.  

Many thanks and I look forward to you joining us!  Don't worry, it will be well worth your time! :-D

Have a great week everyone!!!

Monday, February 15, 2016

New YouTube Video: "How to Leave Paid Employment to Start Your Clothing Line - Lessons from David Wej" [A MUST-WATCH for Every Aspiring Fashion Designer!]

Hello good people!!!!!!!  I BET you all had a fabulous Valentine's Day!!!!! Please don't ask me what I did yesterday.  I can safely tell you that I did absolutely ZILCH for no reason at all!  Sometimes, the best gift of all is the gift of sleep lol! :-D

SO!  Today... the post title says it all!  It has been a while since I posted anything relating to "Fashion Beyond Stitches".  I have been too busy hustling lol!  But I thought today would be as good a time as any to post this looooong overdue video... and by long overdue, I mean this interview was done even before fashion talk!  But since too many people have been resigning recently (Congratulations if you fall into those shoes :-D), I guess there's no better time than now to post this video!  

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Be the Designer You Were Destined to Be! Register for our Design & Illustration Course with Computer Aided Design. Starts 27 February (Weekend Option) & 2 March 2016 (Weekday Option)!

So I had a loooong chat with a banker yesterday exploring how she can channel more of her energies (and of course eventually leave her 9-5 job) towards what she loves doing the most - dressing people up, helping people combine colors and being the go-to person for all things fashion!  Turns out her sister had told her exactly what she could do but she had difficulty believing such a job opportunity existed in the fashion industry until our chat.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fashion Courses Available at Martwayne - Q1 2016

Happy New Year good people!!!  Wow!!!  This is my first official work post of 2016!  I am sure you all had a GREAT start to the Year!  I know I did!  I had a FAB holiday!!! :-D  Well... I'm sort of technically still on vacation but work has started for me.

We had a GREAT year last year thanks to God, Martwayne staff, our fabulous students and to every single person who referred us!  You all really were awesome and I know 2016 will be great for all of us!  I have tagged this year "Our Year of Expansion" and I know it will be a successful one!

SO!  On to our activities for this year... starting with our Fashion Courses... :-D

Friday, January 1, 2016

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year in advance everyone!!!!!

Yes and we are counting down to 2016!! :-D :-D :-D

2015 was a great year!  It was our Year of growth and I tell you God has been GREAT!  Oh I will definitely give you a review of our 2015 later.  

But for now, here I am thankful you are here reading this.  I will see you all in 2016 by God's grace!

Happy New Year in advance!!! :-D

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Hello everyone!!!!! Christmas Greetings from chilly San Francisco!!! :-D :-D :-D  Yes yes... I have had such a great holiday and here I am sharing clips and videos from my trip.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Martwayne Training Centre is 4 today!

:-D :-D :-D

Yes I know right?!  Not many people get the opportunity to celebrate 2 birthdays in a year!  But we are one of the lucky few!   :-D  

Exactly 4 years ago to this day, we launched our very first Course!!!!!!  Yup!  Our very first class happened on the 12th of November, 2011 and I must say it has been roller coaster ride!  And who do I have to thank?!  You wonderful people who have spread the word about us!  It was not by our might but all by God's favour and all we can say is thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Register for the Design & Illustration with Computer Aided Design (CAD) Course; Start Date: 2 November, 2015.

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!  I am TOTALLY EXCITED about this Course like you have no idea!  This is our BRAND SPANKING NEW COURSE which we have this year! is what I am at the moment!  And I tell you, I am really chuffed we are able to offer this Course now so those who want to kick off 2015 with stunning portfolios for fashion school registrations, competitions and move on to the next level!  YES!  I have been dreaming of how to develop and deliver this Course and now it is here!

And the best part is... we will teach EVERYTHING from scratch... and we have various options available whether you are a beginner or are already a fab illustrator and only want to learn the CAD aspect to enhance your skills!  OH... and another great thing!  We round up before Christmas :-D

Register for the Jacket-Making & Trousers Course - Start Date: 2 November 2015.

Yes! First, thank you all for your great response to our ad yesterday!  It was extremely encouraging and I have been on this strange cloud since yesterday! :-D

SO!  As I stated in my previous post, now is the time to set the pace for 2016 by offering new products to your customers in the New Year.  It is time to add a new product offering to set you apart from the rest!  And what better way to do this than registering for our Short Course in Jacket-Making & Trousers - which by the way... ends before Christmas! :-D